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Presentation of fasie

  1. 1. State Activities to Support Innovations in RussiaFoundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises (FASIE) LOGO
  2. 2. Definition of a “small innovative enterprise (SIE)” in Russia– Company with a commercial legal status– Company carrying out R&D with the further and producing product based on Intellectual Property Rights belonging to a company– Company with a number of employees not exceeding 100 people– Turnover less than 14 mln USD– Share capital: less than 25% belonging to foreign companies and individuals, state and large businesses (exception- spin offs)
  3. 3. FASIE’s MISSION To develop and carry out activities of the State assistance to commercialization ofnew knowledge into products and services by small companies: early stage financing
  4. 4. Company financing sources
  5. 5. 3F, Business CORPORATION O angels FUNDS E R G Russian Venture N A T Company Seed T T N E E ER I C O Fund C R E R& Z H F H QD A N F N U P T O E SEED START-UPs O L R L E R I S O O S O I T G G S N Y Y S E FASIE S Venture Funds Russian Venture PRIVATE Company (OJSC) EQUITY
  6. 6. FASIE, main facts Set up by - The government of Russia, 03.02.1994 Financed through -1,5% of federal budget for R&D-(4,0 billion Rubles for 2011 or 140 mln USD) Form of assistance - The state contract for R&D Policy and control by - The Supervisory Board Expertise - Independent experts
  7. 7. Interaction with development institutesFASIE Seed Investment Fund Russian Venture Company (RVC) GC VEB, GC RUSNANO, RVC, Foundation for Development of the Center of Research andFASIE Commercializing of New RAS, Its Technologies in Skolkovo Continuous financing ofFASIE GC VEB, GC RUSNANO, RVC, projects at all stages of an innovative cycle RAS, Opora Russia. The agreement on an informationFASIE exchange and additional review GC RUSNANO of projects
  8. 8. Continuous financing at all stages of an innovative cycle Add The MICEXGroup’s MICEX Group’s Add GC Vnesheconombank Add GC RUSNANOUp to 50 mln.rub. Russian Venture Company (RVC)Up to 15 mln. rub. FASIE
  9. 9. Fund results 1994-2011Applications submitted and over 25 000reviewedProjects supported over 9 000New innovative SMEs created over 4 000New workplaces created Over 25 000
  10. 10. Exportsupport,bilateral Internationalization FASIE Target programs Growth FASIE START Seed FASIEU.M.N.I.K Pre-seed 4
  11. 11. Directions (Priorities) Medicine pharmacology Chemistry new materials Information technologies Instruments, electronic devices Biotechnology machinery agricultureCriteria to be met for “Assistance”Small innovative enterpriseR&DIPR ownershipNew IPR created
  12. 12. (pre-seed stage) U.M.N.I.K. Program The aim: Stimulation of mass participation of young scientists in scientific and technical innovative activity by organizational and financial support. A nominee should be a physical person from 18 to 28 years good scientific background behind each idea is an important criteria Each winner of the Program receives 200 thousand rubles a year No need to organize enterprise for first two years Since 09/2006 till 04/2011 670 conferences were organized and 4800 winners chosen.
  13. 13. (Seed stage) START Program Results of R&D S&T Concept Business plan New product Small R&D implementation Small Attracting off-budget Small Achieving the indicators of Innov. to reduce risks for Innov. (private) investments or Innov. the business plan; product company: off-budget (private) company: beginning of product manufacturing company: investors manufacturingUp to 1,0 Up to 2,0 mln. Up to 3,0mln. Roubles, parity mln.Roubles co-financing Roubles Investor FASIE Investor FASIE FASIE 1st year 2nd 3rd year seed stage year
  14. 14. Advantages The ground floor of an “innovative elevator” B How to protectand license IPR A C How to create a company Pluses of participation different types of E D Who are they – IPR “Investors”
  15. 15. “ START” Results 2004-2011 4 000 projects were supported 4 000 new innovative SME’s 13 000 applications600 innovative SME’s passed on to the second year;150 passed on to the third year;120 innovative SMEs finished a three-year cycle.
  16. 16. (growth stage) Target Programs The aim: To support successful small innovative enterprises in specific prioritized thematic areas of economy. Three directions (out of 5) of the national priorities of the Russian economy set by the President of the Russian FederationEnergy efficiency and energy saving;Information and communicationtechnologies;Health and Pharmaceutical industry (Nuclear technologies) (Space technologies)
  17. 17. (Internationalization stage) Export-oriented and bilateral The aim: To support successful small innovative enterprises to increase their competitiveness on the international market and give access to . Program to support small innovative companies with theexport potential (2008, 2010- over 100 companies financed)“Anticrisis” program 2009 (110 companies being financed) Bilateral financing programs with European fundingagenciesMultilateral programs (pilot initiatives)
  18. 18. Bilateral memorandums signed with: Germany, International Bureau of BMBF (since 2008, over 50 projects financed) France, a public-sector institution providing support to French SME’s (since 2009, 11 projects financed, on-going process of selection of proposals) Finland, the Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation (since 2011, 24 proposals received, 7 selected for financing)
  19. 19. Multilateral cooperation:Pilot initiative (Russia, Germany, Israel, Greece, Turkey,Switzerland), FASIE acts as a funding agency70 applications received, 11 projects financedParticipation in the program since 2005Mechanism to support contacts with countriesoutside bilateral agreementsNew challenges with the new bureau of “Eureka” inSkolkovoConsulting support to SME’s in terms of participationLow level of participation.. FP7 project where FASIE acts as a partner AND financing agency. Joint funding mechanisms in the area of Industrial Biotechnology
  20. 20. International collaboration: networking is the first step Gate to Russian Business and Innovation Network (Gate2RuBIN) is the Russian “gate” to EEN Results: Over 35 partnership agreements with the European companies and the scientific organizations. 4 joint applications have been submitted in FP7 and over 20 applications for international cooperation  26 centers are currently working in all regions of Russia.  IEI Program (France), direct  B2B workshops and seminars (Germany)
  21. 21. LOGO