Peek a boo script


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Peek a boo script

  1. 1. PEEK A BOO SCRIPTLOCATION TRANSITION CHARACTERS TYPE OF DIALOGUE SHOT 1. Cut to:(CEMENTARY IN BEESTON – FRONT GATE)ESTABLISHING LONG SHOT The area is deserted - silence – suddenly CHILDREN run past the gate screaming and laughing in Halloween costumes – the area becomes silent once again Dolly shot/zoom towards the inside of the graveyard: Cut: 2.(from here onwards - INSIDE OF THE CEMENTARY, ON THE PATH)CAMERA HEIGHT & TRACKING Legs/feet of Lauren shown – she walks up the path slowly Cut: 3.LONG SHOTLauren walks up the path – keeps looking around – surroundings shown – the gate creaks and slowly closes – trees rustle Cut:
  2. 2. 4.POV - EXTREME LONG SHOT Lauren is shown walking up the path, looking around and shouting ‘EMMA!’from Larry’s POINT OF VIEW – shaky camera - hides behind a tree – shuffles feet – snaps a twig Cut: 5.OVER THE SHOULDER SHOTLauren suddenly stops – holds her breath – looks in the direction in which the sound came from Cut: 6. Lauren shown panicking – looking around in circles Cut: 7.POV + TRACKING Lauren is shown facing away from Emmas direction Cut: 8.
  3. 3. CUTAWAYWhen Emma is an arm length away from Lauren she jumps out from behind a grave and screams at Lauren, providing a false scare for the audience Cut: 9.BACK TO POV – REACTION SHOT Lauren jumps, turns around and shrieks – shock and terror seen on her face she SCREAMS Cut: BLACK SCREEN CREDITS PLAY (short creepy clips merged with text - burning photos of the family – mothers face burned out with a cigarette, chainsaw shown, playground in the dark – swings squeaking strange noises) font/names fading. 10.BACK TO OVER THE SHOULDER REACTION SHOTEmmas hand is shown reaching to her face and taking off the mask and she is laughing - Laurens face goes from shock to relief – she smiles and lightly pushes Emma away Lauren – ‘Emma! You scared the hell out of me!’ Cut: 11.LONG SHOTBoth Lauren and Emma are shown together in the gravegard
  4. 4. Cut: 12. A FEW SHOT REVERSE SHOT CLOSE UPS (180 DEGREE RULE)Dialogue between Emma and LaurenEmma – ‘HAHA, got you! You should have seen your face!’Lauren – ‘Hahaha, it’s not that funny, you really scared me! My heart practicallystopped, haha, anyway, come on, those lads from the party want to meet up with us’Emma – ‘OOO, then what are we waiting for? Hahaha’Emma is smiling and laughing and so is Lauren 13.CLOSE UP & ZOOM of Emmas face Her face expression changes – she stops smiling, she freezes and stares intothe space behind Lauren Cut: 14.CLOSE UP of LaurenLauren - ‘Whats wrong Emma’(Larry is stood behind her – just see a shadow/outline, not much detail)
  5. 5. Cut: 15.CLOSE UP/EXTREME CLOSE UP of EmmaLauren -‘whats happening’,’Whats wrong?’Emma is still frozen – she manages to whisper ‘Beee….beehhinddd yo…’ Cut: 16.MEDIUM CLOSE UP of LaurenLarry is obviously standing behind – Laurens face changes to terror–Antagonist whispers -Larry - ‘Peek a boo’ Cut: 17.QUICK ZOOM OUT – SLIGHT LOW ANGLE in front of LaurenAntagonist is standing behind Lauren – chainsaw in one hand which he liftsup and turns on Cut: 18. SCREEN GOES BLACK (chainsaw sound & screaming) 19. TITLE (fades onto the back screen)