Barracuda NG Managed services


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Barracuda NG Managed services

  1. 1. EW N NG Firewall as a Service The Flexible Firewall platform Kappa Data offers a brand new service to its resellers: as of now, partners can subscribe to our hosted Barracuda NG Control Center. This allows you and your customers to manage, control, monitor and maintain your NG Firewall install base in a very easy and flexible way. You are a real firewall expert, looking for a low investment solution to offer managed services to your customers? Or maybe you are a reseller searching for better ways to serve your customers with full support from Kappa Data? Everything is possible! NG Firewall as a Service is as flexible as you want it to be. Find out more about the opportunities this platform will bring you! BARRACUDA NG FIREWALL CONTROL CENTER The Barracuda NG Firewall Control Center is easily the most flexible firewall management platform of the moment. Push new policies onthe-fly, across dozens of devices. Schedule upgrades and updates when you and your customer are ready. Minimize support effort and transport costs by using this easy-to use platform. YOU SMELL THE OPPORTUNITY OF NEW BUSINESS? Security is not your focus technology? You don’t have the manpower or expertise to move into this business? No problem, a specialized team is ready to give you the necessary support and services. The risks are reduced to a minimum because you don’t need to invest in the hardware, knowledge and support. YOU ARE A REAL BARRACUDA NG FIREWALL EXPERT? That’s fine for us too. Start using our Control Center today, at a very affordable price rate. No need to invest huge amounts of money. Pay as you grow and set up your own services. Just follow our one-day Control Center training and you are good to go! A PERFECT FIT FOR ANY SITUATION Looking for a central platform from which to manage your firewalls? Or do you need a partner who deals with full-cycle firewall management for you? We offer all this, and more. Our platform allows both you (as a reseller), and your customer (if needed), to perform the complete management and monitoring of your NG Firewall install base. NG FIREWALL AS A SERVICE: A MARGIN GENERATOR! Our solution brings you extra margin on the boxes. Your commitment is rewarded with a supplementary discount and is completely in line with your Barracuda partner status. This solution will also allow you to generate new services within your customer base. Conclusion: Return On Investment is huge! Don’t miss out on this! • LOW INVESTMENT COST • FLEXIBLE • NO MAINTENANCE COST • EXTRA MARGIN • SELL MORE SERVICES • PAY AS YOU GROW • SPECIALIZED SUPPORT AND SERVICES List Price Reseller Price Control Center Usage per FW 1 Year/FW 45€ -20% 3 Years/FW 127,5€ -20% 5 Years/FW 202,5€ -20% Support Package 10 Hours 1000€ -20% NG Firewall Standard Installation Until F280 500€ -20% F300 - F600 1000€ -20% Above F600 On demand On demand Advanced NG Firewall Training NG Firewall (2d) 1125€ -20% Control Center (1d) 526,5€ -20%