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By Reece Harrel.

By Reece Harrel.

Published in Self Improvement , Technology
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  • 1. GatoradeReece Harrel
  • 2. We all have our favorite flavors of Gatorade. But doyou know where it came from?
  • 3. History of GatoradeIn 1965, Gatorade wasformulated by a team ofresearchers in the stateof Florida. This includedRobert Cade, DanaShiers, Harry JamesFree, and Alejandro deQuesada.
  • 4. Before it was called Gatorade, it wascalled“Cade’s Aid” or “Cade’s Cola” after Dr.Robert Cade.
  • 5. Gatorade was created on request of the head Floridacoach to aid athletes by acting as a hydrating drink forlost body fluids lost during practice or games in hotweather.Robert Clade
  • 6. The team started winning against big opponents.
  • 7. In the 1967 season,the Gatorsfinished at 9–2 and won theOrange the first time ever inthe history.
  • 8. Flavors of Gatorade•Fruit Punch•Lemon- Lime•Orange•Cool Blue•Ice Punch•Strawberry Kiwi•Orange-Strawberry•Tropical-Mango•Cran Raspberry•Lime•Lemon-Lime + Strawberry•Fruit Punch + Berry•Orange + Tropical Fruit•Glacier Freeze•Riptide Rush•Cascade Crash•Mango Electrico•Tropical IntensoThere are many flavors of Gatorade that are not available in the US
  • 9. Can you Guess which flavorwas the First Gatorade Flavor?A. LemonadeB. Cool BlueC. Lemon-Lime
  • 10. AnswerC. Lemon-Lime
  • 11. What’s your favorite flavor ofGatorade?
  • 12. Is Gatorade bad forYou?What doYOU think?
  • 13. Both are Right!
  • 14. If youre engaging in intense exercise, sportsdrinks can provide you with that extra bit of energyneeded to keep going. Sports drinks can also helpyou rehydrate more.It becomes a problem when people start toconsume sports drinks outside of physical activity,and when sports-drink consumption become a partof the daily routine.
  • 15. To see the advances inGatorade.....www.gatorade.com
  • 16. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kE1H31FmHV
  • 17. Bibliography• gatorade.com• Ask. com• Healthfacts.com• Wikipedia.com