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Advance PPC Workshop, OMS Santa Clara, 2012
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Advance PPC Workshop, OMS Santa Clara, 2012


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Advance PPC Strategies To Improve Your Account's Efficiency and ROI. Presented by John Thyfault, Vice President of Search Engine and Social Media Marketing, Beasley Direct Marketing, Inc., during the …

Advance PPC Strategies To Improve Your Account's Efficiency and ROI. Presented by John Thyfault, Vice President of Search Engine and Social Media Marketing, Beasley Direct Marketing, Inc., during the Online Marketing Summit in Santa Clara, CA in october, 2012/

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  • 1. Advanced PPC Workshop PPC Tactics: Making The ROI Grade #OMS-AdvPPC John Thyfault Vice President, Search & Social Media Marketing Beasley Direct Marketing, Inc. Twitter: @JohnThyfault Silicon Valley Convention Center | Room F1Monday, October 22, 12
  • 2. Workshop Agenda • Measuring & Testing • Advanced Campaign Structure • Targeting • Content/Display Networks • Match Types and Quality Score • Keyword modeling 2Monday, October 22, 12
  • 3. About Beasley Direct Marketing Beasley Direct Marketing, Inc. provides copywriting, design, programming, and consulting services for the following direct marketing channels: • Search  (PPC  and  SEO) • Catalog/eCommerce • Email  Crea3ve,  Design,  Deliverability   • Brochure,  White  Paper,  and  Guide  copy   Audits,  and  Broadcast and  design • Direct  mail  (with  and  without  PURLs) • List  Building  and  CRM  Database   • Landing  Page  Design  (with  and  without   Management PURLs) • Telemarke3ng • Mobile • Transla3on  for  all  of  the  above • Video • Execu3ve  Dashboard  Tracking,  Repor3ng,   • Social   and  Lead  Assignment   • Website  Design   3Monday, October 22, 12
  • 4. Remember That You’re ALWAYS…. • Testing – Test EVERYTHING • Landing Pages • Conversion Metrics • Match Types, Google is changing the rules • Always Ask the next question 4Monday, October 22, 12
  • 5. Measuring • Complex PPC programs can not be manually managed after crossing the 300 keyword level • A strong PPC bid management platform will improve your workflows • 20% of your ads, keywords and ad groups will drive 80% of your revenue 5Monday, October 22, 12
  • 6. Measuring • PPC bid management platforms can manage bids on your less important keywords effectively • They can point you in new directions for your main keywords • You can design and implement split tests and multi-variant test quickly use the platform 6Monday, October 22, 12
  • 7. Testing • Test through to the conversion, not just the traffic performance • Make sure that your testing program is not just tactically organized but has a strategic direction • Testing means destruction – You will kill keywords, ads and creative in the process 7Monday, October 22, 12
  • 8. Testing • Make sure that your testing protocols are statistically defensible – Margin of error – Large enough data sets – Expandable to larger sets – Repeatable 8Monday, October 22, 12
  • 9. Testing • Adjust for seasonality • Don’t forget that you do not exist in a vacuum – Look for outside factors that could influence large spikes in your data • News • Special Offers • Competitors • Sound alike products 9Monday, October 22, 12
  • 10. Be Open To Other Ideas • Your product may be used for other things that you have planned – Beer Brewers using temperature process controls from research labs – Glass blowers using industrial scales to change composition of molten glass • LOOK AT YOUR SEARCH QUERY REPORTS every week 10Monday, October 22, 12
  • 11. Targeting Options • There are more targeting options than just geographic • Understand your customer’s buying behaviors – Do they research and buy during business hours, if so, which ones – Geo-targeting – Target by platform • Mobile, laptops, desktops, lightweight browsers – Content/Google Display Network Targeting – Remarketing - Google has made this much easier now with one code for all lists 11Monday, October 22, 12
  • 12. Day Part & Week Part Targeting 12Monday, October 22, 12
  • 13. Day Part & Week Part Targeting 13Monday, October 22, 12
  • 14. Look At Your Dimension Repots 14Monday, October 22, 12
  • 15. Segment Your Data 15Monday, October 22, 12
  • 16. Segment Your Data Understand Where You’re Successful 16Monday, October 22, 12
  • 17. Geo-Targeting • Identify your audience and where they search • Target the right sized area – Sunrise, AZ vs. Phoenix Metro • Use keywords to geo target – Phoenix motorcycle shops – Phoenix Cycle Gear – Tempe motorcycle gear 17Monday, October 22, 12
  • 18. Geo-Targeting • Use Google Location Extension – Set-up Google Places • Use Site links for local specials, in-store specials, in-store events 18Monday, October 22, 12
  • 19. Geo-Targeting Cautions ??? 19Monday, October 22, 12
  • 20. Geo-Targeting Location Extension 20Monday, October 22, 12
  • 21. Site Links Extension 21Monday, October 22, 12
  • 22. Content (Google Display Network) Targeting • Targeting options – Topic – Interest: inferences about the site’s visitors that are based on the types of sites they visit • Only for people signed into Google accounts • This approach can be used on other publishers such as Facebook – Don’t trust Google to pick the sites. They are far from perfect at it – Always check the placements on a regular basis 22Monday, October 22, 12
  • 23. Content (Google Display Network) Targeting • Always check the placements on a regular basis • You can do some fairly exact targeting by going after top level groups but excluding sub groups • Demographic targeting – Might be coming to search soon with the personalized results shift 23Monday, October 22, 12
  • 24. Match Types • Broad is a great start but don’t set and forget • Phrase & Exact match should be applied to top converting keywords • Expanded reach is here. Google has changed the rules • Strict vs. plural, variants and stems • Look in the query reports to see what new exact and phrase matches you can discover 24Monday, October 22, 12
  • 25. Phrase & Exact Match Expanded Reach • Google, started in May 2012, changed phrase and exact keywords will begin to trigger ads on close variants: – Misspellings – Singular/plural forms – Stemmings – Accents – Abbreviations 25Monday, October 22, 12
  • 26. Phrase & Exact Match Expanded Reach AdWords  Interface  Controls 26Monday, October 22, 12
  • 27. Phrase & Exact Match Expanded Reach • Expanded reach Examples – Mis-spelling • Waterproof sunblock = waterpoof sunblock – Plural variations • Buy bollard covers = buy bollard cover – Stemming Variations • Single serve coffee maker = single serving coffee maker 27Monday, October 22, 12
  • 28. Negative Match Type • Negative match is one of your highest efficiency tools • Can be broad, phrase or exact • Look for complete mis-matches • Look for user intent and apply it to your ad groups • Negative Exact match can allow fine control • Broad match does not expand out the way it does on positive broad 28Monday, October 22, 12
  • 29. Love & Live Your Quality Score • All things being equal, the higher the advertisers Keyword QS is, the higher the ad position will be • High QS makes your ad dollars more efficient • If your QS is below 7, improve it or stop it 29Monday, October 22, 12
  • 30. How Does Quality Score Help My Bids • Every keyword, ad, ad group, campaign has quality score • It is applied at the keyword level • (Quality score)(max bid) = Ad Rank – Advertiser 1: QS of 8 multiplied by max bid of 4 = Ad Rank of 32 – Advertiser 2: QS of 7 multiplied by max bid of 4 = Ad Rank of 28 – Highest Ad Rank has lowest position, ie advertiser 1 • Actual cost per click = advertiser’s 2’s ad rank divided by advertiser’s 1’s quality score – 28/8 = $3.50 per click • See “Search Advertising With Google: Quality Score Explanation...” 30 –, October 22, 12
  • 31. Quality Score Religion • Quality Score is not just a keyword level score • Your bounce back rate is measured • The relevancy of your landing page is measured • Page load speed is measured • Quality score is also a reflection of your marketplace • Some markets have lower QS for a majority of keywords 31Monday, October 22, 12
  • 32. Quality Score Religion • Quality Score is not just a keyword level score – Your ad group has a QS – Your campaigns has a QS – Your account has a QS • These scores will impact new keywords and ads. They will affect the ability to get a fair share of impressions 32Monday, October 22, 12
  • 33. The Language of Your Ads • Don’t be afraid of using brand names • Use the language that your target user uses • Testimonials drive conversions • Make sure your landing page pays off the promise of your ad • Salesforce brand example 33Monday, October 22, 12
  • 34. User Intent • Write your ads and focus your keywords to match your user’s intent • Different ads/keywords are targeted to different spots in the buying cycle • For example – Samsung DVD player reviews – Samsung DVD player prices 34Monday, October 22, 12
  • 35. User Intent Mapping & Modeling Keywords • Categorize the keyword: brand name, product category, function, industry terms, adjectives, etc. • Searcher goal using the keyword • Searcher expectation • Keyword Priority • Searcher loyalty Hats  off  to  Bill  Hunt,  Back  Azimuth  Consul6ng,   for  this  modeling  approach   35Monday, October 22, 12
  • 36. User Intent Mapping & Modeling Keywords • Buy cycle progress • Buy cycle next steps • What is the primary classification of keyword based on above characteristics • Share of search goal • What is your opportunity presented by searcher landing on a specific page using this keyword • Conversion action: what is the final goal Hats  off  to  Bill  Hunt,  Back  Azimuth  Consul6ng,   36 for  this  modeling  approach  Monday, October 22, 12
  • 37. User Intent Understanding Queries • Navigational queries – Searcher knows what they want but not where to find it • Informational queries – Searcher wants to learn more about a topic • Transactional queries – Searcher wants to complete a specific action 37Monday, October 22, 12
  • 38. Keyword Qualifiers • Words that help to isolate a specific opportunity, interest, audience or need – lens filters – neutral density graduated filters – polarizing filter – stuck filter removal 38Monday, October 22, 12
  • 39. Final Notes • Gather data, analyze, plan, action - REPEAT! • There is a wealth of information that will allow you to slice your data to get the best results at the right cost. Use it but have a set approach to prevent data overload • Google and Bing are constantly changing and trying to improve their systems. You must stay on top of them. Your competitors are. 39Monday, October 22, 12
  • 40. Final Notes • Every click on every ad and keyword can give you actionable information on your desired audiences. • Mine the data that you are getting to understand your users. • Look for new uses and audiences for your product 40Monday, October 22, 12
  • 41. Optimize Your Landing Pages With This Guide • Optimize your landing pages with this 10-page, hands-on guide offering tips on: – Design – Personalization – Offers – Usability h"p:// 41Monday, October 22, 12
  • 42. Learn How to Optimize Your Emails Learn how to optimize your emails for delivery through spam filters and for consistency across email browsers in this handy guide. Learn how to: – Get your email around spam filters – Make your email look consistent across browsers – Optimize your design for blocked images and preview pane h"p:// 42Monday, October 22, 12
  • 43. New Guide on Multichannel Marketing Hot off the press, this new guide offers tips on how to save money and optimize effectiveness h"p:// 43Monday, October 22, 12
  • 44. Thank You!! John Thyfault 650-323-1881 @JohnThyfault 44Monday, October 22, 12