Tienen, Flanders: Local youth Policy


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Tienen, Flanders: Local youth Policy

  1. 1. SeminarDeveloping cross sectoral youth policy on local level Lithuania, 21 to 25 march 2011 Local youth policy Tienen Local Youth workTienen:Number of children and adolescents <25 years: 8.129Tienen has 24 private youth organizations:• 10 Youth movements (for example: scouting, Chiro)• 8 Youth organisations (for example: youth choir, youth theater )• 1 Youth club• 1 Playground organisation (for disabled children)• 4 political youth associationsAll these youth organizations together have ± 1600 membersAll these youth organizations are run by volunteers.
  2. 2. Meet the local youth service Local youth service Tienen has an enthousiastic staff of 6 people Meet the local youth servicecurrent youth centre future leisure centre
  3. 3. Local youth policy MISSION• starting interaction and participation with children and adolescents• tailored to needs and requirements• widest possible support of existing private youth initiatives• Taking initiative in gaps, stimulate, daring to innovate but also daring to drop• integrated with other policies• with particular attention to disadvantaged children and young people Local youth policy1. Youth work support • Financial support • Logistic support (copy service, transport) • Rental service • Infrastructural support (meeting rooms,…) • Information, communication • Juridical support (help with administration, questions) • Technical support (safety playgrounds) • Courses
  4. 4. Local youth policy2. Organising additional local youth initiatives, complementary to the private youth initiatives • Playground activities during school holidays • Childcare (3+) • Programming workshops during the year • Lots of (big) events (outdoor play event, cultural event, concerts,…) • rehearsal rooms / promoting local talent • Youth leader course • Specific neighbourhood activities (disadvantaged children / youngsters) • Playing with language Local youth policy3. Encouraging continued involvement and participation • Supporting the youth council • Permanent and informal participation (in policy, renewal playground but also small talk) • Participation in other policy areas: culture, environment, urban planning • Feedback from decisions of the council to children and adolescents • Informing the local government about the needs and the wants • Youth information policy (website, mailings, introducing to local social organisations, facebook,…)
  5. 5. Local youth policy4. Creating, promoting and controlling networks • Knowledge of the full range of leisure activities related to children and youth in the municipality. • Networks between different administrative services: sports services, cultural services, libraries, urban planning, ... (consultations, joint act. ...) • Networking with local organisations concerning youth = HORIZONTAL NETWORKING Contact with provincial level, Flemish level, VVJ, .. = VERTICAL NETWORKING Local youth policy5. Support and advise the council in developing and implementing a local youth policy • Preparing youth budget • Preparing youth policy plan • writing operational reports • Implementing policy6. Other • Playground areas • upbringing support • …