The Basics
Two checklists covering basic requirements at
  the account level and the company level
The company level
       Item                                                           Description
The Client Account Level
    Item                                                         Description
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Company Health Basic Check List


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A couple of slides with questions to check at a very high level if a company has the stepping stones to succeed

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Company Health Basic Check List

  1. 1. The Basics Two checklists covering basic requirements at the account level and the company level
  2. 2. The company level Item Description Does the board have a clear direction for the business over a 2 to 3 year timeframe? Clear Direction Do they have it articulated in the form of a vision and set of business statistics including size and profitability and also key relationships with customers, employees and suppliers? Is it compelling and does it create strong positive expectations for the future? Has the board shown its vision and direction to the next level of management and other key players, and Co-created business explained how it created them? plans Have they worked with this group to co-create a set of business plans that will deliver the strategy in a given timeframe? Do the board and its managers have an aligned view of where the company is heading, and plans that show the path it will follow to get there, and who will do what to make it happen? Has the board set up a governance structure and process that reviews progress of the plans. Governance Does this review show up where progress exceeds or falls short of the plan and what action would be appropriate in moving forward.? Has the board and its managers systematically communicated the vision and direction to all employees and Enthusing the invited them to fully participate. What two way communication processes exist that allow the board to become Organisation aware of employee views? Are all members of management clear on their role and accountabilities? Role Clarity Are they clear about other organisation members’ roles and where they need to collaborate in order to avoid sub-optimisation? Are performance metrics set so as to avoid dysfunctional internal competition?
  3. 3. The Client Account Level Item Description Does the account team have :- Intelligence 1) the customer ‘s organisation chart, roles and responsibilities; 2) a list of key players and a profile for each giving their details and work preferences; 3) a clear picture about the way the culture works and how things get done; 4) documented history – volume of business and key relationship ; 5) the customer’s opinions about our performance; 6) the customer’s aspirations for the future and specific needs that we could address; 7) current performance – how is the team performing against existing SLAs? Has the account team built a sales plan that recognises our business vision and direction as well as the Account plans opportunities for increased volume of profitable business and greater share of the customers wallet ? Does that plan take account of retaining current business and winning new business? Are the roles of account team members clear to one another, and is each one clear on what they have to do as part of the plan? Does the plan show where the team needs to engage others outside the team (other departments or more senior people)? Does the account team have a regular review process in place to track progress against the plan and take any Governance corrective action that may be called for? Is there an agreed escalation process whereby the team can raise issues or call for help? Does the account team hold records of; Documentation 1) Financial information / volume of business/ profitability at the account level/ share of wallet; 2) Sales data – deals won/deals lost and why (in both instances); 3) Profiles of key contacts and targeted future contacts Does the account director ensure that the relationships critical to business performance are established, Relationship nurtured and maintained with; key internal players; named individuals in the customer’s organisation; external suppliers. Management Is there a plan for this relationship management?