A2 Media Studies - Film Pitch


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This is our film pitch in which we created as part of our coursework project for our A2 Media studies

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A2 Media Studies - Film Pitch

  1. 1. FILM PITCH By Sonia Tyrna and Jade Melady
  2. 2. Production Company As the production company would focus on social realism films, we chose to call it the EPIPHANY PRODUCTIONS hence the meaning of the word epiphany - a sudden realization of great truth. Our films would focus on stigmatized issues, they would confront the viewers misconceptions and make them realize the truth behind certain issues.
  3. 3. Film title Inside my reality We chose this as our film title because this is the name of our protagonists blog in which she expresses her emotions. ‘Reality’ also reflects our genre – Social realism, showing that this film gives a glimpse into the real life struggles of a young teenager.
  4. 4. In a nutshell…
  5. 5. Synopsis A young girl documents the torments and abuse she encounters everyday on an online blog. When her classmate stumbles across Katie’s blog, she is bullied even more severely than before. Inevitably, she attempts to take her life. When she meets the soon to be love of her life at a support meeting, step by step, she begins to rebuild her life.
  6. 6. Main Narrative Katie, a 17 year old girl from Nottingham is suffering from abuse daily at the hands of her father, class mates, and strangers online. She finds herself releasing her emotions through an online blog, in which she uploads short videos of her abusive experiences and pours her feelings out in online video diaries. The equilibrium rises when the link to her blog becomes known to all people at school. Following that, the abuse get more severe and at times even physical. Katie's despair builds up and she sees no other way but to end her life. The equilibrium restores when she meets Charlotte at a support meeting, who helps Katie to re-build her life. When Katie falls in love with Charlotte, she finds her worries disappear and her life beginning to change, for the better.
  7. 7. Unique selling point(USP) • Our unique selling point is our narrative. It tells a story of a young girl, struggling her way through life. Our story addresses themes not usually explored within film, such as suicide, lesbian relationships, abuse and bullying. • Our film will also include handheld/point of view camera footage (through posts on Katie's blog), which is a rare style in the world of film, and is usually used within the horror genre, giving our film a sinister feel and reflecting our personal storyline, immersing the audience within its themes.
  8. 8. Locations • Katie’s home – her bedroom and kitchen • Katie’s school – classrooms, hallways and P.E changing rooms • Community centre – in which Katie attends her support meeting • Alleyway/twitchell near Katie’s house • Charlotte’s house
  9. 9. Characters • Katie – the main girl in our narrative. Katie is severely bullied and abused both at home and at school, and consequently attempts to commit suicide. • Charlotte – Another troubled girl who Katie meets at her support meeting. They subsequently fall in love and the equilibrium of the narrative is restored. • Katie’s Father – The abusive drunk who abuses Katie because he blames her for her mother’s death. He abuses Katie both verbally and physically. • Bullies – This includes both her ‘classmates’ and anonymous bullies online, all which bully Katie verbally, sometimes physically and over the internet. Our main bullies are two girls in Katie’s class, Shannon and Libby. • Support meeting leader • Doctors • Teachers
  10. 10. Camera styles Our camera style we have chosen is very unique within the film industry. We have chosen to use the handheld (POV) camera style, allowing the audience to become closer to our main character and to help feel the struggles our main character is going through, as such, seeing it through her eyes. Breaking of the ‘fourth wall’ allows our audience to feel more involved. This style also increases the verisimilitude. The handheld effect is often used within the horror genre, but we have chosen to adopt this style in order to make our film original within the genre. Another ‘style’ we’d like to use is the extreme close ups used when displaying information on computer/phone screens so the audience can feel the emotions Katie is feeling, and get the audience more involved with the narrative. These shots make our reactions and plot more realistic.
  11. 11. Our target audience • We have chosen our target audience to be teenagers/young adults (aged 15-24). We have chosen this age group as our target audience because of the storyline of our film (the every day struggles of a teenager) and the age of our actors. • Pearl & Dean's Audience profile shows that 41% of cinemagoers are 15-24 years old. • We will target both male and females, however mostly females. This is because our main character is a female which girls would find it easier to relate to and sympathise with. • Our target audience will also be from the working class, as they would have attended a public school and thus have a better chance of identification. • We would make our film a 15, hence the strong language and references to abuse and suicide.
  12. 12. How we will target them • Social networking sites - Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. -This is an essential promotional base to use because 98% of 16-24 year olds (our target audience) use social networking. -22% of teenagers log in and out of Facebook over 10 times a day. -The total amount of page views YouTube receives each month is 92 billion. • Film posters and billboards - The amount of people in the UK that drive cars is 75%. This means placing billboards in popular places in the country will help reach a larger target market. - There are thousands of universities in the UK, placing film posters around campuses will help boost promotion and advertise our film to our specific targeted age group. • Film festivals - Film Festivals (Broadway). Showing a preview release of our film at a film festival will increase the popularity and hype of our film and promote it further. We could also exhibit it at LGBT film festivals around the country. • Schools, collages and universities - We could arrange previews for the film clubs in local schools, collages and universities in order to make sure the product reaches its target audience. Doing this will also help promote word-of-mouth, meaning the word of our film will get around our targeted age group rapidly. • Support groups - We could also arrange previews for the NHS Mental Health support groups as well as LGBT support groups.
  13. 13. Exhibition where will we show it • Small film festivals online • Online forums for film makers • Small independent cinemas Britain’s largest independent film festivals
  14. 14. Why invest in us? You should invest in our film because our storyline and style is unique and controversial, going into topics not usually explored within film(lesbian relationships, abuse, suicide etc.). It will attract a mass audience because of our storyline, mainly because teenagers will feel connections with the characters, and understand their struggles. • • We are requesting £500,000 to produce and market our film. • The money you invest will be used on production, editing studios, lighting, employment of cast and crew, special effects make up artists as well as the distribution process i.e. posters, websites, trailers, social networking etc.