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Appurify - Runtime Debugging, Performance Optimization and Automated CI
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Appurify - Runtime Debugging, Performance Optimization and Automated CI


Mobile performance optimization, runtime debugging and continuous integration automated testing platform for iOS and Android devices. …

Mobile performance optimization, runtime debugging and continuous integration automated testing platform for iOS and Android devices.

Appurify is the EC2 for mobile, 1000's of mobile devices in dedicated/shared clouds both on-premise and off-premise.

Debug you html5, native, hybrid and browsers using Chrome and Safari dev tools.

Simulate network carrier conditions, location, accelerometer, magnetometer, low memory etc.

Client side load time optimization, time to intertact, server side, pcap/har etc.

Published in Technology
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  • 1. Mobile ApplicationPerformance Optimizationwith AppurifyManish LachwaniCTO and Co-Founder
  • 2. Mobile application development challenges§ Mobile Application Development is broken today-  Lack of mobile specific debugging tools-  Lack of performance optimization tools-  Majority of optimization is manual – No continuous integrationautomated testing§ Results in inefficient launches, stability/network/performance issues§ Users find problems post launch, resulting in poor ratings, and lostrevenue
  • 3. Appurify has built a mobile continuous integration platform toaddress these issues§  Our platform supports optimization of all types of apps - HTML5, Native iOS and Android,Hybrid, Web Apps, and Browsers§  Most powerful runtime debugging tools for mobile§  Robust performance optimization tools§  Allows automated mobile testing on real devices under real user conditions, resulting inactionable outputs instantaneouslyLaunch bug-free, performance optimizedapps and mobile web pages
  • 4. We have built an API-accessible, scalable device farm –EC2 for mobile!§  Completely API accessible§  1000s of mobile devices (iOS and Android)§  Private, dedicated, or shared device clouds§  Dynamic addition, removal and provisioningof devices§  Simulate carrier networks and signalstrengths at the packet level§  Simulate location, accelerometer, gyroscope,magnetometer events, device memory§  >8.5M automated runs – 1 every 2 seconds!-  Runs can be performance measurement ortesting
  • 5. We enable 6 levels of performance measurement1.  Client sideLoad times,view rendering,time to interact,gestureresponse, IOEvent response2. Internal appmechanicsObjC calltracing, memoryleak detection,function profiling,OpenGL EStracing3. Server sideHTTP/HTTPSnetworktracking, PCAPcapture,compare/diffHARs4. Device sideCPU, memory,Battery,Thermal, crashreports, datausage, radioresource usage,FPS5. On-diskCaching,cookies,resources andtemp files6. Multi-appinteractionContextswitchingbetweenmultiple apps,inter-appinteraction andautomationEnabled for Native, Hybrid, HTML5 apps and mobile browsersCompare and benchmark with other apps
  • 6. First run-time debugger for HTML5 appsGoogle Search App example (from app store)
  • 7. Run-time debugging for native appsWalmart app example (from app store)
  • 8. Supercharge Mobile Browser Performance Measurement§ Automated measurement of page load times and render times on realdevices and real browsers§ Simulate network, orientation and memory§ Run-time debugging using Chrome and Safari dev tools§ Real browsers and not WebViews (supports Safari, Chrome, Mercury, Operaand Y! Axis so far)§ Automate interaction with other apps (e.g., Chrome opening Gmail)§ Output includes videos, network performance data, crash reports§ Benchmark webpage performance between browsers, plug into CI process§ All this without any source code instrumentation
  • 9. Super charge app development with our SDK§ All features in a < 100 KB SDK§ Use your own mobile device, tethered or untethered.§ Runtime debugging using familiar Chrome dev tools and Safari dev tools§ Performance optimization§ Create automated tests by interacting, replay and manage test cases§ Run them continuously on Appurify§ Videos, logs, screenshots, crash reportsWe are distributing our SDK for free!
  • 10. Get in touch with Appurify to learn more!§ Appurify overview-  Founded in early 2012-  Funded by Google Ventures, Foundation Capital, Radar Partners, FelicisVentures, Data Collective, Caffeinated Capital, and others-  15 person, engineering-heavy team-  Located in beautiful San FranciscoFor beta access, please email:manish@appurify.comjay@appurify.com