Secondary 2 History-Singapore Tackling Challenges of Defense and Security


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Secondary 2 History-Singapore Tackling Challenges of Defense and Security

  1. 1. Singapore Tackling Challenges of Defense and Security
  2. 2. Problems with Defense and Security • There must be defense in Singapore in order to protect it from internal and external threats. This keeps Singapore a stable and peaceful country. Peace and stability would enable foreign investor to build their factories and offices in Singapore. This would lead to economic growth. Singapore don’t have any defense system after the British troops left in 1971
  3. 3. • Singapore is not experienced in building up a strong army. There is a lack of support from the Singaporeans towards serving the army. This includes the Chinese.
  4. 4. Measures to Solve Defense and Security • The Ministry of the Interior and Defense was built under the management of Goh Keng Swee. It was tasked to form a national defense force. • In 1967, the National Service Amendment Bill. All Singaporean man aged 18 medically fit must join National Service. After they complete their National Service, they would be known as reservist which is known as Operationally Ready National Servicemen today
  5. 5. • The reservist would be called out for short training regularly. This ensures that they maintained their military skills. The national service man, the reservist and the armies would form the citizen’s army. • The Singapore Armed Force Training Institute was set up to provide the military training in 1966
  6. 6. • The government gained the ground support for National Service by organizing campaign and get-togethers at the community centers so that the people can ask the member of Parliament if they got doubts or fear • The radio and television also tell the people the importance of National Service • The government used necessary procedure to build the air force and navy. • Overseas training and discussion with foreign military advises were carried out to improve Singapore’s military training skill
  7. 7. • The government also formed military cooperation with foreign countries to increase the total security • Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Britain and New Zealand signed a 5 Power Defense Treaty to offer help with one another when one of them face threats
  8. 8. Impact • National Service promote Singaporean men to bond which promotes racial harmony • National Service also ensures that Singapore had a combat-ready group of army to defend the country when there is threat