The MOO Ideas Book


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MOO.COM ideas and inspiration: A collection of wonderful ideas from the MOO community. Tips on everything from packaging for online retail, promotion for yourself or your business. There's even some nice ideas for gifts and wedding favours! Stuck for creative ideas for your MOO Business Cards? Take a lead from graphic designers, freelance photographers and a some well known online businesses.

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The MOO Ideas Book

  1. 1. Contents 2 14 32 54 packaging & promotion for occasions wonderful branding for individuals & events & gifts weddings retail small business
  2. 2. branding branding 2 3 Packaging and branding for retail Creative crafters There’s something wonderful about receiving beautifully wrapped packages in the post—whether they were bought for yourself or as a gift. Crafter and online retailer Melanie J Cook uses MiniCards simply tied with string to brand each package she dispatches. The MOO Stickers she also includes are the perfect extra touch!
  3. 3. branding branding 4 5 Jewelry Designer Childrens’ Photographer » Abigail A. Percy designs and creates jewelry from her One of the most exciting things about session photography workshop in Scotland. She photographs her unique for customers, is the final package: beautiful prints and designs, and uploads them to MOO to create stylish albums to treasure forever. Robyn Pollman creates unique Business Cards and MiniCards. They showcase her work, packages for her clients by creatively customizing off-the- acting as both portfolio and product catalogue, so she shelf products. Using MOO Stickers to seal packages and never misses a chance to show off her work. bags, she ensures everything is fully branded.
  4. 4. branding branding 6 7 Simply stylish Delicate detail » Whether you’re preparing packages for customers or Tamar designs and makes delicate, romantic jewelry gifts for friends, you can create something unique with and accessories for retail, both on and offline. Her colorful the simplest of ingredients. Jessica Wilson has sewn MiniCards act as swing-tags for larger items or structural these classic brown paper packages tied up with string, packaging for smaller ones. By adding brightly colored and added extra color and a professional touch with a beads, her MiniCards feel extra special and are sure to MiniCard featuring her own photography. Affordable, be kept as a bookmark or treasure. (Perfect for forgetful recyclable, and bags of fun! customers as her contact details are at their fingertips!)
  5. 5. branding branding 8 9 « Boxing Clever Mix and Match It’s not difficult or expensive to get creative with If your products are bursting with color and texture, packaging for clients. Off-the-shelf boxes can feel like why limit yourself to one-size-fits-all packaging? a unique gift when tied simply with color coordinated Julie Fountain creates ‘Text MiniCards’ in a wide range ribbon or thread. Jeweller Abigail A. Percy is sure of colors using MOO’s simple online tools. Matching up to add a MiniCard with her contact details to every the cards with the beads she creates gives every item package, it’s one way to make sure her customers a professional feel — and makes for an enticing display know where to come for other pieces to match the set! at craft markets.
  6. 6. branding branding 10 11 Limited Edition Handmade chic Squink! Is a company selling limited edition t-shirts These colorful swing-tags by Joe McAllister show online. MOO’s short-run Business Cards are the ideal the beautiful details on his hand-cranked sewing thing to use for hang-tags, showing not just care machine. Creating interest in his story and a great instructions but the exact number in the limited run talking point, he uses them to add color to his display you’ve bought! Upload different designs for the front, at craft markets and fairs. The back of each MiniCard is each with a unique number, and a standard message a standard design, enabling him to change prices with for the reverse. Simple! each new product.
  7. 7. Sweet treats! Ella Riley’s Traditional Sweet & Toffee Shop might have an ‘old fashioned’ name, but they’re bang-up-to-date with their marketing. Selling traditional sweets online, these MiniCards are included with each order, encouraging customers to collect the cards in return for free rewards! branding branding « Telling your story Beth Hemmila uses MiniCards to tell the unusual stories behind every item of jewelry she makes. She adds clear sticky- labels to the reverse of each card and binds them simply into individual books. 12 13 Designs on you » Designer and maker Claudia uses illustrations on her MiniCards, to evoke the feeling and style of her complete range of jewelry. Each little card has her name and shop address on the reverse, so when the wearer receives a compliment, they can pass on her details.
  8. 8. promotion 14 Promotion for individuals and small business Small business start-up Perch, an online content management system, uses MiniCards to promote their business. By uploading 100 different ‘fronts’, they can hand out 100 promocodes to new customers, cheaply and easily. MOO’s short print runs means that for each conference or tradeshow they attend, they make a new pack, with new codes. By tracking which codes are used, they can see which shows are the most successful.
  9. 9. promotion promotion 16 17 Independent creative agency Independent illustrator & animator » Dinnick & Howells are an innovative branding and design Lesley Barnes is a designer, illustrator and animator. Aside company with a truly global outlook. Made up of a small, from working on a range of client projects Lesley also sells ‘modular’ team, MOO’s short print runs suit them perfectly. her artwork online. She keeps MiniCards on hand to show Using a range of different colors for the front of their cards, new people she meets exactly what she does; it’s a mini they’ve taken full advantage of the PDF upload for the portfolio for her pocket. The cards also act as useful swing- reverse, keeping their strong corporate style. tags to brand the packages she sends to customers.
  10. 10. promotion promotion 18 19 Writer and photographer Online retailer Ilva Beretta is a freelance photographer. Although A fashion company that gives its customers the ability to she specializes in food photography, her work takes personalize what they wear, Spreadshirt have been online her in different directions, from art projects to her own since 2002. The Business Cards they’ve made with MOO cookbook. Printing cards with MOO means she can show a range of their unique designs, giving potential easily showcase the variety of work she produces. clients a real sense of what they’re all about.
  11. 11. promotion promotion 20 21 The model Business Card Take me home! » Katja Mathes knows talent spotters are everywhere. Photocharlie knows how to put on a show! With She keeps Minicards featuring images from her his wonderful collection of Minicards and Postcards latest shoot close to hand, so opportunities are never he can showcase a wide range of work without missed. MiniCards fit neatly into any purse or bag. breaking the bank. There’s even enough to share!
  12. 12. promotion promotion 22 23 Cakes? Crumbs! It’s not always about the photos… Graphic designer Theis William Dahl created a strong London based cupcake bakers Crumbs and Doilies While a different photograph or illustration on every typographic design for his card, picking out his main include a few MiniCards with each private order—like card in a MiniCard pack is perfect for photographers, areas of expertise. He made the most of MOO’s a fun, collectable freebie for customers to keep and illustrators and online retailers, it’s not what appeals to ‘Printfinity’ option with subtle color changes on each show their friends. They use a range of colorful product everyone. For some, a single well-crafted design can one. Uploading his logo for the reverse completes the photos on one side of the card, and upload their unique say everything they need. look - a simple, effective, stylish design. branding for the reverse.
  13. 13. promotion promotion 24 25 Typography lover David Boni is a young independent designer with a passion for typography. Clients love his crisp, clean design aesthetic and he’s carried this look into his own Business Card design. Instead of using images of his work — or stock photography — he’s used his strong typographic logo to full effect with this smart repeat pattern. Getting back to basics You can quote me! Independent designer Beth Chapleau knows the For designer, brand consultant and author, Jason value of good design. Taking note of the old design VanLue, words are as important as pictures. He’s , saying ‘less is more’ Beth has stripped her details created an engaging pack of MiniCards with back to the bare essentials, and gives only the details different conversation starters on every one. The bold you really need: her url, housing her portfolio. The design and eye catching colors invite the recipients result is a stylish card, free from clutter. It’s unusual to choose their favorite — and helps Jason learn a and interesting, and always remarked on. little bit more about them at the same time.
  14. 14. « The location photographer Top UK location photographer, Simon Warren has long been using MOO to print standard sized Business promotion Cards. He really loves the easy option to show a promotion whole range of his work. Recently, he’s started adding MiniCards to his pocket portfolio. When you’re on location and your hands are full of cameras or lights, pocket-sized MiniCards are the ideal way to share your contact details! 26 27 The wedding photographer Wedding photographer, Mike Kelly makes the most of sharing his contact details at weddings and events. He creates MiniCards appropriate to the day, inviting guests to view all the images online. Not only does this mean guests can purchase the images they love, but should they need a photographer for their own event, they know where to find him.
  15. 15. promotion promotion « Saying it with flowers Like many small businesses, Arena Flowers find budget is often a leading factor in marketing decisions. MOO Business Cards were an ideal choice for them, giving maximum flexibility at an affordable price. Using each of the 50 cards to show a 28 different bouquet means these double up as a 29 product catalogue and Business Cards! Creative, not common » Creative Commons is a non-profit organization Tell it like it is Pick a card… helping people navigate the choppy waters of Software company TrakAx often hand out Business Rich Wells uses a range of designs on his MiniCards, copyright. Their cards showcase a range of CC Cards at shows and events — just the time you need from typography to illustration. Handing out his licensed photography to open up conversations to get a conversation started. With a range of quotes cards to friends and future colleagues has become about their mission. about every aspect of their software, they can pick something of an event, as they sift through them all the most appropriate card for each potential client. to find their favorites! They’ve uploaded a high-resolution JPEG for the ‘details’ side of their card, so these cards perfectly match the brand guidelines of the organization.
  16. 16. promotion promotion 30 31 Colorful company Multicolored and green all over Illustrator, animator and dog lover, Lili Chin creates Jamba Juice use bright illustration for their Business wonderful illustrated works of art for the SoCal Cards. Promoting an all natural, healthy lifestyle, Boston terrier rescue, BostonBuddies. These they chose MOO’s 100% recycled, chlorine free, Portfolio pieces promotional postcards show off her work to great 100% biodegradable Green Business Cards. (They You can’t travel everywhere with your portfolio… effect, helping to explain what she does and why. even come in a recycled and recyclable box!) Sometimes it has to go on ahead without you to pave the way. Illustrator Jonny Wan created these wonderful Business Cards and Postcards, featuring his unique work. Packaged together with information about his skills, work and experience they’re a great mini-portfolio to send to creative directors around the globe. The option to print a different image on every card in the pack means he can send out a variety of pieces to see which are the most successful.
  17. 17. occasions 32 Events, gifts and occasions Stocking-stuffers! For the young and young-at-heart, StickerBooks make a great little stocking-filler for Christmas and the Holidays, and are kinder to teeth than candy!
  18. 18. occasions « Picture this occasions For parents and grandparents, framed MiniCards make cute gifts, perfect for cheering up a desk at work, or a bookcase at home. With 100 different Minicards per-pack, that’s a lot of gifts for your money! 34 35 You’ve been framed » MiniCard Mosaic Frames are designed to hold 20 MiniCards—in any format you choose! It doesn’t matter if your photos are portrait or landscape, simply re-arrange the smaller frames to suit Personalized gift tags your style. You can even choose to hang This holiday, make MiniCards with a photo of each person you’re the frame portrait or landscape too! giving a gift to. Use them as a gift tag, and we bet they’ll be treasured almost as much as the present itself! No photos? Make Text MiniCards with everyone’s name, it’s easy and fun!
  19. 19. occasions occasions 36 37 Personalized Holiday Cards Sticky fingers! » Create beautiful, personalized Christmas Cards or Keep little hands busy this season! Print fun StickerBooks Postcards for the Holiday season. Show off your talents full of photos taken over the year and use to make with festive images professionally printed from your own personal Christmas cards. Add glitter and glue — and art or photography. Remember, there’s the option of a some artistic magic — and there’s a wonderful card for different image on every one! everyone in the family.
  20. 20. occasions occasions 38 39 « Year-round gifts Easy gift-wrapping There’s nothing like receiving stationery made just for you. For fast, fun gift wrapping, StickerBooks are perfect! Make a mixed pack of Postcards or Greeting Cards to give Choose up to 90 different stickers using your own as a gift, and ensure your friends are never stuck without photography or MOO’s designs. They arrive in a an occasional card again! Use your own photography, or handy little book, so they wont get lost, and add an choose a selection of MOO designs. impressive finishing touch. (Good for envelopes too!)
  21. 21. occasions occasions 40 41 BOO! Have some fun this Halloween! Use MiniCards to create banners or trick-or-treat lucky dips. Give scary StickerBooks instead of candy, or create the perfect party invitations with your own images. Not scary enough? Use images from MOO’s own spookily good designers.
  22. 22. occasions occasions 42 43 « Guess who?! Gotcha! Wrapping a Valentine’s gift with care and attention Create a sneaky StickerBook full of your favorite photos — is a great way into your lover’s heart! Create a set of places you’ve been together, pictures of the two of you. MiniCards to use as gift tags, with a special message Sneak them on to bags and books to remind your lover of on each one. the special times you’ve had together.
  23. 23. Mom? Mum?! You say ‘Mom’ we say ‘Mum’! However , you say it, help mothers keep in touch with these stylish ‘Mom cards’. Choose a beautiful Ready Made pack of occasions occasions MiniCards and add your mother’s details to the reverse. No more scribbled phone number swaps at the school gates! 44 45 We’ve got your number It’s a wrap! Bego Diaz created a set of MiniCards with the numbers With a wonderful eye for color, Jessica Wilson knows 0-9 and the letters of the alphabet. It makes creative gift how to make a gift look special every time. With colorful wrapping much more fun — spell out the name of the tissue paper and brightly patterned ribbon, a MiniCard recipient or the date of the birthday! A personal, unique featuring her own photography finishes off this enticing way to package a parcel. package perfectly!
  24. 24. occasions occasions 46 47 « I’m stuck on you Keep in touch StickerBooks make a great little gift for children all year Create a pack of MiniCards for your children to share with round. Use some of MOO’s designs, or create a book filled friends. Swap them, share them, stick them on the wall, with your own photographs of friends and family. Does use them as bookmarks or for scrapbooking! This colorful your child love drawing? Make stickers of their artwork! collection was chosen from designs by MOO.
  25. 25. occasions occasions 48 49 Keep out! » Create a collection of different MiniCards and thread them together with ribbon. Perfect for birthday or Christmas banners – or for decorating a bedroom all year round!
  26. 26. « I remember you! occasions occasions This is a personalized memory game, created by designer Benigna Iwasaki. Featuring her own photography on the front of the cards, the trick is to remember where each half of the pair is hiding. A fun game for children – especially when you use their favorite family photos! 50 51 Teenage troubles » It’s always hard finding gifts for teenagers. Try a Postcard pack with a range of images from MOO designers. With a variety of different styles Personalized flash cards from traditional to modern, stylish to sweet, there’s These wonderful flash cards were designed and created each letter of the alphabet. Printed on to Postcards they’re something to suit all tastes. by Jonathan Howells, as a gift for two of the younger a fun way to learn, and much more engaging than a members of his family. With a bright, colorful design traditional flash card set! To finish off the gift, he spiral he used family photographs and associated them with bound the cards into a neat, easy to carry book.
  27. 27. occasions occasions 52 53 Hey, baby! Create sweet little MiniCards to slip in with birth announcements. They’re the perfect thing to keep tucked into a photo album or wallet and are sure to be treasured. They’re also a great little extra for photographers to offer their clients following a new born photoshoot. Cost effective and very cute, they’re an easy way to send out lots of different images to excited friends and family. Welcome to the world! Create wonderful, personalized Greeting Cards for With the option of a different image on every one, the yourself or your clients, featuring photos of the new difficult choice of deciding just which photo to use is little one. Personalize the text inside and add an extra all taken care of. (Now all you need to worry about is photo and message to the reverse of each card. which one you’ll send to who!)
  28. 28. wedding 54 Wonderful weddings Save the date! Create a ‘save-the-date’ so lovely, people just can’t help but save it! Print MiniCards with your own images on one side, and your details on the reverse. Hole-punch the cards and tie several together with ribbon for a miniature photo album. Are you a photographer? These are great to offer clients following an engagement shoot, or to offer a couple right at the start of their wedding plans with you.
  29. 29. Saving in style Elisabeth created these sweet save- the-date Minicards to be included with her more traditional wedding invitations. They’re just the right size to slip into a diary or pin to a noticeboard, making sure your very important date wedding will never be forgotten! 57 A message from us to you It’s a wonderful wedding! Create a simple wedding invitation with photographs With the wedding reception taking place in a of the bride and groom to be. Use images from an theatre, Silva Sergenian decided to make the most engagement shoot, or from the happy times you’ve appropriate of wedding cards. Adapting the original spent together. Personalize the reverse of the cards poster from ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ the names were , with your details, and they’re ready to send! changed to star the bride and groom!
  30. 30. Date saving superhero! These gorgeous save-the-date cards were made by MOO customer Kelly, for her wedding to Terrell. She made MiniCards with their baby photos and tied them to a card printed with the details of the day. wedding This cute idea was very well received by the invitees, who’ve saved them as special keepsakes! 59 Classic coordination For her wedding, Sarah Duncan showed just how creative you can be with Business Cards. She created these stylish save-the-dates with a smart typographic design featuring the major points and players of the day. For her reception she made these fantastic quiz cards to break the ice and get her guests talking! Each card asks a different question about Sarah and her new groom and one was left at the place setting for every guest.
  31. 31. wedding wedding 60 61 A heartfelt thank you These thank you cards by Tania A. Chau are actually printed on MOO Business Cards! With a selection of gorgeous photographs of the happy couple on the front, they’ve uploaded a full design for the back. It’s a wonderful way to make the most of your official photos, and sure to be appreciated by friends and family as a memento of a special day. A classic, with a twist! For a more traditional approach to wedding favors, the safest choice is always sugared almonds. But you can still give them a personal touch by adding your Stickin’ around » own little details. Make MiniCards with photos of your You could also create a StickerBook with your wedding photos. Choose engagement, your wedding rings or some fun shots up to ninety different images and add a sheet of six stickers to every of you together as a couple – we bet they’ll be kept thank you note you send, or use them as individual seals for envelopes. long after the sweets have gone.
  32. 32. Favorite favors Weddings can be tough events for children—lots of keeping quiet and trying hard to sit still. Take your inspiration from the kindest of grooms, Michael Scott, who created these wonderful StickerBooks full of his own photography. Handed to the wedding youngest guests instead of a more traditional wedding favor, they’re kinder to teeth than sweets and much more fun! 63 A picture perfect day Mosaic MiniCard Frames are a great way to show off lots of photographs at once! A thoughtful gift with a box of 100 MiniCards featuring images of the day, newly-weds can pick 20 of their favourite images to fill the frame – and share the rest! The frames work portrait or landscape, and each of the 20 MiniCards can be rearranged thousands of different ways.
  33. 33. Thanks to the members of the MOO Community for sharing their images with us. Their creative ideas are always an inspiration! 2: Melanie J Cook 18. Ilva Beretta 31. Jonny Wan 4 & 8: Abigail Percy 19. 45. Bego Diaz 20. Katja Mathes 5. Robyn Pollman 45. Jessica Wilson 21. Photocharlie 6. Jessica Wilson 50. Bcome 22. Crumbs & Doilies 7. Tamar Schechner 56. Elisabeth 23. Theis William Dahl 9. Julie Fountain 57. Silva Sergenian 24. David Boni 10. Squink! 58. Kelly 25. Beth Chapleau 11. Joe McAllister 59. Sarah Duncan 12. Beth 25. Jason VanLue 60. Tania A. Chau 12. Claudia 26. Simon Warren 61: Michael Scott 13. Ella Riley’s Traditional Sweet & Toffee Shop 27. Mike Kelly 14. Perch 28. 28. Rich Wells 16. Jonathan Howells 30. Lili Chin 17. Lesley Barnes 30.