Exactpro Systems High Level Overview January 2014


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Exactpro Systems High Level Overview January 2014

  1. 1. Exactpro Systems Company & Capabilities Overview JANUARY 2014
  2. 2. Exactpro Systems Company Overview Exactpro is: • A specialist firm focused on functional and non functional testing of securities data distribution, trading systems, risk management and post-trade infrastructures • An independent company incorporated in 2009 with 10 people, now employing over 200 specialists • Our locations in Russia: A US company registered and head-quartered in San Rafael, California, with four QA & development centres in Russia and sales support in the UK 2
  3. 3. Exactpro Systems Existing Customers Include: A major investment bank specializing in emerging markets • A major stock exchange group with a range of capital markets, post trade and information services • • A leading global derivatives (financial and commodities) broker • • One of the most prominent international interdealer brokers in fixed income and OTC derivatives • A global equities broker offering program and single name execution • • A significant commodity exchange and its clearing arm A software provider of adaptive trading technologies for international buy- and sell-side firms Software vendors providing advanced trading platforms and algorithmic support 3
  4. 4. What Makes Exactpro Different? • Automated testing (and analysis of results) wherever possible Build Software To Test Software Highest Calibre Technical Teams Stability Work Ethos/Culture Cost/Value • We develop and use our own test tool suite & create new test tools as needed * • Test Automation is in our DNA, our tool set is a key part of our added value! • Core of highly experienced industry consultant practitioners • Deepest domain expertise of instruments/contracts, market data, exchanges, workflow, functionality, risk models, industry standards, etc. • We attract the best graduates through close links with Russian technical universities • Extensive internal training program to grow our talent pool • Extremely low levels of staff turnover • High levels of customer retention • • • • Proactive and flexible approach to engaging with the project team High energy, determination and discipline Attention to detail Work on customers chosen time zone • Very attractive offshore rates • Majority of work carried out offshore (via remote access) • The added value we bring to projects has been proven to maximize the potential for delivery on schedule * We also use open source tools where applicable, and we are well versed in the QA industry standard tools & hence can use those where it is customer policy to do so 4
  5. 5. Exactpro Builds Software to Test Our Clients’ Software Sailfish: • Can test Order Entry, Market Data and Post Trade connections in one test scenario • Each test scenario is independent • Allows running test scripts in any sequence • Simulation of multiple user connections • Server simulators • All messages are stored into a data base • Generates test reports Shsha: • Post-transactional tool • Analyzes clients' activity and forecasts system response • Parses and displays logs in a user-friendly way • Parses messages and then puts each to a data base table where each column corresponds to each message field • Allows making summarized reports, etc • Easy to understand GUI ClearTH: Microfix: • Executes multithreaded java code • Complexity of test algorithms is defined by the test developer • Supports multiple client fix connections, order entry and market data via FIX • Can use GUI to iterate through sent and received messages Dolphin: • Model-based testing of market surveillance systems • Post-Trade testing tool • Verifies each stage of the DLC • Integrated schedule • Automated matrices • Can create multiple days test scenarios • Concurrent multiple tests • Integrated simulators • SWIFT ISO protocol support Load Injector: • Simulates multiple client connections with a specified load shape for each connection or a group of connections • Up to 75K messages / second from a single CPU core • Measures latencies in microsecond range • Performance test reports 5
  6. 6. Domain Capabilities – We are 100% Focused on Systems that Process Financial Products, with Particular Focus on Electronic Trading Order and Execution Management Market Venue Connectivity Reference Data Messaging Clearing and Settlement Financial Products Platforms Pre and Post Trade; -Commodities, Derivatives Equities, Fixed Income, FX Middle Office Risk Management Smart Order Routing Algorithmic Trading Matching Engines Deal Capture & Position Keeping Market Data Distribution 6
  7. 7. We are Highly Effective in All of these Aspects of Quality Assurance Gathering requirements and test scenario creation (human, message & reporting interfaces) Creating and productizing state-of-the-art test harnesses Test data management Intelligent Management of Large Data Sets Quality Assurance: test planning and management Process audit and test coverage analysis Automated regression testing Test automation Intelligent functional and exploratory testing Protocol level testing using FIX/FAST, SOAP, HTTP, ITCH, SWIFT, MQ, SQL, proprietary binary and text based data formats, etc. Latency & capacity testing 7
  8. 8. Related Services: Our Main Customers have asked us to Add Value in Other Complimentary Areas (in Addition to QA) through which we Gain Additional Depth Developing trading and post-trade systems and their components Supporting legacy applications Code review Complimentary Areas (Additional Depth) Unit testing Data cleanup & migration Business analysis from historic data Customization and integration of trading and post-trade platforms Tuning and optimization Prototyping new systems 8
  9. 9. Our Team 9
  10. 10. Our Team 9