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  • Other markets represent the markets like stock market, investment in bonds, & saving in banks.
  • Forex-ITI-Intake31

    1. 1. Prepared by: Mohammad Sabri & Mariam Reyad ITI (Intake 31) – SWE 2
    2. 2. •Do you want to increase your income!? •Do you want to have your own business!?
    3. 3. Introduction: What is Forex? Forex the market Forex methodology What is a Forex deal? Forex market VS other markets Conclusion: Why Forex?
    4. 4. What does the word FOREX mean? •The word FOREX stands for: FOREIGN EXCHANGE
    5. 5. Forex market description • Markets are places where goods are traded, and the same goes with Forex. • In Forex markets, the “goods” are the currencies of various countries (as well as gold and silver).
    6. 6. Unlike stock market, no physical purchase of the currencies… just contracts for amount and exchange rate of currency pairs. Forex market description (cont.)
    7. 7. The Power of Forex • Forex market is the biggest & fastest growing market on Earth. • In September 2010, Forex turnover hit $4 trillion!!!
    8. 8. Who can particiapte in Forex? • The participants in this market are: Central & commercial banks Corporations Institutional investors Hedge funds (i.e., Forex companies) Private individuals like YOU .
    9. 9. What happens in the market? • E.g., Buying euro with USD, or selling Japanese Yen for Canadian dollars. • It’s as basic as trading one currency for another.
    10. 10. How does one profit in Forex? Buy low and sell high! • The profit comes from the daily changes in the currency exchange rate.
    11. 11. “Leverage”: Exclusive by Forex! Leverage: is the ratio of your investment to actual value of any deal. Using a $1,000 to buy a Forex contract with a $100,000 value is called “leveraging” at a 1:100 ratio. The $1,000 is all you invest and all you risk, but the gains you can make may be many times greater.
    12. 12. Investor 1 (USD/EUR) Y O U I have a Forex deal at 100,000 USD I only have 1,000 USD  But with Forex, I can do it  To take the Euros deal, YOU will pay your $1,000 now & Forex will reserve the deal for you until YOU pay the rest of the money before a certain due date.
    13. 13. Y O U But wherefrom shall I get the rest of the money?  You can sell the reserved deal to another investor at a higher price  Investor 1 (USD/EUR) I have a Forex deal at 100,000 USD You can borrow it  Investor 2 (EUR/USD)
    14. 14. How do I start trading? 1.Register 2.Deposit your money 3.Start trading!
    15. 15. A Forex deal: is a contract agreed upon between the trader and the market maker via the Trading Platform. Components of a Forex deal
    16. 16. 1. The currency pairs (which currency to buy; which currency to sell) 2. The principal amount (the amount of currency involved in the deal) 3. The rate (the agreed exchange rate between the two currencies) Components of a Forex deal
    17. 17. How do I monitor my Forex trading? Market analysis & prediction Open deal
    18. 18. How do I monitor my Forex trading? • Online, anywhere, anytime! • You have full control to: Monitor your trading status Check scenarios Change some terms in your Forex deals Close deals & withdraw profits
    19. 19. Advantages of Forex market VS other market  Available 24/7  Leverage (1:50, 1:100 & 1:200)  Two trends of profit (Pair of currencies in every deal to trade with)  Anytime you can close your investments & withdraw your money.  You can determine the limit of the loss.
    20. 20. How risky is Forex trading?  You cannot lose more than your initial investment!  Avoid blind decisions  You are strongly advised to never risk more than what you can afford to lose.  Remember!! Do not put all your eggs into one basket!
    21. 21. Why Forex?  Flexibility.  Availability.  Easy to start.  Easy learn & try.  Easy to control.
    22. 22.  Forex website:  Latest about Forex: Global-forex-trade-volume-hits-$4- trillion-31374-3-1.html  Learn about Forex: /What_is__Forex