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Introduction to Rainmaker Coaching


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An introduction to Rainmaker Coaching the company what we do , how we do it , some of our customers and what they say about us

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Introduction to Rainmaker Coaching

  1. 1. Introducing Rainmaker Coaching Ltd1
  2. 2. What we do We supply our clients with Customised learning and development activities in the form of Facilitated Workshops, Training, Coaching and Consulting • Focused on people in business • What, when, where and how they want the activities delivered • Delivered by passionate and professional experts We deliver to people who believe that spending time developing people • Enables them to attract and retain high performing employees • Employees who in-turn deliver excellent Customer Service • Customer service which in-turn creates loyal customers at a lower cost of sale • A Lower cost of sale delivers superior profitability to their business We demonstrate together with our clients • The linkage between learning and development activities and profits • The benefits to their people and the return on investment to their business • We work with them to improve both measurements and results2
  3. 3. What’s The Rainmaker WayAsk them… Don’t tell them We won’t try to tell you what to do. We’ll make suggestions and recommendations. Only you can decide We’ll suggest that you don’t just TELL your people what to do, that you ask them too.Have your clients buy…. versus you trying to “Sell” them A subtle more gentle way of developing businessBuild Shared plans…. Not share built plans Co-create your destiny By sharing a built plan you condemn yourself to SELL your plan By building a shared plan people get involved and committed to their planOutcome thinking…. Not Problem thinking By focusing on what you really want you will use your unconscious mind to help you move towards it If you focus on your problems you see them really clearly and move towards them Believe it then you will see it. It’s better than waiting for seeing is believingCoach your people Positively reinforcing desired behaviours The way to change behaviours is to detect when a person is doing something correct and praise them Behaviour will not change by finding fault when they do something incorrectly Coaching takes a little longer but is the only wayYou’ll know how to do what we do when we leave We encourage you to have your team work with us We’ll do train the trainer and Co-delivery so you can take over when we leave
  4. 4. Some of our clients4
  5. 5. Some recent projects• A series of 4 x 1-day per month workshops with a Construction focused company for their 30 strong team of Surveyors in the South West UK. Our aim was to have everyone on the team feel responsible for generating new business opportunities in existing client engagements. Results: Major Opportunities uncovered in many clients• A 9-Month series of 1 day per month workshops Training a Sales Team on all aspects of Selling Solutions from Building rapport to managing your funnel for a Fast Growing IT Security Outsourcer Results: Team grew 40% in revenues in 1 year• Presentation Skills Workshops (inc. video and 1 to 1 coaching) for Instant office Results: First workshop was so successful they ask for a second one• An series of Interviewing skills workshops + tailor made interview questions for a call centre team Results: Disbanded London team and hired a completely new Bristol team in record time.• A series of Contact to Contract Workshop for a Book Publishing company Results: Halved time taken to issue quotations and improved first time accuracy rates• A Partner Strategy Project to re-define and implement a more successful partnering strategy and tactics for a Multi-Nation Systems Integrator Results: See comments later in slideshow5
  6. 6. Congratulations, To the Rainmaker Coaching Team Each month the Trainer Readiness team recognizes trainers who have shared their expertise and contributed to the success of others by delivering high quality training to the field. We would like to recognize your instructor quality results delivering the: WaveMaker - Career Coaching for Managers course During the month of February and December Our quality goal is a 4.1 (on a 5 point scale). Results for your February delivery are shown below: The instructor was knowledgeable about the subject matter 5 The instructor’s presentation skills helped me better understand the material 5 In recognition of your results, we are posting your name on our internal Trainer Readiness web site. Congratulations! Regards, SMSGR Trainer Readiness6
  7. 7. What people say about working with us Training Essex Probation contracted with Rainmaker to deliver a Recruitment & Selection training programme to a group of new managers. Kevin Howes, trainer, listened to what our needs were and made some suggestions on how we could link our policy and procedure to good practice when recruiting new staff. Rainmaker, and Kevin, produced a programme that not only met our needs but ensured that our new managers understood the rationale and legislation behind a recruitment & selection process. The feedback from our delegates was very positive in relation to the programme itself and the skills, knowledge and professionalism of the trainer, Kevin Howes Helen McCann Training Manager Claudia Leite, Strategic Programs Manager, Managed Enterprise Solutions, EMEA at Hewlett-Packard I had the pleasure to partner with Rob Biggin from Rainmaker Coaching Ltd for the Win-Loss Analysis Program of HP Imaging and Printing Managed Enterprise Solutions sales organization. Robs professional approach with conducting interviews, analysing data and reporting on their conclusions and recommendations relative to deals that HP had won or lost were extremely valuable. Despite the initial lack of experience with Managed Print Services, Rob and his team from Rainmaker Coaching learned very fast and adapted their methodology to our requirements, and proactively brought in ideas and solutions that helped further improve the program. The quality of the work Rob delivered was recognized by my management team. We would like to engage again with Rainmaker-Coaching as new opportunities arise in the future.” Rob and the Rainmaker Coaching team provided me with consultancy and coaching services to drive a change programme in our UK Alliances Programme. Delighted with their inputs and outputs and would have no problem working with them again. Good job! Adrian Hobday Sales Director UK Health and Local Government Atos7