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Roi Document 2009

  1. 1. 18 stories brand innovation t 630.544.5000 • f 630.544.5227 • tf 877.888.6151 Know the facts before spending your maketing dollars! 18 stories is dedicated to building connections between the brands we serve and their customers. Our focus is on protecting your image and enhancing the experience customers have with your brand, through the strategic selection and development of branded products. Branded merchandise and apparel offer a unique opportunity to take your brand into the automobiles, homes, offices, stadiums and commerce centers of your customers. These tangible marketers allow your customers to touch, feel and interact with your brand in a way that no other advertising or marketing medium allows. These personal interactions, when crafted to enhance your brand and emphasize competitive advantage, create bonds and relationships with your brand that go beyond the everyday transaction. 18 stories is your marketing partner– Focused on creating beneficial connections, while protecting and enhancing the brand image you’ve worked so hard to create. t 630.544.5000 • f 630.544.5227 • W
  2. 2. 18 stories brand innovation t 630.544.5000 • f 630.544.5227 • tf 877.888.6151 Know the facts before spending your maketing dollars! You may Be thinking: cost-Per Cost-Per impression of Promo Products quot;Money is tight right now. I’d love to buy something from you, but I just Glassware/ Caps Bags Writing Calendars can’t afford promotional products.quot; Instruments Ceramics $0.002 $0.002 $0.003 $0.002 $0.004 The Real Story The cost-per impression of an ad Shirts Other Recognition Desk/Office/ Other specialty is a fraction of a cent. Bags, Awards Business Wearables $0.005 $0.005 caps, T-shirts and calendars are Accessories $0.016 $0.021 practically free. Check out the chart to $0.007 see the average cost-per impression of a variety of different promotional products. Average: $.0004 You may Be thinking: cost-Per impression of other media quot;I’d rather put my marketing dollars into TV ads. They’re much more National Magazine* cost effective because they have a $0.033 wider reach.quot; Sports Radio* The Real Story $0.005 Prime Time TV* Advertising specialties are less Newspaper ad $0.019 expensive per impression than (1/2 page BW)** almost any other media. In fact, Syndicated TV* $0.019 promotional products are among the $0.006 most cost-effective tools available to Billboard marketers. For example, advertising in Cable TV* (city/national)** a national magazine yields an average $0.007 $0.003 cost-per impression of $.033. The *Source: 2008 The Nielsen Company average cost-per impression of an **Source: Los ad specialty is $.004. sUrVeY metHoDoLoGY was conducted among recipients of advertising ★ In June and July of 2008, a team of interviewers specialties to augment the non-wearables sample from surveyed 465 consumers in New York, Chicago, Los the in-person interviews. Results have been combined in Angeles and Philadelphia on behalf of ASI regarding the report where appropriate. There were 213 completed promotional products they had received. Web-based interviews, for a total of 678 completed surveys for this study. Respondents were asked if they The purpose of the interviews was to understand how had received any promotional products in the last 12 advertising specialties influence end users' purchasing months. Most respondents were business/professional decisions; determine the number of impressions of people (84%) and all were age 21 or older. popular advertising specialties; and analyze the cost-per impression of advertising specialties Cost-per impression data of ad specialties was then compared with other popular advertising media. compared to cost-per impression statistics for other types of advertising media. Further, during October 2008, an online panel survey t 630.544.5000 • f 630.544.5227 • W
  3. 3. 18 stories brand innovation t 630.544.5000 • f 630.544.5227 • tf 877.888.6151 Know the facts before spending your maketing dollars! You may Be thinking: The Real Story A whopping 84% of those surveyed remembered the advertiser of a “Why should I put my logo on a pen specialty item they had received. Of those who received wearables or keychain? Nobody remembers the (jackets, pants, scarves), a full 94% remembered the advertising name of the company that advertises logo and company. It’s that rate of recall that is vital when on those things anyway.”” considering where to spend your marketing dollars. You may Be thinking: consumers items Where Consumers Keep Items “Is someone really going to change their opinion of me just because I sent them a pen? I doubt it.” 100 Promo products have staying power because recipients All Promo Products tend to hang onto them in highly visible places. Here’s The Real Story where each type of item is typically kept by end-users. Shirts 90 Survey results show 42% of end buyers 83% Caps had a more favorable impression of 80 77% an advertiser after receiving an item. Bags Among those who received bags, 53% 70 Calendars had a more favorable impression of the advertiser. 60 57% 55% 56% You may Be thinking: 50 42% “Sure, my client is going to love to 40 take the free stuff I give him. But that won’t make him any more likely to do business with me.” 30 28% 24% The Real Story 20 12% 15% Nearly 1/4 of end-users are more likely 9% to do business with the advertiser on 10 6% 10% 4% 7% 5% the items they receive. If an advertiser 2% 1% 6% provides jewelry or calendars, the number 1% 0 increases to 38% and 36% respectively. Home Car Office Person You may Be thinking: The Real Story The vast majority of end-users have done business with the advertiser “Say I use a promotional product after receiving an item. Among those who received recognition items like a in a direct-mail campaign. How client thank you or awards, more than 75% of end-users have done busi- do I know I’ll ever hear from the ness with the advertiser. prospect again?” t 630.544.5000 • f 630.544.5227 • W
  4. 4. 18 stories brand innovation t 630.544.5000 • f 630.544.5227 • tf 877.888.6151 Know the facts before spending your maketing dollars! You may Be thinking: The Real Story End-users tend to keep items that are useful. Of those “Unless a promotional product is super high-end, surveyed, more than 70% felt that bags, pens, which I can’t afford, or really attractive, nobody’s T-shirts, desk accessories, glassware, caps and going to want to keep it.” calendars are useful items. You may Be thinking: The Real Story Bags are actually the most frequently-used apparel “Why should I waste my money on a tote bag? item. Bags are used more than nine times per It probably only gets used once or twice at most. month. By comparison, caps are used six times per Maybe some guy will grab it to wipe off his wind- month and T-shirts are used four times per month. shield or something.” You may Be thinking: Number of impressions per month 1200 “I need a way to advertise so I can 1,038 be in front of my prospects every 1000 day. That’s why I advertise in my local newspaper. Your products won’t do that for me.” 800 The Real Story Many ad specialties are often in 600 front of prospects. For example, 20% of those surveyed used 476 pens more than five times 365 400 363 per day. 294 251 227 221 192 200 You may Be thinking: 64 “I need to invest my money in media 0 that delivers real impressions. Writing Desk Glassware Calendars Bags Caps Shirts Awards Other Other Instruments Access. Ceramics Wearables Now if you could show me how many impressions I’d get from a promotional product, I might consider buying one. But you can’t do that, can you?” The Real Story Bags, caps, T-shirts and pens deliver significant impressions per month. On average, bags achieve the best results, at more than 1,000 impressions per month. Caps have an average of 476 impressions per month, while shirts, writing instruments and office accessories each have about 300 impressions per month. Above are the per-month impressions for a variety of ad specialty items. t 630.544.5000 • f 630.544.5227 • W