The 2012 Claremont International Jain Conference ; Bioethics - Religious & Spiritual Approaches-4

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  • 1. Bioethics Eastern Perspective Part 4
  • 2. BioethicsBIOETHICAL QUESTIONS FOR END OF LIFE• Questions of life and death are fundamentally matters of religion philosophy and ethics.• Belief in Jain philosophy, that soul reincarnates in to another living being, until liberation from the cycle of birth and rebirth (moksha).• Quality of this new life is dependent upon the sum of accumulated good and bad Karmas in the past lives.• These accumulated karmas are carried with the soul in to the new acquired body and gives appropriate fruitions.
  • 3. Bioethics THE ETHICS OF END OF LIFE, DEATH AND DYING (SALLEKHANA)• In US a good death is when one has executed a legal document relating to your wants and wishes after death.• A person is kept alive because of some legality or absence of some directive.• Case of Terry Schiavo in USA is well known as she was kept alive by artificial means several years in vegetative state.
  • 4. Bioethics JAINISM VALUES SOUL NOT BODY• In Jainism value is placed to the soul and not to the physical body, as one will continue to be reborn & carry the soul into a new body till liberation.• Therefore when physical body can no longer function towards spiritual progress a planned death is prescribed called sallekhana.
  • 5. Bioethics END OF LIFE JAIN ETHICSSallekhana can be defined as planned detachmentwith the present body under specialcircumstances, for the purpose of decreasing theaccumulated bad karmas, leading to purity in thethoughts. Person with right perception can only makesuch decision and per Jain scriptures is distend toliberation with in maximum of eight lives. Death thusis a celebration for such a Jain. This therefore is not asuicide. Suicide is when one does a direct anddeliberate act with the intention voluntarily to killoneself for self regarding motives. Jainism condemnssuicide.
  • 6. Bioethics Circumstances under which planned end of life justified in Jain philosophy• In Jainism value is placed to the soul and not to the physical body, as one will continue to be reborn & carry the soul into a new body till liberation.• Therefore when physical body can no longer function towards spiritual progress a planned death is prescribed called sallekhana.
  • 7. Bioethics Process of SallakhanaDepending upon the time available at onesdisposal following process is the prescribed. Mentally, physically and verbally giving up: • All attachments and aversions (except basic needs) from all family and friends. • All anger, ego, deceit and greed. • All Violence, lying, stealing, passions and sensual desires
  • 8. Bioethics Process of Sallakhana Have feeling of equanimity and compassion towards all living beings. Analyze and repent all bad deeds done during the life time. Give up feeling of fear, animosity, hatred and unhappiness. Keep silence as much as possible.
  • 9. Bioethics Process of Sallakhana Gradually decrease the intake of food: From 3 meals a day to 2 meals to 1 meal then limit intake to milk, juices and water then gradually water only and finally even water is given up. Spent maximum time reciting verses.
  • 10. Bioethics Circumstances under which plannedend of life justified in Jain philosophy: Jainism tries to answer the questions of physician assisted suicide and death with dignity by voluntarily making the decision of planned Sallekhana. Very similar to a non written directive, after the opinion of physician that there is no possible options of treatment. Like pulling the plug.
  • 11. Bioethics Conference DetailsPlenary sessions take place in Mudd Auditorium, ClaremontLincoln University, 1325 N. College Ave., Claremont, CA 91711(on the campus of Claremont School of Theology).There is an inexpensive registration fee and a discount forstudents. Early registration at a reduced rate will close on July15th.All meals at the conference will be creative and tasty Jainvegetarian/vegan fare.Register Here
  • 12. Bioethics Travel and Hotel InformationAIRPORTSOntario International Airport (ONT) is 15 minutes from Claremont. Taxis areavailable outside the baggage area (approx. $20-25 for a ride to campus) or youcan book a shuttle here.Los Angeles International Airport is 50 miles from Claremont. During peak traffichours (7am-9am; 3pm-6pm), this can be a very lengthy ride. You can book a shuttlehere.HOTELSThe conference hotel is the Claremont DoubleTree, 555 W. Foothill Blvd. inClaremont; (909) 626-2411. You can make reservations (at a reduced rate) at theJain Conference Group Page. The DoubleTree Hotel is 0.5 miles from campus, or a10-minute walk.Other accommodations can be found at Hotel Claremont; (909) 621-4831 (3 milesfrom campus) or Casa 425; (866) 450-0425 (in Claremont Village, 1.3 miles fromcampus). There are also lodgings in nearby cities.
  • 13. Bioethics August 24th and 25th , 2012 Venue: Claremont Lincoln University Mudd Auditorium, 1325 N. College Avenue, Claremont CA 91711 Co-Sponsored by: Claremont Lincoln University, the International School for JainStudies, Jain Center of Southern California, and the Federation of Jain Associations in North America (JAINA)