Hello. We're FINE.


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An introduction to FINE Design Group, a digital branding firm with offices in San Francisco, Portland, and Traverse City, Michigan.

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Hello. We're FINE.

  1. 1. Hello, we’re finedesigngroup.com
  2. 2. A few FINE facts• Founded: 1993. A few years before launching some of the world’s first ever marketing websites.• Offices: San Francisco CA, Portland OR, Traverse City MI• Ownership: Independent and fully over-engaged in every project• Employees: ~35 strategists, content creators, designers, developers, and directors• Client Geography: Global, ranging from across the street to New York to Tanzania, with a focus on The Valleys of Silicon and Napa• Industry Focus: Hospitality, Wine & Spirits, Architecture & Engineering, Luxury Goods brands, and world-class Technology.
  3. 3. We Are A Digital Branding Agency.We do more than digital. But our specialty is helping definecompanies using the media customers turn to when they want adefinition. We design, build, and manage the key touch points thatconnect brands with people in digital space.
  4. 4. Digital is Where Brands Are Made.We evolved from traditional design early on, because logos and ads arenot enough to create a brand. Brands {and companies} are increasinglyformed by customer-driven, technology-enabled interactions.
  5. 5. Your brand lives in a complex ecosystem. OWNED MEDIA DIGITAL DESTINATION ASSETS YOU CONTROL The Product, The Core Website or Landing Pages, Mobile Apps and Site Versions, Your Blog, Promotional IP, Social Media Destinations (Twitter, YouTube, Facebook) SO SEM , CI /S PC ING /P AL E M ND M O, SE BRA ED - IA CO YOU EARNED MEDIA PAID MEDIA THINGS YOU MONITOR ONLINE PAY TO PLAY & INFLUENCE: PROMOS OUTREACH VENUES: REBATES Social Media Dialog, Search Engine Marketing (PPC) Word of Mouth, Buzz, Blogs, Online Ad Partnership and PR, Customer List (email) Sponsorship Integrated Offline Advantage
  6. 6. We help you own it.To stake your claim in a cluttered marketplace, creativity must createbrand equity. And that always involves applying some unique blend ofthe 3 capabilities we offer - strategy, design, and technology.
  7. 7. Here’s where we live: Core company/brand positioning, content, digital marketing (SEM, PPC, Social), consulting and road-mappingCustomer-facing experiences:web and mobile site design, Strategyidentity and print, userinterfaces, video Design Technology Applications to manage and access customer and content data: CMS, CRM, workflow tools, apps, hosting
  8. 8. Your Site Is Your Brand.All of the elements of your brand are assembled on a website and itsassociated mobile and social media venues. Together, they shape thedestination(s) where customers get a full picture of a business.
  9. 9. These capabilities blend into every project • Digital & Brand Strategy • Brand Identity Creation • Content Strategy & Copywriting Strategy • Website Design & Development • Applications and Content Management SystemsDesign Technology • Mobile Sites & Applications • Digital Marketing (SEO, PPC, Social Media) • Print Communication • Video & Time-Based Media
  10. 10. Small Company. Big Work.We’re no old school agency. You work directly with senior strategistswho guide in-house experts in broad disciplines. Today’s iconicbrands come from passionate individuals who see branding as a verb.
  11. 11. A Few Recent Case Studies.
  12. 12. Case Study: Auberge du SoleilNapa’s pre-eminent hospitality brand re-imagined for the digital age.
  13. 13. Case Study: Anchor Brewing10 beer brands leverage a common history, and build a new head of Steam.
  14. 14. Case Study: Ste Michelle Wine Estates13 uniquely distinct brands formed into a “string of pearls”
  15. 15. Case Study: Health Happens HereBranding the idea that life expectancy should not depend on zip code.
  16. 16. Thanks for reading.{ We look forward to presenting this in person. } finedesigngroup.com : 415.552.9300