Plan Your Beach Themed Wedding with Ease with These Top Tips


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If you are planning a beach themed wedding, we have all the tips and advice you need right here.

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Plan Your Beach Themed Wedding with Ease with These Top Tips

  1. 1. Plan Your Beach Themed Wedding with Ease with These Top Tips!The sun, the sand and the sea can provide either a gorgeous backdrop or greatinspiration to your beach themed wedding. Whether you are planning a wedding on agorgeous tropical island or you just love the seaside and have chosen a beachtheme for your wedding day, we hope some of the ideas here will help you.Colour SchemeOf course, when it comes to choosing your colour palette, you have lots of options ,available to you. For our beach themed wedding, we decided on sandy neutrals witha pop of blue to reflect the natural beauty of the seashore. While nature provides uswith a much broader collection of colours to choose from, we wanted to incorporatethe colours of the sea without creati a confusion of colour. Your choice of colours creatingdoes not have to reflect your location and your primary reason for choosing thecolour scheme for your wedding whatever the theme should always be that you justlove it! Another popular combination for a beach themed wedding is what we will call beach"white and bright" such as white with a bright coral, fuchsia pink or tangerine.
  2. 2. The DressChoosing your dress for a beach wedding will always primarily be about what suitsyour body shape, the style you have always wanted for your day and mostimportantly what dress gives you that "this is the one" excited feeling when you try iton. While not wanting to interrupt the pleasure of choosing your wedding dress withpesky practicalities, we have put together a few pointers for you, particularly if youare planning to travel to an exotic location for your wedding: 1. While you want to look stunning in the dress of your dreams (and we know you will!), you should bear in mind the expected weather conditions and location. If it is going to be particularly hot, a dress that has a long train, multiple underskirts etc can become a chore in the heat or drag along the sand if you are getting married on the beach. A dress that looks amazing on you, but is one that you dont have to think about or "work" with once you put it on will mean that you can enjoy your day. Your dress shouldnt be stress. If you are getting married on a beach ankle length, calf length or cocktail style dresses are great options. Depending on the style of your dress, you might want to consider a light silk or chiffon wrap or shrug to cover your shoulders, just to avoid getting sunburned. 2. Your bridal shop should be more than happy to help you with tips for keeping your dress in pristine condition while travelling. They may be able to provide or recommend a suitable garment bag and provide tips for the care of the dress. If you are travelling long distance, you might want to check if the dress is suitable to be steamed on arrival at your wedding destination to remove any creases. We would also suggest checking with your hotel or resort to confirm that they provide such services. 3. Many airlines are very helpful when it comes to a wedding dress, with some hanging them in first class cupboards for example. It is always advisable to contact the airline in advance, particularly if you are flying with a budget airline, to ensure that they can accommodate you. You do not want to end up cramming your wedding dress into an overhead bin!
  3. 3. Beach Themed Wedding Cake TopperBeach Themed Wedding CakeYour beach themed wedding cake options are limited only by your imagination andthe skills of your chosen baker/decorator. Many traditional style wedding cakes canbe "beachified" by adding a suitable beach themed cake topper such as the oneabove or decorated with some or the naturally beautiful items that reflect your themesuch as seashells or starfish.If you are looking for something that is a more dramatic statement or to add a hint offun to the proceedings, you could look at something that reflects the colour of thesea and have dramatic waves crafted in icing, for example.Another popular option for beach themed wedding is to go for a simply elegant icedcake decorated with bright exotic flowers. The flowers can be sugar craft or fresh butif going for fresh, double check that the flower of choice is safe from a food hygieneperspective and that it will remain fresh and vibrant until you have at least had achance to cut the cake (with your beach themed cake knife and server)! Beach Themed Wedding Cake Server Set
  4. 4. Table DecorationsWe always advise couples to remember that all items on their wedding tables cancontribute to the overall decor of the table and to bear this in mind as they chooseany specific table decorations. We say this from the point of view of reducing costsand avoiding clutter on the table. Centrepieces, place card holders, favours and evenitems like napkins can contribute to create the overall look.In terms of decor items that are specifically related to your chosen theme you couldinclude items such as sea shells or even incorporate pebbles, whether you scatterthem on the table or you fill vases with them and top them with flowers or floatingcandles. If you are thinking of taking a DIY approach, you could collect pebbles andshells etc. from your beach, although please be kind the environment and alsobeware to check that it is permitted to remove items from your chosen beach. Somebeaches are protected and removing items like stones or shells is forbidden. Theseitems are also frequently available at a relatively low cost in DIY stores, gardencentres, craft shops or online from places like Amazon.One simply beautiful idea as seen in the main image is to use an aqua/turquoisenapkin and to place a starfish or indeed an alternative beach themed item on it.Alternatively you could place sea shell place card holders on your napkins which willhelp create a look in keeping with your theme and ensure that your choice of placecard holder is both decorative and functional! Beach Themed Wedding Place Card Holders
  5. 5. Beach Themed Wedding FavoursThere are lots of really gorgeous beach themed wedding favours available and manyof them are practical too! We have put together some suggestions for you from DIYfavours to some unique and practical items that your guests are sure to love.Beach Themed DIY Favours1. DIY Favour Boxes - How about a white or ivory box decorated with an aqua ribbon(or colour of your choice) or as an alternative you could use Rattan which will givethe natural look. You can fill these boxes with sugared almonds, chocolates orsweets. If you are getting married in warmer climes, we would advise againstchocolate but if your reception is indoors with good air conditioning then there is noneed to worry.2. Hand Painted Stones or Shells - if you are arty (or you have a friend who is!), youcould paint some stones and embellish them with some words such as "Love","Trust", "Forever" etc. and leave one at each place setting for your guests to collector place them in organza bags on your table.3. If you like to bake, some cupcakes or cake pops that are decorated with icing tomatch your theme will go down a treat. If you are particularly handy and creative withicing you could include a beach themed motif. These would need to be made asclose as possible to your wedding day so if you can rope in some extra help with thisit will take the pressure off.Ready Made Beach Themed Favours1. As you will hear us saying over and over, we love favours that do double duty.Why not use these gorgeous beach themed photo frame holders as your both placecard holders and your wedding favours. To be sure your guests know they are forthem to take home, why not just say on the card "A Gift for ......" instead of justputting in the name. Your guests can then use them for a photo of a loved one oreven for one they have taken on your wedding day so that they can remember theextra special day they had! Beach Themed Photo Frame Holder
  6. 6. 2. Sticking with the double duty theme, while the ivory lantern favours below are soldbeautifully packaged, you could remove the packaging and they could form part ofyour table decor as lanterns. They are sold with a gift tag on the packaging that says"For You" which could be attached to the handle of the lantern so that again yourguests know they can take them. If you are going to light the candles on your tables,please take care attaching the tag so that there is no ribbon etc. hanging near theflame!! Ivory Lantern Wedding Favour3. Practical favours can be beautifully unique as well - this is one place that practicaldoes not have to mean boring. When we say practical, we mean favours that yourguests will use again and again and include items such as bottle openers, bottlestoppers, bookmarks etc. Starfish Bottle Opener
  7. 7. Beach Themed Wedding AccessoriesIf you want to ensure that your theme is carried through in all the finer details of yourwedding there are a myriad of beach themed wedding accessories available. Theseinclude items such as guest books, pen sets, ring cushions and toasting glasses.How much detail you want to go to is entirely up to you, as it is with all aspects ofyour wedding day! Beach Theme Wedding Guest Book Beach Themed Wedding Pen Set
  8. 8. Beach Themed Wedding Ring CushionThese are just some of our beach themed wedding ideas and thoughts and we hopeyou have found them of benefit to you. Remember when planning your wedding todecide exactly what you want your wedding day to be!All items in individual images are available from the Wedding Favours Boutique orPlace Card Holders UK.