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How Fast Can You Deliver An Idea?


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My talk on agile software development at Philips Healthcare. In this talk, I was exploring how could heavily-regulated environments such as medical industry benefit from principles of agility.

My talk on agile software development at Philips Healthcare. In this talk, I was exploring how could heavily-regulated environments such as medical industry benefit from principles of agility.

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  • 1. Tathagat Varma http://managewell.netPicture courtesy:
  • 2. Ticket Prices: $2,119 - $13,12069,700 seats => $157m ticket sales TVC $3.8m-$4m for 30s spot 164m viewers - Most Watched in US History Potential worldwide audience of 1 Billion viewers Kickoff 6:30pm EST
  • 3. The Speed of Business…
  • 4. 6,000 stores, $14.4B inOpened first Net profits opening one a 2012, +17store in 1975 $2.7B day % y-o-y Agile in Business Conference (c)
  • 5. • creativity, quality design • Give customers what they • Every store in the world and rapid turnaround to want receives new models twice adjust to changing market • Get it to them faster than a week demands -- has…generated anyone else • Product reaches European an excellent public stores in 24-36 hours and response to our retailers rest of the world within 48 collections.” hours. Since 1970s!Design Rules Logistics Agile in Business Conference (c)
  • 6. Agile in Business Conference (c)
  • 7. The difference…• Conventional manufacturing teams gather requirements, design the solution, build the solution, test the solution, then deliver the solution. In automotive companies, the design portion alone takes 3 to 12 years, and then the vehicle design is built for 5 to 14 years.• WIKISPEED follows the model of Agile software teams…We iterate the entire car every 7 days, meaning that every 7 days we reevaluate each part of the car and reinvent the highest- priority aspects, instead of waiting 8 to 26 years to upgrade.
  • 8. Scrum: Clearly Agile: Reducing defined team costs to make roles and changes responsibilities TDD: start with XP: Pairing and failing tests Swarming and develop solutionsLean Software The OOP: contract- Design: Use Wikispeed first less stuff development Process
  • 9. Agile in Business Conference (c)
  • 10. • On ‘good days’, Flickr releases a new version every half an hour (Jun 20, 2005)• IMVU pushes a revision of code to the website every nine minutes (Feb 10, 2009)• The other day we passed product release number 25,000 for WordPress. That means we’ve averaged about 16 product releases a day, every day for the last four and a half years! (May 19, 2010)• A new version of Google Chrome now due every six weeks (Jul 22, 2010)• Facebook does code push twice a day (Aug 4, 2012)
  • 11. Mister…how soon can you deliver…???
  • 12. 5MB HardDrive beingloaded ontoplane viaforklift, circa1956.**Source not verified
  • 13. Batch Flow
  • 14. Single-piece Flow
  • 15. What problem are we trying to solve?
  • 16.
  • 17.
  • 18. What is the most important part in these two machines? “The Brakes!!!” They let you go faster…
  • 19. Agility vs. Discipline?
  • 20. Advent of Agile and Lean Methodologies• 1970: Royce critiques Waterfall and offers improvement ideas• 1986: Barry Boehm proposes Spiral Model• 1971: Harlan Mills proposes Incremental Development• 1987: Cleanroom Software engineering• 1991: Sashimi Overlapping Waterfall Model• 1992: Crystal family of methodologies• 1994: DSDM• 1995: Scrum• 1996: Rational Unified Process framework• 1997: Feature Driven Development• 1999: Extreme Programming Explained• 2001: Agile Manifesto is born• 2003: Lean Software Development• 2005: PM Declaration of Interdependence• 2006: Behavior Driven Development• 2007: Kanban-based software engineering• 2008: Lean Startup• 2009: Scrumban• 20xx: Something new !?! (hopefully )
  • 21. Waterfall vs. Agile
  • 22. Traditional vs. Agile Project Management Lifecycle
  • 23. Agile Planning Onion Strategy Portfolio Product Release Iteration Daily
  • 24.
  • 25. Why work with small tasks?
  • 26. Iterative Estimation Spiral Iterative
  • 27. What is agile really all about? • Empowered individuals • Collaboration Motivated • Democratic decision-making Individuals and transparency Self- • Shorter feedback cycle organizingx-functional • Manage changing priorities Teams • Increased productivity Agile Businesses • Higher ROI • Faster time to market • Better User Experience
  • 28. feedback loop in agile lifecycles
  • 29. from daily builds to project
  • 30. Scrum
  • 31. What‟s happening here?
  • 32. Feedback Loops in TraditionalTechniques vs. Agile Techniques
  • 33. Agile Development Value Proposition
  • 34. Does Agile work?
  • 35. does iterating help?
  • 36. are small teams more productive?
  • 37. does colocation impact team performance?
  • 38. is small batch size faster?
  • 39. Continuous Deployment
  • 40. Why?
  • 41. Agile in Business Conference (c)
  • 42. Agile in Business Conference (c)
  • 43. Agile in Business Conference (c)
  • 44. Basics remain the same!
  • 45. What are we learning?• Software development „value stream‟ is highly „inefficient‟• Lean principles can help identify „wastes‟• Agile principles can help iterate faster• Kanban allows developing smaller batch size• Continuous Deployment helps deploy small changes periodically• Lean Startup principles help learn faster
  • 46. References• blog/2011/06/paving-path-scrum-adoption-product-people/• boxing-are-mostly.html• delivery• super-bowl/• continuous-deployment.html• 411/Continuous-Delivery-vs-Continuous-Deployment-vs- Continuous-Integration-Wait-huh.aspx• and-ops-cooperation-at-flickr
  • 47. Agile in Healthcare• healthcare-technology-industry/• healthcare-goes-agile/228500164• 914709e-8097-4537-92ef- 8982fc416138/entry/agile_in_healthcare_is_possible?lang=en• for-the-healthcare-solution/• device-software-development/• toolkit•• healthcare-technology-industry/
  • 48. Tathagat Varma