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Istvan Leko, Česká Pozice, MediaTalk 11th January
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Istvan Leko, Česká Pozice, MediaTalk 11th January


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MediaTalk is a regular event organized by Media Education CEE.

MediaTalk is a regular event organized by Media Education CEE.

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  • 1.  
  • 2. why we're here, why now
    • I s the trustworthy and modern medium for elite professionals , from top CEOs to mid-level managers .
    • We will focus on the key events, trends, and processes that truly matter to our readers — and put them in context. Politically, we are strictly neutral and subordinate to no one.
    • We w ill not allow our content to be dictated by the deadly combination of self-serving politicians and dishonest businesses.
    • On the contrary, we want to c ooperate with honest politicians and professionals to create a civilized medium of communication.
    • Ištván Lékó
    • Director and Editor-in-Chief
  • 3. a few words about the philosophy
    • CZECHPOSITION.COM focuses on decisive…
    • I ssues in Czech politics, business, and society 24 hours a day ,
    • a nalyzes the full background of top stories.
    • F orecasts the consequences in both domestic and international contexts.
    • CZECHPOSITION.COM benefits from access to …
    • E xclusive information from primary sources.
    • Our advanced methods for verifying information and putting it into context .
  • 4. our team The international team of more than 25 highly e xperienced e ditors and journalists has exceptional contacts with a wide range of key decision makers and politics and business insiders. A FEW FACES of our team Petr Bušta, Benjamin Kuras, Kateřina Menzelová, Jan Schneider, Brain Kenety, Raymond Johnston, and more…
  • 5. our readers
    • CZECHPOSITION.COM aims to be the leading p ublication on the Czech news market for foreigners seeking reliable, fast and useful information about the Czech Republic.
    • CZECHPOSITION.COM addresses the professional classes in the Czech Republic — the elite and middle class.
    • The target group represents the a pproximately 15 % of the Czech population
    • who are highly active in public life and play a decisive role in the development
    • and p rosperity of this country.
  • 6. what we are interested in…
    • Czech Position publishes exclusive information gathered from original sources. As of today, you will also find information and news stories on our site s and that we have compiled in part thanks to your tips and recommendations.
    • Our steps in forming a strong brand and increasing traffic:
    • our original articles,
    • faces of our team,
    • citations in major media,
    • the reputation of the target group,
    • presence on social networks and traffic ,
    • links to interesting events and projects,
    • and especially the time spent on our website ...
    • Send us your tips, ideas and information : [email_address]
  • 7. first month, the first success…
    • Start of project December 1, 2010
    • First reference period for attendance ( December 1 – 26, 2010 )
    • Average attendance is 16,000 unique visitors/week
    • Each user has viewed on average 3.5 pages
    • Czech Position is also active on social networks , particularly Twitter and Facebook, but also through their personalities on LinkedIn.
    • Czech Position immediately after the start ranked among respected, quoted media with dozen s of relevant citations across all media! Czech Position is still frequently cited by foreign media as well .
  • 8. next steps …
    • Promoting awareness on the Czech Internet.
    • Expanding user base, supporters and contributors.
    • Branding as respected media.
    • Realization of thematic events and meetings ...
    • ways to achieve goals…
    • c ontinued high standard in editorial policy (strong and exclusive themes) ,
    • intense presence on the Internet through social and online communication,
    • partnerships with major social, cultural and commercial projects,
    • a ctive and open communication with key media,
    • PR, advertising and promotion on the Internet .. .
  • 9. Thank you for your attention… [email_address]