129 numerous diamonds-to-remember-eternity-en


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Hibiscus shrubalthea flower high-end watch of Van Cleef & Arpels is made of diamonds.

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129 numerous diamonds-to-remember-eternity-en

  1. 1. Luxury Heavenhttp://www.luxury-heaven.comNumerous Diamonds to Remember Eternity[Chaumet Wrist Watch, Bracelet Watch, Jewelry Watch, Jewelry Wristwatch]Hibiscus shrubalthea flower high-end watch of Van Cleef & Arpels is made ofdiamonds.In 1811, the first Chaumet wrist watch is made of gold, emerald and pearls. page 1 / 3
  2. 2. Luxury Heavenhttp://www.luxury-heaven.comLife energy is gathered in rare gems and precious gold is eternal after longpolishing. You will see the time is recording the happy minutes and seconds ofyour life when you open it.Napoleon was a monarchy full of amenities. He often made a lot of smallinventions. Even after the discovery of his wife-Josephines infidelity, he was stilldesperate to please her. One day he ordered the jeweler to present his latestinvention. It was a small bracelet with a watch. Mini and compact, it is a dazzlingjewelry worn on the wrist. You can check the time at any time. It became theearliest recorded history watch prototype. That year was 1809. Since then, menstill wore a watch. And bracelet watch has become a symbol of love andexpensive fashion accessories in the heart of women.Until 1868, a Hungarian lady named Koscowicz was no longer willing to wearsuch a small watch. So she specifically found Patek Philippe-a watch factory andexpressed her wish of customizing a jewelry bracelet watch. Koscowicz bravelybroke the previous form of previous watch, and had embedded a variety ofprecious stones on the table. Silk strap was also been changed to metal strap,which looked more attractive.This form of bracelet watch was prevalent in the jewelry watch industry, but wasstill only worn by women. Men were still wearing pendant watch rigidly. In 1930s,the economic recovery after the First World War, Europe has becomeincreasingly popular social pastime. Jewelry watches flourished during thisperiod. With the gradual recovery of the post-war trauma, people began to focuson enjoyment of life. New Look and dressing to the nines were the main elegantways of life. And this kind of lifestyle made jewelry watch entering into anunprecedented the peak period. With the function of both decoration andtime-recording, jewelry watches were separated as a new category. Jewelrywatch has experienced the period of 1970s’ fashion subversion, 80s gorgeousaestheticism and nowadays the return of romantic elegance.High-level jewelry wristwatch has essential distinction between watches withdiamonds on the table or bezel. The top inlaid jewelry watches match theadvanced technology harmoniously and perfectly. On the same stage, art,machinery, mechanics, philosophy and other complex disciplines were gatheredin one piece. The key of designing such a high-end jewelry watch lies on how toinlay the diamond on the table without damaging its precise time recording. page 2 / 3
  3. 3. Luxury Heaven http://www.luxury-heaven.com Meanwhile, it owns the quality of both high aesthetic appreciation and collection value. Rare precious stones can gather the energy of life and valuable gold can be everlasting and timeless. Watch can record the happy moments in your life. From the moment you customized it, its value is increasing. Outstanding craftsmen will spend years or half of their lifetime to create the unique piece of high-end jewelry watch for you. It is a tool of recording time, a precious jewelry of emotion. In the name of love, it will pass love from generation to generation. page 3 / 3Powered by TCPDF (www.tcpdf.org)