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What is the best bbq grill for me?
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What is the best bbq grill for me?


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This post make a brief introduction about BBQ grills, including charcoal bbq, gas bbq, also talked about several common charcoal bbqs in details. …

This post make a brief introduction about BBQ grills, including charcoal bbq, gas bbq, also talked about several common charcoal bbqs in details.

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  • 1. What is the Best BBQ Grill for Me?Best BBQ GrillWhich one should I choose, charcoal grill or gas grill?There are a large kinds of BBQ grills for sale in the market, so it isn’teasy to make a wise choice and get the right BBQ grill for our BBQ partyor gathering. They are range from disposable aluminum grill toluxurious gas grills. Before purchasing a BBQ, you should think abouthow often and where you want to mainly grilling. If you use your grill tojust a few summer weekends, you’d better not get a too big one! If yougrill often, however, a small charcoal grill can’t meet your needs, so youcan take a barbecue into consideration, if there is enough space availablein your garden, patio and decking.What is the fuel of ideal BBQ grill?The BBQ grill’s fuel also is another important question we shouldconsider, coal, electricity or gas, which one is better? Purists swear on
  • 2. charcoal of course, because only the ritual of Anglühens and the charcoalflavor of the food they make for the true BBQ experience. Faster withelectric or gas grills that especially recommend it if you do not want toannoy your neighbors with the smoke.Charcoal GrillsThere are several kinds of popular charcoal barbecue grills in themarket, next we will make a brief introduction about them.Landmann Kettle Charcoal BarbecueThe kettle grill is a round grill with bell cover that can keep the heat verywell. This makes it ideally suited for grilling larger cuts of meat andwhole poultry. With the lid, you can also protect the food, if you are getcaught in a short rain shower at the wrong time. Just like this Landmannkettle charcoal barbecue is fantastic for any BBQ party or gathering inthe garden, patio or decking.
  • 3. Flat grills usually have a large barbecue area and several height adjustableshelves. This is useful if large amounts of food will be grilled on the grilland the almost ready cooked food can be grilled on a higher rack to finish.Normally, most of party charcoal BBQs feature with them, forexample, Landmann party charcoal barbecue, fitted with big cookingarea, bottom and side shelves.DIY Brick Charcoal BBQBrick grills are ideal if you have a large garden and grill often. They canbe built according to their own ideas of bricks and a simple metal grate.At the hardware store, there are also complete kits. For avid barbecuerswho want to find a charcoal BBQ with big cooking area, but in lowprice, DIY brick charcoal BBQ is the best choice.Portable charcoal grills come in many forms, but all of them can be
  • 4. folded together for easy transportation. And most of them also have azusammen steckbares frame, removing the need to barbecue on theplanet.Disposable grills are very conveniently available in supermarkets andpetrol stations. They are available in different sizes. They are perfect forpicnics and outings, as they are easy to handle and the glow can becreated in a few minutes.Gas GrillsGas BBQs also range from simple devices with small gas cartridgeto luxurious barbecue stations with individual adjustable burners,holding and storage areas and tables sets. The selection is huge andthe equipment depends on the money you plan to spend on.Landmann Gas BBQ with 2 Burners
  • 5. Portable gas grills are a great way to grill outside the home. Theheated with a small gas cartridge barbecues are simple and compact,although not quite light in weight. They are as easy to use as theirlarger cousins.More gas BBQ with 2 or 3 burners from GardenMore,visit: Reading:1. Have BBQ Trip/Gathering with Your Family in This Spring(I)2. Summer Backyard BBQ Ideas3. 5% Discount on All Fire Pits and Chimineas4. Several Tools for BBQ5. Have a Barbecue Party in Your Garden