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Martina Kemrová, T-Mobile, MediaTalk 11th January 2011


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MediaTalk 11th January 2011 is an event organized by Media Education CEE. The one on 11th January was called: The Czech Media Landscape in 2011: New Players, Old Games

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Martina Kemrová, T-Mobile, MediaTalk 11th January 2011

  1. 1. Challenges in Setting PR StrategyMartina Kemrová, Senior Head of Corporate Communication11 January 2011
  2. 2. PR Strategy Setting – Inevitable NightmareInternal factors (80%) Business and brand strategy (everything driven by brand?, facts/products/“HW“ or feelings/ emotions/people? Customer centricity?…) Corporate culture Management and their willingness/ability to take active part in PR Resources Coop with Marcom, Sponsoring, CSR, CS and others, their responsibilitiesExternal factors (20%) Image of the Co., competitors, the branch Current position in the media – keep, improve, change completely? Competitors’ activities Overall mood in the society Media environment
  3. 3. Challenges – Internal Internal Far too great expectations No or vague briefs Low understanding of PR basics (long-term activity, consistency necessary, PR is not advertising, etc.) Lack of resources (money, time, ideas….) Internal disputes (Marcom vs. PR, Sales vs. Marketing, CEO against others) ….
  4. 4. Challenges – External Media market Frequent changes – media, journalists (as soon as you establish relations, the journalist leaves…) Journalists too busy to go into the depth of the topic or check the data Internet media – lack of rules; low numbers? Let’s use a negative headline!; on-line discussion groups Negativity wins 22:48 Polish hooligans attack the Letna Football Stadium, fighting one another. Thirteen detained. Social media 22:43 I know how Haider spent his last night, claims a gay, a year after the Austrian politician They don’t like us?!? deceased 22:12 Young driver dies in skid off road, into Low level of control tree Prevailing corporate strategy – “We’ll see“ 21:33 Broken roller-coaster injures seven at a fair Who’s responsible? Desirable response time much shorter
  5. 5. Future PR Higher proportion of WOM and social media = less control, more emotions We have to: “Learn“ social media – closer cooperation of all dpts involved in communication (Marcom, Customer Care…) inevitable Keep the “old-fashioned“ standards (fair, timely, open communication, etc.) + be faster Get used to direct, continuous, emotional interaction with customers …ready?
  6. 6. Any questions?