Sourcing Intelligence Series - Jiangying, China (FULL Report)


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  1. 1. Market Intelligence Report Jiangyin Buyer Service & Development Team
  2. 2. Content• Overview• Industry Profile• Competitive Advantages• Industrial Analysis• Leading Suppliers
  3. 3. Overview• Monetary policy – “stable and steady”• Financial reform – keep RMB exchange rate fixed in the long run• Fiscal policy – focus on structural tax reduction• Expand domestic demand – improve household disposable income• Inflation – monitor CPI growth, reinforce price control• Sustainable development – continue to grow economy in an energy-saving & emission-reduction manner• Capital market – utilize the leveraging power of financial tools
  4. 4. Country Profile
  5. 5. Regional Trade FiguresSource: JiangyinGovernment
  6. 6. Regional Trade FiguresSource: JiangyinGovernment
  7. 7. Industry ProfileJiang Yin textile & apparel industry outline:• Relatively complete industrial supply chain• Industrial cluster• Leading companies• Strong brand awareness
  8. 8. Supporting PoliciesBoost Apparel & Textile export by:• Enhance the leadership of industry cluster, build up suitable environment;• Value public service platform development, improve competitive strength;• Boost the development of specialty industries, cultivate regional brand within dynamics of business scale and quality;• Support the growth of leading enterprise, focus on branded apparel and high value-added textile product;• Reinforce the investment on technology and R&D, encourage innovation.According to the figure, Jiang yin government has invested over 200 million RMB onindustrial transition and upgrade in 2011.
  9. 9. Trade Trends Source: Jiangyin GovernmentSince 2001, Jiangyin textile & apparel export has kept growing at a high rate andincreased dramatically during the last decade. It seems has recovered from theeconomic crisis in 2008.
  10. 10. Monthly Review Source: Jiangyin GovernmentMonthly figure indicates that textile & apparel export in 2011 is relatively stable during the year, sharply drop on Feb may be caused by short-term factors, such as drop of customer needs.
  11. 11. YOY Growth Source: Jiangyin GovernmentMonthly YOY figure indicates that 2011 has enjoyed a higher growth rate on export in first quarter compare to the entire year. Meanwhile, textile & apparel are still vulnerable to seasonal demand.
  12. 12. Quality ControlState Supervision and Inspection Center for Textile ProductsJiang yin Chemical Analysis Laboratory
  13. 13. Brand BuildingJiangyin city government enhance brandbuilding through:• Money reward100 thousand – 200 thousand RMB• Supporting policy<Industry 5-year cultivation plan><Jiangyin brand building guide>23 brands shortlisted for regional breeding, 10in textile industry.
  14. 14. Raw Material Price Index Source:
  15. 15. Labor Cost Comparison Source: Fu Dan University studyAccording to a study from FuDan university, RMB will keep appreciating at 2-3% yearly.However, rapid growth of labor cost will make China less competitive among countries inSoutheast of Asia, the triangle above-mentioned will appear until 2023, at that time, laborcost in China will close to European countries and Hong Kong.
  16. 16. SWOT Analysis Strength Weakness• Obtain complete industrial chain in textile • Unbalanced industry portfolio & apparel industry •Lack of awareness of product value-added,• Abundant raw materials for manufacturing brand building and protection• Relatively cheap labor • Industry profit is relatively low, need to• Competent skilled workers manufacture in a cost-effective manner Opportunity Threat• Free trade agreement with Eastern Union • High pressure on price raise of labor cost, will boost daily consumption goods export raw material, logistics and exchange rate• State government reinforce innovation & • Increasingly raise of foreign trade barriers intellectual property rights • Strong competitive from neighboring areas• New policy for energy exploit and use may • Due to European financial crisis, the level help to improve resources efficiency of global credibility will continue to drop
  17. 17. Supplier Competence
  18. 18. Sang Yang Textile Co. Ltd
  19. 19. First Textile Co. Ltd
  20. 20. Sourcing Hub Service Meet pre-screened suppliers in one day in one of the 17 Asian industrial Zones (Sourcing Hubs) Meeting with Suppliers Market Intelligence Pre-trip Arrangement Package A: Meeting with Acquire sourcing tips from Leave all transportation suppliers in local office our expert team on: arrangements to us: Package B: Meeting with - Market information; - hotel pick up; suppliers & factory visit -Sourcing tips; - local office; More Information: please apply here
  21. 21. 17 Sourcing Hubs please apply here
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