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Accreditation update -- Dr Claire Blizard, Chair, Prevocational Accreditation Committee

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Accreditation Presentation

  1. 1. NSW Clinical Education and Training Institute Prevocational Accreditation 2011 Dr Claire Blizard
  2. 2. Overview• Expanded Training Settings • PGPPP • Community Terms • Private Hospitals• AOL• Accreditation outcomes• The year ahead
  3. 3. Prevocational GP Placement Program -Outcomes• Commonwealth funded program to offer prevocational trainees a clinical experience in general practice• 54 general practices accredited• 6 practices accredited for PGY1 training• 6 - 8 practices offer trainees clinical exposure in a small rural hospital• 2 general practice placements accredited in the Northern Territory• All networks, except one, offer trainees a general practice training opportunity• Accredited against 25 standards. (13= RTP, 12=GP). This compares to 54 standards in the previous accreditation process• Expansion expected for the 2012 clinical year
  4. 4. PGPPP – Trainee Evaluation• Survey of 17 trainees and telephone interviews with 8 trainees from Term 1 placements• Almost unanimous positive feedback o 100% would recommend the term o 100% felt their skills and confidence had improved, with almost 2/3 feeling their skills and confidence had significantly improved o Trainees indicated supervision was robust and supportive o Orientation was positively rated
  5. 5. Community Based Facilities• New program to provide training opportunities in environments that could not previously be accredited. eg community based drug & alcohol centre• Flexible accreditation whereby hospital and community facility determine who will take responsibility for which standards• Modified version of PGPPP accreditation• In pilot, facility has taken on responsibility for clinical experience and the hospital is providing leadership, governance and trainee support
  6. 6. Private Hospitals• CETI supports prevocational training in private hospitals• Private hospitals provide valuable learning experiences because of their different case mix and service delivery model
  7. 7. Delivering the terms• Very limited incentives within private hospital sector to support training – provide hospital services• Main barrier is funding of positions and training infrastructure• Small number of private hospitals are interested in training• CETI is investigating funding sources
  8. 8. Accreditation on line• AOL is a web based system being developed to facilitate the accreditation program• First build of the software and testing is complete• Specification refined as a result of hospital feedback• Software refinement underway• Terms section due for release January 2012• Investigation into the viability to include PGPPP accreditation processes
  9. 9. Accreditation Outcomes Types of Accreditations Completed 50 45 40 35 30Number 25 20 15 10 5 0 2009 2010 2011 Year Hospital Focus visit / Reclassification Hospital reaccreditation GP reaccreditation Initial hospital accreditation Initial gp accreditation Initial training provider accreditation
  10. 10. Accreditation Status Accreditation Decisions 2% 1 Year 47% 3 Years - Hospital 3 years - GP 47% Provisional - Hospital Provisional GP & RTP 3% 1%
  11. 11. Proviso distributionTop 4 provisos (2009 - 2011)No Standard Number of %Provisos Provisos1.3 Supervision 35 24%3.4 Promoting Prevocational Interests 33 22%3.1 Prevocational Trainee Management 26 18%2.2 Training and service requirements 20 14%
  12. 12. The Year Ahead• Accrediting new terms for increasing numbers o Emergency terms o Surgery terms• Supporting innovative prevocational training opportunities o PGPPP o Community facilities o Subacute facilities o Acute facilities• Developing a flexible accreditation framework o Surveyor training – early December 2011• National standards for general registration of interns o International internships o Emergency Medical Care