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Learn how to apply for jobs by creating a Marketing Plan, Identify Potential Industries, By-Pass Gate Keepers & Get your Resume in the Hands of Hiring Manager!

Learn how to apply for jobs by creating a Marketing Plan, Identify Potential Industries, By-Pass Gate Keepers & Get your Resume in the Hands of Hiring Manager!



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  • Learn how to apply for jobs by creating a Marketing Plan, Identify Potential Industries, By-Pass Gate Keepers & Get your Resume in the Hands of Hiring Manager!
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Intelligent Career Search Intelligent Career Search Presentation Transcript

  • COPYRIGHT C 2009 THE BRADFORD GROUPTHE JOB SEARCHIntelligentOBJECTIVES:At the completion of this course participants will be able to:• Understand the difference between a ‘Proactive’ and ‘Reactive’ Job Search• List the 5 Step Process for creating an effective Jobsearch marketing plan• Rewrite cover letter & resumes to get response• Effectively use internet Jobsearch and database technology to uncover targetmarkets = career opportunities• Develop an effective 2-minute elevator speech• Describe the most effective method(s) to contact potential employers• Explain the most common followup techniques• Demonstrate the ‘Key’s’ to an effective interviewPage 2
  • COPYRIGHT C 2009 THE BRADFORD GROUPIcebreakerWe are in this together & will help each other to achievesuccess!Email Networking Exercise - 5 minutes• Circulate throughout the room and collect as manyemail addresses as you can.• Introduce yourself and share one little known fact with 5different individuals• Everyone to meet at front of room for group pictureTHE JOB SEARCHIntelligentPage 3
  • COPYRIGHT C 2009 THE BRADFORD GROUPNewspapers & InternetRecruiters & Staffing Agencies10%5%80%20%Proactive MarketingJobsearch5%NetworkingTHE JOB SEARCHIntelligentPage 4
  • COPYRIGHT C 2009 THE BRADFORD GROUPAre you Proactive or Reactive?• The reality is that only 3-5% obtain their next jobthrough Networking.• Outplacement firms don’t take Ownership of yourjobsearch, that’s why they tell you to network.• Remember, networking contacts are only as goodas the level of hiring authority they have. If yournetworking contact cannot make the hiringdecision, your resume goes into the black holecommonly referred to as HR!• Networking is only effective if you have anextensive network to draw upon.THE JOB SEARCHIntelligentPage 5
  • When a Company wants to sell yousomething, they market you. Theydon’t wait for you to come to them!COPYRIGHT C 2009 THE BRADFORD GROUPTHE JOB SEARCHIntelligentPage 6
  • COPYRIGHT C 2009 THE BRADFORD GROUPHow a job posting is created....100% of all jobcreation takes placein the mind of a personSomeone is promotedSomeone is firedSome is laid-offSomeone QuitsDo I know someoneinternally that can fill thisposition?Is there anyone withinmy organization that Ican network with thatcan recommendsomeone for thisposition?Yes NoYesNoGo to HR Departmentand have themperform external jobsearchHR must comply withall EEOC Laws, createjob description, followcompany policyPost ad internally for 2weeksAdvertise withrecruiters, staffingagencies, andnewspaper/ internetBy directlymarketingyourselfto employers,we areabel to nipthis uglyprocessin the bud!THE JOB SEARCHIntelligentPage 7
  • COPYRIGHT C 2009 THE BRADFORD GROUPAny idea what the number of resumes are generatedper newspaper ad?per internet ad?2001,000Did you know that certain Companies will stopreceiving resumes at the 1,000 mark. Any resumesreceived after that number will be placed in therecycle bin (metal or electronic).THE JOB SEARCHIntelligentPage 8
  • COPYRIGHT C 2009 THE BRADFORD GROUPA multifaceted job search includes all of the following jobsearch methods:• Newspaper• Internet• Recruiter• Networking• Marketing to specific CompaniesBenefits:• You can uncover what is in your marketplace at one time• Compare several positions against one another• Several offer’s give you negotiating power! It’s alwaysbetter to have options when negotiating. Options giveyou leverage.THE JOB SEARCHIntelligentPage 9
  • COPYRIGHT C 2009 THE BRADFORD GROUPShould I be looking outside of my current career field?As you move further andfurther outside of yourring of influence, itbecomes a hardersell.Although this is stilla possible avenue to exploreyou may be required to obtainadditional schooling, training and/or certificationto meet established requirements within this industry.Current JobSchool / DegreeCertificationTechnical SkillsOn-The-Job-TrainingTHE JOB SEARCHIntelligentPage 10
  • COPYRIGHT C 2009 THE BRADFORD GROUPStanford University Study RevealsIf you are a qualified candidate, 41% of allopen positions go to someone that sometimes’fit’s the job requirements or they rewritethe job to ‘fit’ the person they’ve selected.THE JOB SEARCHIntelligentPage 11
  • * Remember,you are marketing to an employeenot just a companyTHE JOB SEARCHIntelligentWhat is the most effective method to contact potential Employer’s?Direct Mail #1 You control 100% of the MessageFax #2 O.K. for individuals, illegal for businessesEmail #3 Good method for followupTelephone #4 This is the least effective way of contactPage 12
  • COPYRIGHT C 2009 THE BRADFORD GROUPCreating a Marketing PlanSTEP 1 Brainstorming Personal InventorySTEP 2STEP 3STEP 4 Followup & Sell Interview = Success!a) Where are you now? Inventory key strengths.b) What do you really want to do?c) What Industries?a) Resume & Interviewing Techniquesb) Be very, very targeted with your companies (Target A, Target B, etc.)a) Identify organizations that fit ‘Your’ target marketsb) Identify Decision Makers within your chosen target markets.c) Learn Internet research techniquesTHE JOB SEARCHIntelligentPage 13Develop Selling ToolsMarket / Industry Research
  • COPYRIGHT C 2009 THE BRADFORD GROUPTHE JOB SEARCHPersonal Inventory• What is it that you want to do when you grow up?- Ask yourself what you enjoy doing?- Would you be willing to do this for free?- Is your only focus money, or do you valueother things such as worklife balance,vacation, flextime, work from home, etc.• What Industries, markets and organizationsinterest you?IntelligentPage 15
  • COPYRIGHT C 2009 THE BRADFORD GROUPStep 1 - Personal InventoryOBJECTIVE:Identify positions of interest to youINDUSTRY:What industries do you want to work in?LOCATION:Define location - where do you want to work?SIZE:Small, medium or large company?THE JOB SEARCHIntelligentPage 16
  • COPYRIGHT C 2009 THE BRADFORD GROUPBrainstorm SessionUsing the Personal Inventory Brainstorming form on the nextpage, complete all areas and share with one person at yourtableBe sure to peel the onion back numerous timesIf there is something that is of interest to you - write it downOnce everyone at your table has had the opportunity to sharewith someone, pick one person to present their brainstormwith the large groupTHE JOB SEARCHIntelligentPage 17
  • Page 15COPYRIGHT C 2009 THE BRADFORD GROUPStep 2 - Market ResearchTHE JOB SEARCHIntelligentLibrary Research- Dunn & Bradstreet- Standard & Poors- Polk (Banking)- Harris (Manufacturing)PositionIndustryLocationSizeTarget Market+++=Internet Research- Hoover’s- Manta- RefUSAOur focus today will be on using Ref USA
  • COPYRIGHT C 2009 THE BRADFORD GROUPTHE JOB SEARCHIntelligentBy using intelligent database technology you are able to:• Search and identify targeted industries / companies thatyou are interested in• Obtain specific names of manager’s, directors and decisionmakers allowing you to by-pass the human resourcesdepartment• Collect information including addresses, phone #’s and emailaccounts• Focus your job search approach by being ahead of thecrowd, ultimately giving you a competitive advantageMarket ResearchPage 16
  • COPYRIGHT C 2009 THE BRADFORD GROUPPage 17Once you have identified 250 - 500 Companiesas your Target Market, you will create a marketing campaignto contact all of them within one week.Why one week?• It is better to ‘Hit’ all 500 companies in one week, insteadof 100 this week, 75 next week and 125 the following weekbecause....• By doing all of them at once you are able to uncover‘EVERYTHING’ that is currently available at one time!THE JOB SEARCHIntelligent
  • COPYRIGHT C 2009 THE BRADFORD GROUPTHE JOB SEARCHIf you don’t already have a Library Card - get one todayApply for NC Live Access - Obtain Form - Submit to Library (In Person or Online)NC Live User Name & Password will then be emailed to youOnce you log into NC Live - Look for Business or USA Reference Databases• Go to Ref USA• Select Business Databases• Custom Search- Type of Business- Location- Size (Sales volume or # of employees)- Executive TitleCreate Search- SIC Codes- State- CityIntelligentYour goal is to identify 250 - 500 Target CompaniesResearch USA Reference DatabasePage 18
  • COPYRIGHT C 2009 THE BRADFORD GROUPTHE JOB SEARCHIntelligentPage 20Select your library fromthe drop down menu
  • COPYRIGHT C 2009 THE BRADFORD GROUPTHE JOB SEARCHIntelligentPage 21Click on Business & Investing
  • COPYRIGHT C 2009 THE BRADFORD GROUPTHE JOB SEARCHIntelligentPage 22Click on Reference USA
  • THE JOB SEARCHIntelligentPage 23COPYRIGHT C 2009 THE BRADFORD GROUPSelect Custom Search
  • THE JOB SEARCHIntelligentPage 24COPYRIGHT C 2009 THE BRADFORD GROUPPerform a Custom search byselecting any of the categories on theleft-hand side of the database screen
  • THE JOB SEARCHIntelligentPage 25COPYRIGHT C 2009 THE BRADFORD GROUPClicking on any categorywill produce detailedsearch criteria
  • THE JOB SEARCHIntelligentPage 26COPYRIGHT C 2009 THE BRADFORD GROUPUtilize the *SIC Codes orArea Codes to identifyand target the companiesyou would like to work for*(Standardized Industry Codes - SIC)
  • THE JOB SEARCHIntelligentPage 27COPYRIGHT C 2009 THE BRADFORD GROUPCheck the desired companies and clickthe download button.You then have several options as tohow you receive the downloaded data
  • THE JOB SEARCHIntelligentPage 28COPYRIGHT C 2009 THE BRADFORD GROUPUsing the Excel feature andthen selecting the Summaryfeature allows you to saveyour data to your pc or mac
  • THE JOB SEARCHIntelligentPage 29COPYRIGHT C 2009 THE BRADFORD GROUPRaw Data Download
  • THE JOB SEARCHIntelligentPage 30COPYRIGHT C 2009 THE BRADFORD GROUPRaw Data Download imported into Spreadsheet documentcan now be exported into an Access database or WordDocument and used as a Mail Merge file to generate coverletters
  • THE JOB SEARCHIntelligentPage 31COPYRIGHT C 2009 THE BRADFORD GROUPSelling Tools•Resumes•Cover Letters•2-Minute Elevator Pitch•Interviewing Techniques
  • COPYRIGHT C 2009 THE BRADFORD GROUPWhy do we use Resumes & Cover Letters?• There are only 4 techniques used to get a job:1) Advertisements; newspaper, internet (Employer)2) Employment agencies (Employer)3) Networking4) Marketing yourself (Direct Marketing)• With the exception of Networking all other techniquesintroduce you to the employerTHE JOB SEARCHIntelligentPage 32
  • COPYRIGHT C 2009 THE BRADFORD GROUPDid You Know...• Employer’s (i.e. HR Dept & Recruiters) use your resume &cover letter as a screening tool & are trying to get yourresume off their desk.• Most HR/Recruiters use a 2-step process when evaluatingresumes. (Resumes are not used as an inclusion tool)• Cover letter is not read immediately. Resume is visuallyscanned for 20 seconds. If it does not match requirementsit is tossed. If there are matching qualities the resume willbe read in completionTHE JOB SEARCHIntelligentPage 33
  • COPYRIGHT C 2009 THE BRADFORD GROUPWhat Makes an Effective Resume?• 1st Rule - There are no Rules!• Most resumes read like an obituary!• Remember, SELL don’t tell your background• Think of your resume as a marketing document• A 1-page resume is more powerful when compared with 2 or more pages• Your resume(s) need to emphasize your skills that would be important to yourtarget market• Do not have too much detail on your resume, your goal is to Sell yourself and getyour resume noticedTHE JOB SEARCHIntelligentPage 34
  • To construct your resume always begin with a plan, then take apersonal inventory:- Professional experience- Education- Functional skillsChoose desire resume format:- Chronological (good for someone who has stay with one company and continues to promote from within)- Functional (use only when moving from one industry to another)- Combination (Brings both resume formats together, best one to use if it fits your situation)Remember, your Marketing Plan is your primary goal. Yourresume is just one tool within your marketing plan.What Makes an Effective Resume?THE JOB SEARCHIntelligentPage 35COPYRIGHT C 2009 THE BRADFORD GROUP
  • COPYRIGHT C 2009 THE BRADFORD GROUPPage 36What Makes an Effective Resume?• Always write in 1st person• Your resume & cover letter become Marketing documents• Focus & highlight your accomplishments• Use ACTION words:- Developed, Supervised, Directed- Produced, OrganizedAt the end of every line on your resume ask yourself whatwere the Results of what you just wrote?How are you movingthe eye of the readerthrough your resume?THE JOB SEARCHIntelligent
  • Page 37What makes an effective Cover Letter?• Never put a Date on a cover letter (Why?)• 3 Components• - Introduction• - How you can benefit the potential employer• - Call to Action• SELL don’t tell• You must always think of your cover letter and resume as amarketing toolTHE JOB SEARCHIntelligentCOPYRIGHT C 2009 THE BRADFORD GROUP
  • Page 38THE JOB SEARCHIntelligentCOPYRIGHT C 2009 THE BRADFORD GROUPDirect Mail Campaign
  • Page 39THE JOB SEARCHIntelligentCOPYRIGHT C 2009 THE BRADFORD GROUPThe Mailing ChecklistUse #10 Envelope only(Post Office systems are all setup on #10 envelopes)Contact all employers at one timeSign your name in blue ink onlyStaple cover letter to resumeNever use a return addressCommemorative postage only (do not use puppy dog I love you)Mail on Monday only - should be received Tuesday through Thursday
  • Page 40Getting Your Cover Letter & Resume Past the Gate KeepersNo Return Address#10 Envelope Only Mr. Matthew SmithABC Corporation123 Puppydog LaneCharlotte, NC 28211Always put name of Decision Maker firstDo Not write their title to envelope addressCommemorative Postage onlyTHE JOB SEARCHIntelligentCOPYRIGHT C 2009 THE BRADFORD GROUP
  • Page 41THE JOB SEARCHFollowupAfter sending out direct mail pieces youshould start to see some response in 3 - 4 weeksYour 1st mailing may not get noticed, review yourtimeline for sending out cover letters & resumesMake phone call, did you receive my informationo.k.?If employer states they are not hiring you canalways ask if it would be o.k. to stop by and place aname with the resume?IntelligentCOPYRIGHT C 2009 THE BRADFORD GROUP
  • Page 42THE JOB SEARCHPoints to RememberWhen making direct phone calls to the employer,always call 5 - 10 minutes before the hour (9:50 a.m.)or 5 minutes past the half hour (2:35 p.m.)The best days to followup with a phone call campaignare Tuesday, Wednesday & ThursdayBe sure to keep notes detailing the date and time youcalled as well as any notes from conversations thattook place.This information can be invaluable if you everreceive a call after hours or on the weekend when youare not expecting itIntelligentCOPYRIGHT C 2009 THE BRADFORD GROUP
  • Page 43THE JOB SEARCHIntelligentInterview & NegotiationCOPYRIGHT C 2009 THE BRADFORD GROUP
  • Page 44THE JOB SEARCHIntelligentCOPYRIGHT C 2009 THE BRADFORD GROUPWhat is the key to a successful Interview?PREPARATION!Before the Interview- Be Positive (remember they called you)- Research* Company* Position / Salary ( has agreat salary calculator)- Create Interview Portfolio (awards, letters ofrecognition, past projects)
  • Page 45THE JOB SEARCHIntelligentCOPYRIGHT C 2009 THE BRADFORD GROUPWhen Should I give References?Never advertise ‘References Available Upon Request’ onyour resumeNever give out references before an offer is madeEmployers usually asked for 3 - 5 references so youshould have....5The best references are the people you’ve worked directlyfor.Reference Info: Name, Phone # & Address *(Provided in confidence)
  • Page 46THE JOB SEARCHIntelligentCOPYRIGHT C 2009 THE BRADFORD GROUPDress For SuccessWhen the potential employer states that they are ‘BusinessCasual’ you need to be one notch above what ever thecompany culture isRemember - Organizations are looking for fit. Don’t wear asuit and tie if it isn’t appropriateTravel TimeBe sure you know were you are going (mapquest & pre-drive)Always be 15 minutes early
  • Page 47THE JOB SEARCHIntelligentCOPYRIGHT C 2009 THE BRADFORD GROUPDuring the InterviewAlways have several copies of your resume availableYou’ll want to hand these out like chick-let’sAsk for a business card of everyone you meet- Business cards usually have direct line phone numbers- Thank you notes will be easier with correct mailing addressThe Golden Rule for Interviews - Less Said is Best SaidEmployer’s screen for Function first then Fit- Function: Can you do the job?- Fit: Once they whittle down the list they screen on whether you fit theorganization
  • Page 48THE JOB SEARCHIntelligentCOPYRIGHT C 2009 THE BRADFORD GROUPTelephone InterviewsHave a quiet place you can go toIf the call comes in after hours, say: ‘I’m currently in mykitchen right now, do you mind if move to the study?’By asking this, it will allow you to get a glass of water &review any notes you’ve made on this employerWhen they ask you to tell them about yourself, this iswhen you hit them with your 2-minute elevator speech
  • Page 49THE JOB SEARCHIntelligentCOPYRIGHT C 2009 THE BRADFORD GROUPQuestions That You Must Ask The Employer...Please describe the ideal candidate for this positionWhy are you currently hiring for this position?- Was someone promoted- Left the Company- TerminatedAt the end of the interview ask...- What is the next step?- This gives you a timeline as to when you should followup(It also helps with thank you notes, if the timeline is 2 weeks - mail a card, if 2 days - send an email)*(Call your references and tell them to expect a call)
  • Page 50THE JOB SEARCHIntelligentCOPYRIGHT C 2009 THE BRADFORD GROUPInterview FollowupAlways followup (mail, email or phone)Send a Thank you note to everyone you spoke to,including the administrative assistantIf you know the day the decision will be made, call andlet the hiring manager know that you are reallyinterested in this position. (Most other candidates willnot do this)If you get a letter or email that you did not get theposition, be sure to followup with that person and thankthem for letting you know. *(Send a quick email and ask that they forward to anyone theyknow may be interested in your background / experience)
  • Page 51THE JOB SEARCHIntelligentCOPYRIGHT C 2009 THE BRADFORD GROUPFollowup (continued)Do not mail out to the same companies more than onceper quarterPrioritize what companies are Most important to youPut all your energy where the offers are
  • Page 52THE JOB SEARCHIntelligentCOPYRIGHT C 2009 THE BRADFORD GROUPNegotiationsThe #1 Rule in Negotiating: When someone asks you for aconcession, ask for a concession in returnThe #2 Rule in Negotiating: Options create power. Byhaving multiple offers on the table you have power tonegotiate a better offerIf one employer pays more but another employer has abetter time-off policy, go with what fits your needs
  • Page 53THE JOB SEARCHIntelligentCOPYRIGHT C 2009 THE BRADFORD GROUPThe very best time to find a jobis during the months of January,February and MarchIn these economic times you have 30days to get something going - Be very,very aggressive in your job search!
  • Page 54THE JOB SEARCHIntelligentCOPYRIGHT C 2009 THE BRADFORD GROUPWorkshops / Breakout SessionsRoom 1: Researching Employers using the SIC codesRoom 2: Cover Letter & Resume WritingRoom 3: 2-Minute Elevator Speech and InterviewingQuestionsAll breakout sessions run 30 minutes, participantsneed to cycle through all three workshops and reportback to the big room at 3:00 p.m.
  • Page 55THE JOB SEARCHIntelligentCOPYRIGHT C 2009 THE BRADFORD GROUPRandom Thoughts• Everyone needs to go to the Library and review the bookThe Kennedy Directory of Executive Recruiters (Reference)• How do I present 2 different careers?- Two different resumes- During your interview• The #1 Question that most people fail at an Interview is?- Tell me about yourself (2 minute elevator pitch)• Remember - You’re not going after a position, you are goingafter a Market.