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Samples of work

  2. 2. V Identity Systems/Branding I S U A L C O M M U N I C AT I O N S Logos and Trademarks Internet & Intranet Sites Annual Reports Packaging Marketing Materials Publications Signage and Displays
  3. 3. E XPERIENCE Through our years of experience as MartinRoss Design and as inhouse graphic designers for major corporations, we are in a unique position to identify with your objectives and priorities. Our diverse background and expertise helps us analyze your company's overall marketing strategy and communications programs, and also your positioning in the marketplace. ATTENTION From the first meeting we listen to you. You are in the best position to understand your product or service and what makes it beneficial. We com- bine your knowledge with ours to create materials that will communicate effectively to your audience, whether they are your customers, employees or stockholders. Over the years we've worked closely with a variety of talented individuals and those collaborative efforts have resulted in effective communications and enjoyable working relationships. FLEXIBILITY We will work with you from the beginning of an idea to it’s completion, working with your team, or bringing in other professionals as needed. EXCELLENCE Our primary mission is to produce the best possible result for our clients’ business, through careful project management and sophisticated design, through creativity and common sense. Many of the awards we've received for our work have been submitted by our clients. They not only felt that we achieved our mission, but that the work also deserved recognition.
  4. 4. P RINCIPALS Ross Rezac Before forming MartinRoss Design over 20 years ago, Ross held various graphic design, art direction and supervisory positions at Health Resources, Inc., Northwestern National Life Insurance Co., and Creative Options. Ross received her B.A. and M.A. degrees from the University of Minnesota. Martin Skoro Martin has been a graphic designer, art director and illustrator since 1978. Prior to joining MartinRoss Design in 1984, he held various graphic design, art direction and supervisory positions at the St. Paul Companies, the Minnesota Museum of Art, and Dorn Public Relations. Martin has taught at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design and North Hennepin Community College. He is a graduate of the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. ASSOCIATES MartinRoss Design draws on an experienced group of professionals in marketing, illustration, multi-media, photography, and technical production.
  5. 5. PA RT I A L C L I E N T L I S T We are fortunate to have worked with a wide scope of clients, from Fortune 500 corporations to small businesses, social service and arts organizations. 3M Hormel American Express Financial Advisors International Multifoods American Montessori Society Learning Strategies Corporation American Red Cross Luiginos, Inc. Analysts International Corporation March of Dimes Anderson Windows Marquette Financial Companies Apple Computer Medtronic, Inc. Bayview Capital Group Meyer, Scherer & Rockcastle, Architects Bell Museum of Natural History Minneapolis Community & Technical College BellSouth Minneapolis Institute of Arts Big Brothers & Sisters Minneapolis/St. Paul Magazine The Bridge Minnesota Historical Society Business Incentives Minnesota Landmarks Cardia, Inc. Minnesota Museum of Art Cargill Corporation Minnesota Public Radio Carlson Marketing Group Minnesota State Colleges and Universities Carolrhoda Books Musicland Group CommonBond Communities North American History Theatre Computing by Design Old World Tile Consolidated Papers Padilla, Speer, Beardsley Cray Research St. Paul Companies, Inc. Data Card Sharp Electronics Digital River Star Tribune Embedded Technologies Target Flying Carpet Theatre Towers Perrin Fredrikson and Byron, P.A. Towle Real Estate Company General Mills Tunheim Santrizos Gerard Treatment Programs University of Minnesota Boynton Health Service Graco University of Minnesota Extension Service Graystar Corporation U.S. West Health One Corporation Welsh Companies 1 1 2 5 Xerxes Avenue South • Minneapolis, Minnesota 55405 • 612.377. 5138
  6. 6. FROM SOME OF OUR CLIENTS' PERSPECTIVES “MartinRoss Design created a new visual identity for our full-ser- President, Welsh Companies vice real estate company. This was a challenging project for the designers because they worked not only with Welsh Companies as a corporate entity but also with the seven companies that we own. Marty and Ross are excellent project managers, they listened to us and gave us a variety of concepts to choose from. The fin- ished product shows their concern for detail and we are extreme- ly pleased with the end result. We will definitely continue to work with them.” “We are pleased with MartinRoss Design’s capacity to think strate- Communications Manager, CommonBond Communities gically, problem solve and execute a final quality product. The best part about working with Marty and Ross is they balance profession- alism with a great sense of humor which makes working together both productive and enjoyable.” What we appreciate about MartinRoss Design is that they really Dean, Continuing Education and Training, listened to us, they heard us and captured the essence of who we Minneapolis Community and Technical College really are. We receive compliments on the their design from every industry we serve. Director of Communication, “MartinRoss Design brought a punchy, contemporary look to our American Montessori Society magazine, which breathed new life into the publication while maintaining the aesthetic of our organization. I continue to appreciate their sophisticated use of humor, which reflects an understanding that academic and amusing don't have to be mutually exclusive. They adhere strictly to a production schedule and actually help keep the rest of the production team—me includ- ed—on our toes, when we begin to falter.” We came to MartinRoss Design with an idea for a unique book, Former Program Director, Oberholtzer Foundation some photos and copy. Working thoughtfully and respectfully with us in the beginning, they then created what is a piece of art, a beautiful tribute to an amazing man, Ernest Oberholtzer. Coordinating the project from start to finish, they utilized outside expertise as needed and brought this very special book to life. They were a delight to work with and I would enjoy another collaboration with them. 1 1 2 5 Xerxes Avenue South • Minneapolis, Minnesota 55405 • 612.377. 5138
  7. 7. Organization Graphic Identity CommonBond Communities CommonBond Communities felt that they were not a well-known organization, and their visual identity did not adequately reflect their professionalism or their mission of developing and managing afford- able housing communities. CommonBond asked MartinRoss Design to help it develop a more contemporary, professional and appropriate identity. The logo, with its spiral path, represents stepping stones, growth, innovation, professionalism and energy, speaking to both the individual, the CommonBond community, and the greater community. MartinRoss also designed CommonBond’s stationery, a set of 6 brochures, posters, a newsletter, signage and several annual reports. We also developed a standards manual and color palette so their in-house staff and vendors can produce materials that retain visual consistency. MartinRoss Design • 1 1 2 5 Xerxes Avenue South • Minneapolis, Minnesota 55405 • 612.377. 5138
  8. 8. MCTC Continuing Education and Training Having a logo in place, MCTC Continuing Education and Training needed an identity to distinguish themselves from the other schools within the larger MCTC campus. It was also important that the Identity reflect the progres- siveness, uniqueness and stability of the school. 1 1 2 5 Xerxes Avenue South • Minneapolis, Minnesota 55405 • 612.377. 5138
  9. 9. Company Graphic Identity Welsh Companies MartinRoss designed a new corporate graphic identity, for Welsh Companies, one of the largest and oldest full-service commercial real estate com- panies in the area. Their goals were to reintroduce Welsh as a major competitor in the class A properties market and to bring unity to the marketing materials of seven companies and all their services under the Welsh umbrella. The use of strong, clear graphics and bold colors portrays a company that is solid but innovative. The family of printed materials presents keystone images featuring photo montages in stylistic themes. The result is that the company is distinguished in a fresh, new way from its competitors, and Welsh Companies is receiving positive new exposure to the community. We designed the logo, stationery, a family of ten brochures, ads, a web site home page, signage and a market report integrating the new look of Welsh Companies. MartinRoss also developed a Graphic Standards Manual and color palette to help Welsh Companies’ in-house staff and vendors produce materials that present the corporate identity in a visually consistent manner. MartinRoss Design • 1 1 2 5 Xerxes Avenue South • Minneapolis, Minnesota 55405 • 612.377. 5138
  10. 10. Montessori Life Magazine American Montessori Society The American Montessori Society selected MartinRoss Design to redesign Montessori Life to be a more attractive, friendly, and accessible magazine. The first issue of the redesigned 64 page quarterly magazine was published in the spring of 2005 and remains a well-received, on- going project. Ad for Northwest Airlines Magazine Metropolitan Airport Commission This ad was commissioned by the Metropolitan Airport Commission to congratulate Northwest Airlines for 50 years of service to the Asian market. The use of a dramat- ic cloud/sky photograph for the background, along with the sphere, the child, and the airplane illustration, made this a memorable image for the message. MartinRoss Design • 1 1 2 5 Xerxes Avenue South • Minneapolis, Minnesota 55405 • 612.377. 5138
  11. 11. Nutritional Brochure General Mills–Cheerios We developed an eye-catching booklet for parents and health care professionals on nutrition for children. It was a subtle way to try to boost the sales of Cheerios while giving important information about nutrition. Each spread deals with a notable period of a child’s development. Promotional Brochure RLW (Robinson, Loyd and Williams) RLW needed to have a promotional tool to use as a flagship piece that represented the three companies making up RLW. Through text and imagery we were able to illustrate the three corporations which deal with: food and beverages; hospitality, retail and giftware; and a children’s foundation. MartinRoss Design • 1 1 2 5 Xerxes Avenue South • Minneapolis, Minnesota 55405 • 612.377. 5138
  12. 12. WalkAmerica Campaign March of Dimes We designed the WalkAmerica Campaign for March of Dimes to be celebratory and festive, energizing people for the walk. 75th Year Anniversary Celebration Materials: Logo, Invitation, Annual Report Big Brothers & Sisters For the 75th year of the Minneapolis Big Brothers and Sisters, we created a festive logo and invitation. For the annual report cover, we used wonderful nostalgic pho- tographs we discovered in their archives. MartinRoss Design • 1 1 2 5 Xerxes Avenue South • Minneapolis, Minnesota 55405 • 612.377. 5138
  13. 13. Web Site Pepin Hugunin & Associates Pepin Hugunin were not happy with a new site design that a web company had designed for them, so they asked us to provide a more appropriate design for their firm. They are now very pleased with their web site. Web Site Orfield Construction John Orfield needed a site that not only reflected the focus of his construction and design business, which is urban new home construction and additions, but also a site that distinguished his company from a brother and cousin who have similar businesses. John’s character is reflected in the warm and trustworthy feeling the site projects. MartinRoss Design • 1 1 2 5 Xerxes Avenue South • Minneapolis, Minnesota 55405 • 612.377. 5138
  14. 14. Envirotest Program Logo Minnesota state requirements to have emissions checked initiated the need for an identity and promotional campaign for the inspection stations around Minnesota. The St. Paul Companies Program Logo An innovative trio of a nearly artificial intelligence level software prompted the need for a logo representing the technology used in working through Claim submissions for The St. Paul Companies’s largest division. Anthony Real Estate Company Logo Our client from Arizona needed a mark that spoke specifi- cally to the region he represents. We accomplished that through using shapes and colors of the Southwest. Anderson Windows Program Logo A strong, recognizable mark was needed to signify the resource offered to employees. MartinRoss Design • 1 1 2 5 Xerxes Avenue South • Minneapolis, Minnesota 55405 • 612.377. 5138
  15. 15. Wisconsin School Program A logo representing a reading program applied throughout Wisconsin schools. MNSCU MNSCU, The Minnesota State Colleges and Universities System, created a web site where over the internet, an individual could post their creative portfolio for general review Cincinnatus The corporate cunsulting firm engaged us to develope a mark representing the humble farmer and Roman councel Cinncinnatus. Similarly marked by a philosophy of mea- sured assistance, Cincinnatus represents cor- porate consultation in it’s most responsive- ness and ethical conduct. Fort Smith, Alabama Meyer Scherer & Rockcastle, Ltd (MS&R) engaged us to design a logo for the library being developmented by MS&R in Alabama. 1 1 2 5 Xerxes Avenue South • Minneapolis, Minnesota 55405 • 612.377. 5138
  16. 16. Book for The Minneapolis Institute of Arts Beauty, Honor, and Tradition A collaborative exhibit between the Smithsonian Insti- tution’s National Museum of the American Indian and The Minneapolis Institute of Arts was the impetus for the pro- duction of this 93⁄4“ x 121⁄4” book. Chosen for their unique quality, the shirts are outstanding in regard to their craftsmanship and cultural significance. The design of the book respects the cultural statement these shirts voice and carefully displays the rich quality of each of the pieces. Book for Robins, Kaplan, Miller & Ciresi, L.L.P. Rewriting the Odds The law firm of Robins, Kaplan, Miller & Ciresi selected us to design and coordinate the production of an 84 page hard cover book on the history of the firm. The cover has a leather spine, and for visual interest inside, pieces from their stunning collection of artwork separate the chapters. MartinRoss Design • 1 1 2 5 Xerxes Avenue South • Minneapolis, Minnesota 55405 • 612.377. 5138