Transition of MLA Functions to ACE, an Update


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Speaker: Hedley Swain, Director of Programme Delivery MLA and Anna Jobson, Director of Strategy, Arts Council England (ACE) - 2011 will see the wind-up of the Museums Libraries and Archives Council and the transfer of key museum functions to Arts Council England. This timely session will provide an update on progress for this transition. In particular it will focus on those MLA functions which it has been agreed that ACE will inherit: Renaissance, Accreditation, Designation, cultural property roles and museums projects for London 2012.

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Transition of MLA Functions to ACE, an Update

  1. 1. Museums and libraries and ArtsCouncil EnglandMay 2011Anna JobsonHedley SwainSkin, ACE Dance and MusicPhoto: Brian Slater
  2. 2. Agenda1. About us2. About Arts Council England3. ACE’s new responsibilities4. Integrating museums and libraries
  3. 3. About usAnna Jobson, Director of Strategy(currently Programme Director, M&L Integration)Arts Council EnglandHedley Swain, Director Programme DeliveryMuseums Libraries and Archives Council
  4. 4. About Arts Council England“Arts Council England works to get great art to everyone by championing, developing and investing in artistic experiences that enrich peoples lives”.Currently focused on six art forms......investing around £450m of Treasury money and £150m of National Lottery money in the artsACE is changing!
  5. 5. Achieving Great Art for Everyone10-year vision with five goals at its heart:Goal 1: Talent and artistic excellence are thriving and celebratedGoal 2: More people experience and are inspired by the artsGoal 3: The arts are sustainable, resilient and innovativeGoal 4: The arts leadership and workforce are diverse and highly skilledGoal 5: Every child and young person has the opportunity to experience the richness of the arts
  6. 6. ACE’s new responsibilitiesACE taking over four of MLA’s functions:•Museum and library sector development andimprovement•Renaissance•Cultural property and collections functions•London 2012 – Stories of the World
  7. 7. ACE’s new responsibilitiesCollections:AccreditationDesignationNational security adviceCultural property:Government Indemnity SchemeAcceptance in LieuExport LicensingReviewing Committee for the Export of Works of Art and Cultural Interest
  8. 8. Integrating museums and libraries - howACE working to integration programme (connectedto MLA wind-up programme)Target date 1 October for transfer of staff andprogrammesACE focused largely on the design of programmesit will be running from 12/13 onwards
  9. 9. Integrating museums and libraries - visionACE’s vision is to achieve closer collaboration between thearts infrastructure, museums and library services –increasing leverage with key partners, but also improving thequality of service and increasing impactMuch work to do to work out what this means in practiceThree major pieces of strategy and policy work underway
  10. 10. Emerging thinking around programme designFuture of Renaissance and ACE’s museum development work seen as part of continuum – they need to work hard togetherKey focus for ACE – future of RenaissanceWorking within architecture developed by MLA, with its four component strands of core, challenge, museum development and national projectsFast-tracking review of the concept of ‘core’ museums, with a view to launching new scheme later in the summer
  11. 11. Business as usualNo changes planned to the services MLA provides to museums, otherthan those already underway:Accreditation – including relaunch in OctoberDesignationCultural property functionsMLA 2012 programmes
  12. 12. Business as usualOther projects that continue this year and are due for future review include:• Support for digital agencies (Culture 24 and Collections Trust)• Museums at Night• Kids in Museums• Our Sporting Life (linked to London 2012)
  13. 13. What next?May and June: consultation and completion of policy work;redeployment process for some MLA staffSummer: launch of new Renaissance programme, and publication ofCompanion to Achieving Great Art for EveryoneAutumn: publication of Arts Council Plan for 2012-15 and launch ofother museum and library programmes. Assessment process formuseum grant recipientsOctober: integration of functions, with M&L staff joining ACEWinter: evaluation of integration programme to inform ACEorganisation review. Announcement of decisions related to museumgrant recipients