Environmental economic valuation methods_Mozambique
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Environmental economic valuation methods_Mozambique

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group work_domain WASTE_Meizal Popat

group work_domain WASTE_Meizal Popat

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  • 2. (1) Impact of hazardous waste dischargei. Water Pollution- Human diseases- Decrease on Crop Production- Decrease on Fauna (including marine species: Ex: Shrimp)- Access to drinkable waterii. Air Pollutioniii. Soil Pollution- Decrease on Landscape resource (Tourism!!!)
  • 3. (1) Cont.Monetary Figure Suggested: Nr.Dis x TrCt + QtCr x CrCt + Nr.An x AnCt + t x tCt + (Nr.For. x VisCt + Nr.tour x tripCt) = MZNNr. Dis – diseases cases; TrCt – treatment cost (MZN/case); QtCr – Crop loss (ton); CrCt – CropMarginal Cost (MZN/ton); Nr.An – Animals; AnCt – Animal Cost (or treatment cost inMZN/animal); t – time lost for water access (hr); tCt – time cost (MZN/hr); Nr.For. – foreignstopped visiting de country; VisCt – VISA cost (MZN/person); Nr.tour – national and foreignabandoned tourism; tripCt – Cost during the excursion.
  • 4. Data SourceNumber of human diseases cases MISAU/local hospitalsType of disease MISAU/local hospitalsTreatment cost MISAU/local hospitals and pharmacyCrop area lost MINAG/ Dep. of StatisticsCrop type MINAG/ Dep. of StatisticsCrop Market Price (Marginal Cost) MINAG/SIMA (Market Analysis System)Nr. of Animals MINAG and Ministry of FisheryAnimal species MINAG and Ministry of FisheryAnimal unit cost (or treatment cost) MINAG and Ministry of FisheryTime wasted for water access Local inquiries and mathematical approximationsCost of time lost Institute of StatisticsNumber of Foreign Migration ServiceCost of VISA Migration ServiceNumber of tourists Ministry of TourismCost of excursion Ministry of Tourism
  • 5. (2) Impact of municipal waste dischargei. Human Health- Human diseasesii. Public Services- Obstruction on public access roads (suburban areas – trafficcongestion: time to reach the post office!)- Blockade of sewer systemiii. Tourism- Decrease of foreign visitors
  • 6. (2) Cont.Monetary Figure Suggested: Nr.Dis x TrCt + Nr.Sw x SwCt + (t x tCt)* + Nr.For. x VisCt = MZN* - if these is not accounted in practice, then we might consider the marginal productivity of eachworker!Nr. Dis – diseases cases; TrCt – treatment cost (MZN/case); Nr.Sw – Damaged Sewer; SwCt – Sewerrepair cost (MZN/Sewer); t – time lost to reach the job (hr); tCt – time cost (MZN/hr); Nr.For. –foreign stopped visiting de country; VisCt – VISA cost (MZN/person).Data SourceNumber of Damaged Sewer Ministério das Obras PúblicasCost of rehabilitation of the Sewer Ministério das Obras Públicas
  • 7. (3) Benefit of waste recyclingi. Employment Generation- Source of revenueii. Environmental Health- Less use of natural resources (Ex: tree abatement for paperproduction)- Less fertilizers required for agriculture (Rest of Food, Manure etc)iii. Tourism- Stimulation for foreign visits
  • 8. (3) Cont.Monetary Figure Suggested: QtWas x WasPr + QtNR x NRPr + QtFer x FerPr + Nr.For-v. x VisCt = MZNQtWas – units of Waste to sale; WasPr – Price for each kind of Waste (MZN/unit); QtNR – NaturalResources safeguarded (units); NRPr – Price of the NR (MZN/unit); QtFer – Fertilizers has reducedthe sale (unit); FerPr – Price of the Fertilizer (MZN/unit); Nr.For-v. – foreign that visits de country;VisCt – VISA cost (MZN/person).
  • 9. Data SourceType of Waste Local inquiries/factoriesWaste Quantity Sold Local inquiries/factoriesPrice of the Waste Local inquiries/factoriesType of Natural Resource MICOAQuantity of Natural Resources MICOAPrice of each Resource MICOAType of Fertilizer Local shopsQuantity of Fertilizers Local shopsPrice of the Fertilizer Local shopsNumber of Foreign Migration Service
  • 10. This is our greatest wealth… We must Protect it!!! THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION