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Extent3 exactpro the_next_step_in_reconciliation_testing


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Extent3 exactpro the_next_step_in_reconciliation_testing

  1. 1. The Next Step inReconciliation Testing Natalia Zaitseva, Automation Lead for Borsa Italiana, ITS-Expert Natalia Popovchuk, Development Lead, ITS-Expert
  2. 2. • What is Reconciliation testing? Reconciliation is a process of finding discrepancies in data obtained from different sources
  3. 3. • Where is reconciliation needed? Trading System•Drop Copy•Market data•Back Office• Smart Order Router
  4. 4. • •Complexity ofof reconciliation Complexity reconciliation 2. More complex 2. More complex 3. Complex 3. Complex 1 : n relationship 1 : n relationship n : n relationship n : n relationship
  5. 5. • Benefits of Automated reconciliation •Fast analysis •Automated matching process •Report generation •Increases productivity
  6. 6. • Requirements to a reconciliation tool •Capacity / Scalability •Fast Matching Engine •Flexibility •User friendly interface
  7. 7. Reconciliation report
  8. 8. • Requirements for conformance testing •No limitations on the incoming feed •High performance •Monitoring in real-time •Reporting
  9. 9. • Further improvements 1. Enriching the functionality 2. Conversion from passive listener to active mode
  10. 10. • System under test
  11. 11. • Testing options 1 Involve clients in system testing 2 Manually check each client connection separately 3 Automated testing
  12. 12. • Automated testing solution
  13. 13. • Automated testing steps Step 2 Step 3 Aggregate Data Create Test Scenarios Step 1 Step 4 Process Execute Test Scenarios Logs Step 5. Reconcile Test Output
  14. 14. • Reconciliation Levels• Detailed comparison. On this level, each test message will be compared with the expected result (production message) field by field and every distinction will be reported.Sample of Executions comparison: • High-level analysis. Detailed results will be processed, and the summary of issues and recommendations on Adapters adjustments will be provided as a result. Sample of tag combination analysis:
  15. 15. Questions & Answers