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Prevocational Medical Educational Forum
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Prevocational Medical Educational Forum


Published on

Prevocational Medical Educational Forum …

Prevocational Medical Educational Forum
November 2011 Auckland

Published in: Health & Medicine, Business

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  • 1. PREVOCATIONAL MEDICAL EDUCATION FORUM PROGRAMMESUNDAY 6 November - pre conference meetings0830 - 0900 Registration opens0900 - 1030 CPMEC Principal Officers Meeting (by invitation only) Parnell Room1030 - 1100 Morning tea AJMOC Committee1100 - 1200 (by invitation only) NIA Auckland Room 3 (by invitation only) Epsom Room 21200 - 1300 Lunch 1230 - 13301300 - 1400 MEO/MCE meeting. Open to all CPMEC Advisory Directors of1400- 1500 MEOs/MCEs & those Council meeting (by RMO/JMO Forum - Training.Open to all holding equivalent open to all RMOs and invitation only) 1330 DCTs, intern1500 - 1600 positions. Auckland JMOs. Auckland – 1700. Epsom Room 2 supervisor & other Room 4 Room 3 or 3 clinical educators.1600- 1700 Time to be confirmed. Epsom Room 2 or 31700 - 1830 Welcome reception for all full registrants1900 RMO/JMO Dinner (invitation only). Sponsored by the NZ RDAMONDAY 7 November. Theme: Providing the Pillars0800-0830 Registration opens Opening of Forum and Powhiri. Dr John Adams and Mr Len Brown, Mayor of Auckland0830 - 0900 Chair: Liz Hird Critique of the United Kingdoms Foundation Programme for Yrs 1 and 2. Professor John Collins0900 - 1000 Chair: Pete Ellis Health Workforce New Zealand and the future of prevocational training. Professor Des Gorman1000 - 1045 Chair: Pete Ellis1045 - 1115 Morning tea 1|P a g e
  • 2. PREVOCATIONAL MEDICAL EDUCATION FORUM PROGRAMMEMONDAY 7 November. Theme: Providing the Pillars Sizing up the Gap: Consultation Views & Possible Initiatives for Change in NZs Prevocational Training. Professor John Adams.1115 - 1200 Chair: Brendan Crotty An overview of Key Issues and Challenges in Prevocational Training. Professor Simon Willcock (Chair of CPMEC).1200 - 1245 Chair: Brendan Crotty1245 - 1330 LunchConcurrent Preparation for Accreditation Cultural competence & The International Allocation and Handover and survivalsessions Practice Assessment and Audit remote areas Community Employment Chair: AlexChair Chair: tba Chair: Barry McGrath Chair: Gill Naden Chair: Rick McLean Chair: Stephen Child Markwell Dinusha Chandratilleke, Rick Fielke,Rob Louis Landau Timothy Oh, Andy Pun Ian Rogers Carol Jordan Jo Ann Ong Mitchell An online needs1330 - 1350 Medical school A survey of competency Final year medical Five years experience analysis survey to National intern experience and of prevocational New students: Confidence in in using the wilderness inform the allocation: The preparation for Zealand medical providing medical to teach medicine to development of a junior doctor internship graduates handover junior doctors. module for training perspective IMG mentors Pat Starkey, Tracey Ross Roberts- Kate Jurd Lorna Davin Hamish Dunn Nicole Lamb McMillan Thompson Graduates want Junior doctor An innovative e- International Medical internships.1350 - 1410 perceptions of clinical Dealing with crisis in orientation program to Bringing transparency to Graduates on the Employers handover: The impact of remote Australia enhance junior the intern assessment Ready-for-Work want efficiency, education …….. Our doctors’ work process Programme: Where graduates. and senior clinician experiences readiness are they now? Weve made it facilitation happen 2|P a g e
  • 3. PREVOCATIONAL MEDICAL EDUCATION FORUM PROGRAMMEMONDAY 7 November. Theme: Providing the Pillars Susannah Swaroopini Sheree Conroy Craig Bingham Gerard Moynihan Nicole Lamb Ahern, Monique Thangarajah Le Sueur Issues faced by Expansion of Incorporating International Medical Intern1410-1430 mandatory training Graduates (IMGs) placements in Criterion-based Isolated distance into case scenarios Electronic medical and implementation Victoria 2009- assessment forms for learning in rural during intern handover of a central website 2012; achieving prevocational trainees Australia: Myth or fact orientation to enhance portal to address quality and work readiness commonly asked workforce questions. 104 outcomes Jennifer Young, Danielle Arabena,Paul Vickie Owens, Dev Kevat, Joanna Fitch Patrick OConnor Katherine Cummins Johanson Dianne Baillie, Amanda Dines Angela Ham Balancing the needs of “quietly Enabling integration uncertain” and1430 - 1450 A prevocational for international “loudly certain” modular education Auditing an intern facility Creating cultural medical graduates by RMOs – The Alfred after dark - and training program education plan using the competence through up-skilling, reforms to An after hours for house officers at Australian Curriculum indigenous health communication and improve resident’s survival guide Counties Manakau Framework exposure cultural skills equitable DHB appropriate for the rotation Australian context allocation in a tertiary teaching hospital 3|P a g e
  • 4. PREVOCATIONAL MEDICAL EDUCATION FORUM PROGRAMMEMONDAY 7 November. Theme: Providing the Pillars Susannah Sue Lim, Mariska Ahern, Rodney Nicholas Whitehead Joanna Fitch Louise Young Mannes,Annette Eleanor Flynn Fawcett, O.Neil Maharaj Mortensen Jacinta Le Page Proshop; The Ensuring cultural development of an competence for Doctors Speak Up: Junior Doctors learning1450 - 1510 innovative approach working with culturally Researching and in a non-traditional Part-time to teaching and linguistically developing a training location: Is there Junior Medical Officer internships - professionalism diverse (CALD) communication and alignment with the workload and education the policy, the through a preparation groups: Accredited, language multimedia Australian Curriculum after-hours pilot and the for practice workshop interactive learning resource for Framework for Junior potential for PGY1s at online and face to face International Medical Doctors? Counties Manukau for the medical Graduates District Health Board. workforce Halina Lisnichuk, Christopher Bollen, Julie Forgan, Deborah Jake Parker, Rob Caitlin Alex Lee, Blair York Ian Campbell Ann Mcphedran Hough Mitchell OMahony, Rosemary McKemmish1510 - 1530 Training in overseas Improving Operation accreditation- Should rural Bridging the gap settings: The guide to relationships survival with minimal experience be a core between student to Junior Doctors “Quaky” working abroad for between junior scarring: A medical component of doctor using tales from Canterbury Australian medical medical staff education unit postgraduate simulation students and junior (and medical perspective education? doctors workforce units Afternoon tea and1530 - 1600 selection of poster finalists National Internship Standards and a National Approach to Accreditation of Internships in Australia. Dr Stephen Bradshaw1600 - 1645 Chair: Geoff Thompson 4|P a g e
  • 5. PREVOCATIONAL MEDICAL EDUCATION FORUM PROGRAMMEMONDAY 7 November. Theme: Providing the Pillars Accreditation and its Links to Patient Safety and Quality. Professor Clifford Hughes1645 - 1730 Chair: Geoff Thompson1730 - 1740 Day 1 wrap up: Josh Sevao E-learning in medical Professional standards education. for medical educators. interactive workshop1800 - 2000 workshop PMAN Group meeting Mr Marcel Mihulka,Evening Dr Stuart Carney and (by invitation only) Ms Kate Jurd, MrWorkshops Professor John Collins. Commences 1745. Mark Bailye. (Subject Maximum 20 to minimum of 10 participants. participants). 5|P a g e
  • 6. PREVOCATIONAL MEDICAL EDUCATION FORUM PROGRAMMETUESDAY 8 November: Supporting the Journey0800 - 1730 Registration Securing the Programme: Supporting Trainees and Safeguarding Patients. Dr Stuart Carney0830 - 0930 Chair: tba Becoming A Practitioner. Professor Tim Wilkinson and Dr Dale Sheehan0930 - 1015 Chair: tba1015 - 1045 Morning tea Developing a Culture of Cultural Competence in Prevocational Medical Education. Dr Rys Jones1045 - 1130 Chair: Jag Singh 6|P a g e
  • 7. PREVOCATIONAL MEDICAL EDUCATION FORUM PROGRAMMETUESDAY 8 November: Supporting the JourneyRoomConcurrent Directions of Career Planning eLearning Teaching models Effective support Doctors as educatorssessions Change Chair: Debbie Chair: Fiona Lake Chair: Dale Sheehan Chair: John Thwaites Chair: Carol Jordan Chair: Wayne de Beer Paltridge Rachel Collings, Judith Culliver, Ian Campbell Christopher Heyes Maurice Hennessy Marilyn Bullen Dianne Salvador Kaye Atkinson Translating face to Townsville Hospital1135 - 1155 Early medical What junior doctors face teaching to an Teaching on the run in doctors for doctors training streaming want – how to tend The doctor as online environment Victoria: A longitudinal mentoring program - - Is it moving too and cultivate your educator program to enhance trainee study 2008-2011 The importance of fast? junior doctor learning mentor training Michael Bonning, Agnew Allyson, Paul Anita Pierantozzi Marcel Mihulka Libby Black Kate Jurd Rob Mitchell Welch Creating educational work practices based on Toowoomba Hospital1155 - 1215 A view from the front The top 10 free (or evidence - developing an Bridging the gap: interns access line: the “2010 cheap) tools for evidence based model for Curing the didactic Is integration mindfulness training to Specialist Trainee developing engaging medical education units in diatribe upon us? reduce stress during Survey “ elearning courses hospitals in Queensland, their internship Australia - a qualitative study Stephen Child, Claire Tobin, Mari Gill Naden David Peterson Suzanne White Kate Morefield Lianne Maskell Bardell1215 - 1235 Time for change? Establishing a new Technology, An innovative educational Clinical supervision – Introduction of a Career planning for clinical placement: electronic resources model for junior doctors in practices across South CME points house officers The role of a medical and junior doctors a tertiary hospital Australia system education registrar 7|P a g e
  • 8. PREVOCATIONAL MEDICAL EDUCATION FORUM PROGRAMMETUESDAY 8 November: Supporting the Journey1235 - 1315 Lunch1315 - 1345 Poster finalists presentations and judging. Moderated by Dr Terry Brown Herding Cats: Making the Clinical Environment Conducive to Learning. Associate Professor Phillippa Poole1345 - 1430 Chair: Simon Willcock Update on the work of Health Workforce Australia. Mr Jim McGinty1430 - 1515 Chair: Simon Willcock1515 - 1545 Afternoon tea Equity,Concurrent Trainees changing Interprofessional Community based Surgical and other Learning in ED communicationsessions systems education training skills & research Chair: Sophie Chair: Andrew Chair: Rob Chair: Tom Fiddes Chair: tba Chair: tba Plagakis Connolly Mitchell Rebecca Evans, Craig Bingham, Gerald Moss Jennie Kendrick Catriona Slater Richard Atkinson Tarun Sen Gupta, Lucy Cho Louise Young Is it possible to implement outcomes Maintaining intern based standards for learning in the ED Medical community based The Dark Years -1545 - 1605 despite a 50% education: its role Trainee-led initiatives medical training? An Shining a light on increase in intern in addressing in prevocational When things go wrong update on the revised prevocational numbers: Can a health inequities training Royal Australian surgical training in structured learning in north College of General NSW. program be part of the Queensland Practitioners vocational answer? training standards for 2012-2014 8|P a g e
  • 9. PREVOCATIONAL MEDICAL EDUCATION FORUM PROGRAMMETUESDAY 8 November: Supporting the Journey Namiko Kobayashi, Laura Piu Chris Cheeseman Michael Agrez Ruth Blackham Aritra Ray DevTilakaratne Age, fatigue and Chinese whispers1605 - 1625 RDH, Let’s talk Health: Implementation of an Immersive training of surgical skill: A – assessing Junior medical staff in Community inter-professional interns in incident measurement of communication healthcare redesign engagement for health education programme management impact upon across disciplines professionals performance on the ward Monica Shaw, Christopher Sheree Conroy John de Vries Cassandra Host Peter Davy Martin Lum Heyes The Prevocational General Practice Placement Program: Promoting and Regional training enabling medical Evaluation of an Four hour access Entrusting and1625 - 1645 providers as conduits research amongst Junior doctors interprofessional targets for emergency supporting generalist for creating supportive pre-vocational redesign programme - education program using departments: doctors in the environments for the junior doctors: supporting the journey a validated assessment implications for hospital skills delivery of Barriers and tool prevocational training programme prevocational education strategies to and training to junior overcome them doctors in a general practice environment1650 - 1720 Report from ANZJMOC1720 - 1730 Day 2 wrap up: Alexius Taylor Julian Forum Gala dinner including presentation of Geoffrey Marel medal, CPMEC Clinical Educator and Junior Doctor of the Year awards and BestTime TBA Poster prize 9|P a g e
  • 10. PREVOCATIONAL MEDICAL EDUCATION FORUM PROGRAMMEWEDNESDAY 9 November: Achieving Integration0800 - 1345 Registration Achieving Integration. (Provisional title) Dr Jason Frank0830 - 0930 Chair: John Adams Getting the Most Out of Primary Care in the Prevocational Years. Professor Simon Willcock0930 - 1015 Chair: John Adams1015 - 1045 Morning tea Practical Proposals to Promote Efficiencies in Postgraduate Training. Professor Brendan Crotty1045 - 1130 Chair: tba Reflections on the Experience of NSW: Moving from a PMC to IMET to CETI. Professor Steven Boyages1130 - 1215 Chair: tba Farewell and Handover to 2012 Ms Liz Hird, Chair of Organising Committee1215 - 1245 Chair: John Adams1245 - 1345 Lunch 10 | P a g e