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Fox rent a car - Rebranding Strategy Doc

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Fox rent a car - Rebranding Strategy Doc

  1. 1. 12/10/12 Account Planning 2 Konrad Burchardt
  2. 2. Brand: Fox Rent a Car. Fox Rent a car has one of the lowest rates in the market they are a average Rental car company that started 20 years ago. Fox rental car is not very popular compared to the competition and the digital presence of Fox rent a car is not very powerful. They have a Facebook fan page that is full of negative messages which gives the company a bad reputation if new users come to check the webpage. They also have a twitter account were they just tweet news and discounts which is very good but it could be more efficient. Company Analysis Fox rent a car was founded in 1989, as a discount brand to airport travelers. Fox was managed by its founders and had a very good organization. Fox rent a car is on the 14 major airports across U.S and is a private-owned company. They are based in Los Angeles California. Competitive Analysis Budget, Enterprise and Hertz are the major competitors for Fox. They have a very good float of cars and have competitive prices. They are located in almost every airport around the U.S. Consumer Analysis Rental cars are something that most of the business man and people that travels uses. The average age is from 25 – 50. There are various type of consumer but I will specify 3. The first one is the one that rents the car for just transportation and is looking saving money. He just needs to move from place to place. The second consumer is the one that wants a car that can fits their needs. For example a luxury car because he has something important to do, Like a business or just because he wants a nice looking car.
  3. 3. Category Analysis This category usually you can find it on those airports. Because that is where most of the rental car users arrives. You can also find it hotels and tourist places. SWOT Analysis. Strength: Lower price than the competition Strength • • • • Weaknesses • • • • • • Opportunities • • • Threats • • • Lower prices than the competition. No 25 year old Fee Credit card is not mandatory Very good deals each month Float of car is not as big as the competition. Luxury car division is poor. They are not in every airport in the U.S Very poor social media advertising Bad reputation on the internet People are not familiar with the brand They can grow and start new business in other airports U.S is a very tourist country Competition is not worried about them because is still a very small company in comparison to Hertz, budget, enterprise. Gas Price Economy Insurance price
  4. 4. Research Guide For my Research guide we used different social tools such as Were we can see who tweet about Fox rent a car. We analyzed some of the Tweets and we got into the conclusion that a lot of people had a very bad experience with Fox rent a car. We also went into their Facebook Fan page were we found a lot o negative comments and complaints about the bad service they give. Today Consumers are not very happy with fox rent a car. You cannot rate a rental car for many things because they just give a service. But many people say that the attention is very bad. We found some examples on tweeter were people were complaining about the service Here are some examples taken from Tweeter
  5. 5. We also found some complains from customers on their Facebook Fan page.
  6. 6. We used also We could also see the same that we saw on about the tweets. We also noticed here that a lot of SPAM is made by Fox rent a car. There are a lot of tweets containing discounts and coupons. Here are some example:
  7. 7. Brainstorming(notes) • Low prices • Facebook fan page boring • Average rental Car Company • Very competitive prices • Not as big as hertz • People are not very familiar with the brand • Very low social interaction. • Very bad reputation on the Internet. • Hidden fees. • Gas price is getting expensive. • They are small so they can keep on growing. • Fox rental car has a very ugly and old school logo • New logo • New design for the web page and brand • Spam made by the brand Creative Brief What is the problem? Fox rent a car is not having a good online strategy. They use social media, but they could use it a different way and take more advantage of it. As we saw in our consumer analysis we could see that Fox rent a car consumers share things on twitter. But we are not taking advantage of this. Who is this among? Male/female who travel often and need a good rental car service. Ages 25-50. Most of them have a smartphone where they are part of a social platform such as Twitter, Foursquare Facebook or Tumblr.
  8. 8. How are we most likely to solve the problem? We need to improve their social media efforts. We will use the same tools and add other tool to create a better and more interactive strategy. With this we will take advantage and we will make direct contact with unsatisfied customers. Why? We want to give fox rent a car a new image when it comes to social media. We want to make them a well-known brand that takes care of their customer and participate in every channel. Also we want to hear and solve the customer problem. If they tweet something bad about us we want to know why and how to solve or improve that complain. The inspirations? Give a better service and let the customer be heard. Requirements? Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Tumblr, Agora Pulse, Google, Google/Alerts, Topsy, Social seek. What will success look like? Success for us will be when we create communication between tour customers but only with our social media platform. We will achieve success when people congratulate us for our concern for the customer. Positioning Statement Fox rental Car is a small rental agency that wants to grow and be known between others. They are not as known as the competition but if you compare prices they have the best prices from all. People are not familiarized with this brand. We will use social media as our first channel to interact with our customer and our potential customers. We will use Facebook, Twitter and foursquare and will separate it in different categories. News, Claims, Comments, etc. Nothing will be mixed. We will give fox rental car a new name between the rental car options.
  9. 9. Problem/ Challenge and Digital Strategy and Plan. Problem: The social media effort is very poor. People don’t know the brand and they have a mix between claims and negative comments with news, offers, etc. Challenge: The challenge is to use the social media tool but in a different way. This will change the way people look at fox and will create a closer brand to the customer. It would also help fox to be known between the customers. Digital Strategy: We will use Facebook, Twitter, foursquare and Tumblr. We will also use some monitoring tools for these sites. Agora Pulse, Engagio, Topsy and social seek. Facebook: In Facebook we will still use the same Fan page that fox is using right now. The problem today is that there is not any filter in that page. If you go in you can see all the negative post from angry customers complaining about something. That is not good for fox. If I am a new customer and I want to see how is the brand I will go to Facebook and I will se all of those negative posts. We will create a new page name Claims. For this we will use I frames and link the page to the fan page. We will let people send us their claims and we will have people working 24/7 answering those claims. If some one post on the front page a negative comment that will be censored and will be pass to the claim web page. This will create a better image when new and recent customers go into the Fan page. We will also create a new page using the same method (I Frames) that will be called your trip. We will let people share their good experiences in their latest fox rent. So people will share their stories and this will create also a better image to fox rent a car. How are we going to make people post their stories? We will give
  10. 10. discounts, each of the stories will have a like button so each like will be equivalent to a 0.05% that will increase if they have more discounts. For example if the story has 100 likes they will have a 5% discount in their next fox rental. The third page will be a live chat where you can speak with someone from fox and make a new reservation. The fourth Page will be a Reservations page were you without login out of Facebook make new reservations right away. This will be use full for Fox to because we will use the information that Facebook provide us and we will also create a separate database of Facebook users. We could use this later to send offers and special promotions. Redesign Facebook FanPage Template Fox Rentacar Only  positive     Comments  
  11. 11. Actual Facebook Account NEGGATIVE  COMMENTS     Twitter: Twitter will be something similar of what we are doing on Facebook but this will be harder to manage. We will create different accounts. The first account will be named @Foxrentacar. This will be the primary account were we will give news, promotions new things that are happening in our company, shootout to people, etc. We will try not to mix this account with any of the others but when ever some one tweet to this account and the tweet has nothing to do with this we will send and inbox to the user which the respective account name. The second account will be named @foxrentacar_claim. This account will only answer claims by twitter. People will post their problem or concern and will add @foxrentacar_claim and our team will answer them and try archive the claim and try to look for a solution. The third account will be
  12. 12. @foxrentacar_help. This will be only for twitter users that are aware of this account. We will give free on road assistance to the people that need help and instead of calling to our road assistance number. They tweet for help. We will have a team 24/7 working on this. Here we will also be using Foursquare. So people can check in in the place of the problem and tweet their location with @foxrentacar_help we will contact them by direct message and we will send help. The Good thing about this is that our tow or help will have an automatic check in that will be check in every 10 minutes. So the customer that has the problem will know where is the tow and how far is he from them. This service will be absolutely free because is a experiment. So we will give this for free only for the people that uses twitter. If people don’t use twitter they can take the on road assistance insurance that cost $5 extra. Redesign Twitter Template @FoxRentacar INFO     TWITTER     ACCOUNTS   CUSTOMER   SERVICE     NUMBER      
  13. 13. Actual Twitter Account Tumblr: We will use this tool just as a blog. We will link this blog to the Iframe that we have on our Facebook about stories and we will be using both to create a positive webpage were people can share their good experiences with our rental cars. Agora Pulse: This tool will be used to get the maximum benefit from Facebook. This tool helps to manage and grow the Facebook presence and has a broad range of functionality. We will use this tool to Update content on our Fan page. We will also schedule updates and target updates. Based on States and time of the year.
  14. 14. With this tool we are going to also see the Analytics. Facebook has their own analytics but Agora gives a detailed analytic module that gives an over view to see how our pages and post are preforming. Agora Pulse Preview
  15. 15. Engagio: This tool is one of my Favorites and is one of the best. This tool helps you manage all of your conversations in one place. This tool will be very helpful for us in twitter. We would also use this tool to track conversations from other people that are using our brand. So we can see if they are talking positive or negative. Engagio Dashboard Preview