Hand gesture recognition


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my graduation project !

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Hand gesture recognition

  1. 1. Hand Gesture Recognition Under The Supervision of Prof. Aliaa Abdel-Halim Abdel-Razik Youssif
  2. 2. Bringing them to us! Imagine your self a Deaf Person How would you express your feelings, thoughts and ideas. Will you be able to deliver them right and easily.
  3. 3. We need them ! As the handicap people representing a large scale of our community we should take steps to be able to communicate with them to share knowledge ,thoughts ,ideas and even feelings. So we want to create a communication mean that we can use to do so.
  4. 4. Team members Ahmed Abdel-Aziz El-Said El-Gazzar. Ahmed Osama Ahmed Fouad. Amr Muhammed Abou-Elgood. Karim Nabil Ibrahim. Muhammed Magdy Mekki. Sharif Ahmed Abdel-Sattar.
  5. 5. Agenda Intro Project Idea Why ?! Technical Overview # Tools & IDE. # Previous work # Currant state Project Scenario Conclusion
  6. 6. Project Idea Desktop application. Converting sign language into speech and convert text to sign language. Using intermediate phase (text).
  7. 7. Why?! Because we need Deaf Persons in our society . Also to remove all the communication barriers between us. For deaf people to be able to live a normal happy life.
  8. 8. Technical overview Tools • EmguCV It is the .NET OpenCV library • C# Speech Engine. the tool that we used to convert the text to Speech IDE • Microsoft Visual Studio . • Open CV on MVS.
  9. 9. Technical overview (cont’d) Previous work • Developing C# program that converts the text into speech and vice versa using C# speech Engine. • Searching about MATLAB & OPEN CV. • Self studying image processing & Machine Learning Development.
  10. 10. Technical overview (cont’d) Currant state • an application that converts from sign language to Text using Emgu CV.
  11. 11. Project ScenarioSign Speech Draw your Hand Sign
  12. 12. Project Scenario(cont’d)Use case: Sign Detection.Brief Description:The deaf person act the sign that represent a specific phrase or word.Initial Step-By-Step Description:Before this use case can be initiated, the Application already runningand the deaf person must be standing at appropriate distance from thecamera.1- The deaf person stands at appropriate distance from the camera.2- The application is set to sign detection mode.3- The system plays the speech representing the sign detected.
  13. 13. Project Scenario(cont’d) Speech Sign Select Phrase
  14. 14. Project Scenario(cont’d)Use case: Sign Drawing.Brief Description:The normal person select the Phrase then the application draws thesign.Initial Step-By-Step Description:Before this use case can be initiated, the Application already running .1- The normal person select the Sign Text (Phrase) .2- The application convert the text into sign language.3- The system plays the sign video appropriate to the Selection detected.
  15. 15. Project Scenario Sign To Speech way .The form Divided in two Parts . Left Part use convex Hull algorithm to detect corner points and calculate them by K-curvature angle. Right Part use Polygon method and do the previous steps.
  16. 16. Project Scenario Text To Sign way . I n the second way You can choose the Phrase (Alphabets or Numbers or Phrases ) you need to translate it to sign and view its video .
  17. 17. Conclusion We Presented The Implementation of a System That aims to Translate sign language (Hand Gestures) into speech (Sound). In the future we aspire to Complete software application that will be available commercially to users that have a fast Mobile, a camera, and speakers and cover all words in Arabic sign language.