What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing                this product?Technology/site used:...
coursework, and can         pictures and text in                                                      be made to represent...
Google.co.uk                  We used Google to          Google can be             Google sometimes             We learnt ...
our research on our   from home and edit        your availableblogs.                with just a few clicks!   computer, it...
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#3 What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?


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This is a document to explain the positives and negatives of technologies we used in the production of our AS media product.

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#3 What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

  1. 1. What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?Technology/site used: What we used it for: Positives/what worked Negatives/what What we learnt about well: problems we this technology(in a encountered: nutshell):Youtube.co.uk We used YouTube to The positives of A negative we This technology can be upload our videos (Our YouTube are that it is encountered with great for getting preliminary task, film very simple/easy to YouTube is that when yourself known in the pitch etc.) from the use, and also very we wanted to change film industry because IMAC’s onto our blogs. quick. It only took a the name of our video millions of people have few minutes for our on the site, it was access to what you videos to be fully complicated and took post. uploaded, and the quite a few tries for it software is already to actually work. paired with Blogger, Also, YouTube is public making it all the more anyone can see your easy to upload our videos so privacy is an video tasks. issue.Facebook.com We used Facebook to Things that worked A negative I came We learnt from this communicate within well when using across was that, yes technology our group and share Facebook chat to you are able to share information from each information and communicate was that images on a message, other, and the public, images we had created it was quick and very but it was made as if you post publicly, to upload to each accessible. It allows difficult to upload you are able to receive other’s blogs. you to make a ‘group more than around 8, feedback for your chat’, which worked because it kept work. perfect for us because uploading the same we could all pictures more than communicate once, making it together. Facebook difficult and taking a chat allows you to see very long time when who has viewed your trying to share our message, and who location shots with hasn’t in your group each other. chat, therefore you know who has the information or not.Blogger.com Blogger is the site By using a blog instead Blogger is relatively Using a blog is a very powered by Google we of writing an essay, it easy to use, however, creative way to are currently using to allows us to show our when trying to arrange present our work, we actually create our creativity off, and pictures and text on learnt new ways of blogs. express our the editing part of presenting information understanding in the Blogger, it is made and discovered our way and essay could extremely difficult creativity. It is also a not. A positive is that it because there are only lot more entertaining is a more entertaining three layout settings, to use than pen and way of producing you end up with paper!
  2. 2. coursework, and can pictures and text in be made to represent places you don’t want your own idea of them, which takes a lot media and show your of time to correct. personal feelings Also, there are only a towards your final few default product. backgrounds and styles to have on your blog, so making your own blog look individual and unique is quite difficult.Outlook Web Access (School We used our school Using this email A problem we Through this, we learntemail accounts) emails to account through our encountered with this that communication is communicate sixth form made it very software is that it is vital, and this was an information with other easy to communicate difficult to access. Not effective way of members of our group with our media only was it difficult to keeping that and communicate with teacher and our group. access from our home communication. It is staff members It is very easy to use computer, but with a private and easy to and is easy to attach few of our group use. files such as pictures, members going away presentations or word on holiday, they were documents to each not able to access it other. from there, making it a very limited resource.SlideShare.com We used SlideShare to SlideShare was A problem we came We discovered upload our incredibly easy to use. across with SlideShare SlideShare through the presentations and We simply uploaded is that when trying to creation of our blog. documents in a our documents or upload to our blogs, it We learnt from other creative and simple Microsoft took us a while to presentations on way. presentations (such as actually figure out SlideShare, and learnt our script and our how. But we overcame more creative ways of character powerpoint) this problem presenting onto SlideShare and eventually. information. then uploaded them straight to our blogs. It is a very creative way to upload our information rather than just flinging it onto our blogs. It shows our information neatly and orderly. With SlideShare it is also very quick and easy to edit your presentation and re- upload it; it takes only a few minutes.
  3. 3. Google.co.uk We used Google to Google can be Google sometimes We learnt the majority find information and accessed practically crashes, and also some of our information and images throughout our anywhere on most information found on gained pictures and entire course for devices, such as the internet may have got access to our sites various different laptops, iPads, and been false. through Google. things; for example mobile phones and finding horror images even through our to put on our blog and televisions via other finding information devices. The easy about audience theory accessibility of Google and also using it to allowed us to access access Blogger and all information and sites our other various sites. quickly, and allowed us to produce our blogs.Camera: We used this camera The positives to this A negative to the By using this CameraPanasonic full HD 1920x1080 to ultimately film our camera are that it is camera is the battery we learnt the easy Hx-dc2 preliminary task, our very easy to use, and life. We often found ways in which you can film pitch, and our easy to upload our then when charged all use technology, this main product (opening footage to the IMACS day, it would still only camera allowed us to sequence). and our home last around 30 minutes put theory into reality. computers. when in use, this was quite frustrating and cause our group many problems.IMovie Our group used IMovie IMovie is a very good However, we did We learnt from IMovie to upload, edit and piece of software to encounter a few skills of editing we finish our media use, it is quick and problems when using couldn’t have acquired product. relatively easy, and this software. Firstly, it anywhere else, we also allows you to edit only allowed us to use learnt that IMovie is a things on our product certain fonts and difficult piece of we wouldn’t have music, and others we software! been able to on other wanted had to be software. It allowed us downloaded, which to smoothly edit our took a long time. film sequence. Secondly, we could not access it from home, so all editing had to be done at college, narrowing our available time to work on our product.Microsoft Office We used Microsoft Microsoft office, such The negative to What we learnt about(Word and PowerPoint office for several as PowerPoint Microsoft software is Microsoft is that it is things, such as presentation and that it cannot be easier than people preparing out film Microsoft Word are directly uploaded to think to use, it is all pitch presentation, incredibly easy to use Blogger (our blogs), it available in one place writing up our to-do and access. The had to be downloaded and is easy to pass lists, writing up and documents are easy to through SlideShare, information on to editing our final upload to SlideShare, and then onto our other people.presentation) questions, writing our then to our blogs, and blogs. Also, if it does script and presenting make it easy to work not already come with
  4. 4. our research on our from home and edit your availableblogs. with just a few clicks! computer, it can be It has played a huge very expensive to buy. part in the preparation of our research and the presentation of our ideas.