Secondary 2 History-The Response of the Local People to the British in Post-War Singapore

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  • 1. The Response ofthe Local Peopleto the British inPost-WarSingapore
  • 2. Strikes• Because of the war which cause there lots ofproblems in post-war Singapore, it caused thelocal people to strike because they cannoteffectively handle these problems• In 1947, also known as the ’Year of Strikes’.There is more than 300 strikes. This causedmore than 7000 workers to be on strike• The Malayan Communist Party caused morestrikes to occur
  • 3. • The Malayan Communist Party formed more andmore Communist-controlled trade unions whichis to encourage workers to join the unions andstrike more and demand for the workingcondition to be improved and to increase thesalary• The Malayan Communist Party blamed theBritish for the post-war problems through thetrade unions in order to stirred up the anti-Britishsentiments in the people
  • 4. Change in the Political attitudestowards the British• Because of the Japanese occupation, thepeople who care for Singapore’s future don’tregard the British as their superior anymorebecause they made less effort to defend the war.• This made the people want the British to leave• The people were also inspired by externalevents• Many British colony had attained independence
  • 5. The British response to strikes• When the British found out that the MalayanCommunist Party was responsible for askingpeople to strike through the trade union, theypassed the law to help control the trade unions.The law was to made trade union register withthe government from imposed in 1947 onwards• The British is able to monitor the membership ineach of the trade union and make sure that theunions did not use the money in Communist-ledactivities
  • 6. The British response to the change inpolitical attitudes towards the British• The British know that the local people think thatthey failed and they want to govern the country.The British want to transmit political power to thepeople in order to complete control overSingapore• The British introduced gradual change in thepolitical scene in Singapore to win the support ofthe people• They then introduced the first election in 1948