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Harlem globetrotters revised


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Carter Stansbarger

Published in: Sports, Education
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Harlem globetrotters revised

  1. 1. The History ofThe History of TheTheHarlemHarlem GlobetrottersGlobetrottersBy: Carter StansbargerBy: Carter Stansbarger
  2. 2. The Beginning...The Beginning...It all started with AbeIt all started with AbeSaperstein in 1926, theSaperstein in 1926, the24 year old organizes a24 year old organizes anew basketball team,new basketball team,“The Savoy Five”“The Savoy Five”
  3. 3. The OfficialGlobetrotters• In 1927, the team is now officially TheHarlem Globetrotters
  4. 4. ““Goose”Goose”TatumTatumGoose Tatum was anGoose Tatum was anamazing basketballamazing basketballplayer that signed withplayer that signed withthe Harlemthe HarlemGlobetrotters in 1941.Globetrotters in 1941.Goose and theGoose and theGlobetrottersGlobetrotters wouldwouldplayplay NBANBA teams suchteams suchas theas the LakersLakers theytheywould beat them andwould beat them andput on aput on a showshow whilewhilethey did it!they did it!
  5. 5. 19481948This was theThis was thefirst time thefirst time theGlobetrottersGlobetrottersbeatbeat thetheLakersLakers
  6. 6. Wilt ChamberlainWilt ChamberlainNBA legendNBA legendWiltWiltChamberlainChamberlainjoined thejoined theHarlemHarlemGlobetrotters inGlobetrotters in19581958This was beforeThis was beforehe went to thehe went to theNBANBA
  7. 7. Hubert Ausbie wasHubert Ausbie wasaagreat basketballgreat basketballplayer with theplayer with theGlobetrotters andGlobetrotters andis a historicalis a historicalglobetrotters.globetrotters.Hubert “Geese” AusbieHubert “Geese” Ausbie
  8. 8. 1978197850th season!!!50th season!!!
  9. 9. TheThe HarlemHarlem GlobetrottersGlobetrotters1990s1990s--todaytoday
  10. 10. 1993Harlem Globetrotters isacquired by the firstAfrican-American toown asports/entertainmentorganization
  11. 11. 1995-The UltimateChallenge
  12. 12. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s Legendary All-Stars loose tothe Harlem Globetrotters in the Game called the“Ultimate Challenge.”Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
  13. 13. Today...Today theHarlemGlobetrottersare veryentertainingand fun forall ages.
  14. 14. GlobetrotterVideoVideo
  15. 15. TheGlobetrottersTheGlobetrottersinteract withkidsinteract withkids
  16. 16. Global ToursThe Globetrotters have world tours.The Globetrotters have world tours.
  17. 17. SourcesSources