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Final Presentation - Gatorade


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Final Presentation - Gatorade

  1. 1. BIG IDEAWomen can drink Gatorade too!Affordable trusting company Great effect with the price you are paying for
  2. 2. GOALS Convince younger female athletes to continue to play sports Promote staying fit and working out Linking beauty with athletics. Emphasize the great effect Gatorade has for the price you are paying.
  3. 3. TARGET AUDIENCEAthletes High School/Jr High Ages 8+ FemaleParents of athletes
  4. 4. KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORS Social Media  How many likes  How many followers  How many views  Reviews  # of contest participants
  5. 5. TOOLS & TACTICSHottest female athletes Role modelsState champions teams High schoolCommercial advertising College sports events
  6. 6. TOOLS & TACTICS CONT.Twitter/Instagram College athletes tweet Gatorade tweets Contest  Who’s drinking our products?  #FitFemale  Athletes can tweet pictures with the Gatorade product at sporting event
  7. 7. BUDGET$15 million TV – $10 million Print - $2.5 million Twitter - $2 million Contest materials - $.5 million
  8. 8. TIMELINE – DURATION: 8 MONTHS1st quarter 3rd quarter • TV advertising • Twitter • Getting people curious • Tool to control about campaign. campaign2nd quarter  Print advertising 4th quarter  Explaining what  Contest materials campaign is about.  Reward for campaign
  9. 9. RECOMMENDATIONS• Target well-known high school athletes/teams, sending them invitations to participate in contests.• Actively include females in pictures on Instagram account.• Incorporate beautiful female athletes with the campaign.