Building a Culture of Content -- How to Build Your Team & Craft a Strategy


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Tactics for getting stakeholder and team buy-in around content marketing, tips for keeping momentum, & crafting your content strategy to fit your organization, and structures to support your own Team Content.

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  • Building the case 3. Analytics can’t be escaped. Share some early content wins, if you have them. If not, share small wins ASAP – increased site traffic, engagement, subscribers, conversions…Figure out what is most important to your business – sit down & have conversations with stakeholders to determine KPIs, use what you have, don’t try to “boil the ocean”.
  • “Content strategy” discussions started in 2008-ish – i.e. this outline of the discipline via Jeff MacIntyre – and the term content strategist has been proliferating at a pretty quick rate since. I’ve incorporated it into my role as marketing specialist at ISITE… among a range of roles
  • Marketing Specialist – Website content, social media, events & UX conference (Delight 2013) Content Strategist – Chief Content OfficerEditorCreatorProducersListener
  • 5 BlogsInsight – Digital strategy: content management, marketing, analytics and optimization, UX, design, eventsCMS Myth – Focused on debunking CMS myths and sharing platform agnostic content management strategy & insightBuilt with Sitecore – Focused specifically on the Sitecore CMS, generally more technical than marketing focusedDay2 – Built around the ISITE “Day2” program, shares marketing optimization & analytics advice & case studiesDelight – Began as Dare to Delight; Delight community shares stories & strategy for creating exceptional customer experiences
  • Insight – also our monthly newsletter that comes out every full moon
  • So many channels to fill – where does the content come from?
  • 2011 – 7 contributors, primarily sales/business development folks (i.e. Marketing People)<10% of the company
  • 2012 – 34contributors across the business
  • 2013 & beyond – Expanding across the whole company; Goal: Everyone (75+) contributes
  • Team Content – Why? Lighten your workload – you *don’t* have to do it all (nor can you)Provide content to meet client/prospective client needsArm your sales & front line people with content they need(key reason for us) Share expertise with community that was otherwise buried behind NDAs & in corners of the org that were stuck in the mentality that they aren’t “Marketing People” – had to get that knowledge & stories out
  • Building the case - Was fortunate to have higher-ups on my side from the get-go. A few things your stakeholders/decision makers/execs need to understand:
  • After reading “The UX Team of One” (Leah Buley, Intuit), there are MANY similarities in the course of a Team Content leader, “Chief Content Officer”, etc…You may beSpread a little thinLearning content marketing best practices, channels, things to optimize, etc. as you go (who isn’t??)Tight on resources (“why spend on content when there’s work to be done?!”)The first in your org to explore thisMost importantly: you need to evangelize – The WHOLE org likely won’t see value in content inherently
  • Building a case – Most people have an understanding of bigger benefits of content marketing:Increased awarenessIncreased lead genNurture oppsInform & drive salesIncrease conversionsMaintain customers/customer serviceKeep in the cycleCreate brand advocates
  • 3 big case-builders…Collaboration across new groups = forced growth; new perspectives; practice & refinement of offerings for clients (strengthen foundation for work)You force your team to clarify perspectives – which helps them, and it helps clients.
  • Building the case 2. You will NOT be able to make the ca$e up front – it’s partially a leap of faith. You need to be allowed room to experiment, learn, teach, grow…and fail. (Steve Gadlin was a guy who pitched I Want to Draw a Cat For You – stick figure cat drawings – on Shark Tank. Mark Cuban invested. Content marketing is not that risky – you can ask for a vote of confidence a bit more easily!!)
  • Building the case 3. Analytics can’t be escaped. Share some early content wins, if you have them. If not, share small wins ASAP – increased site traffic, engagement, subscribers, conversions…Figure out what is most important to your business – sit down & have conversations with stakeholders to determine KPIs, use what you have, don’t try to “boil the ocean”.
  • Building the case …we cannot all be Hubspot, and shouldn’t necessarily try. It’s like everyone wants to be Apple – but instead needs to focus on what their specific skills and value is.
  • - Content needs content strategy first – right?- Strategy – maybe not. Goals – yes. But most importantly…
  • Most importantly – you need your team. First. How do you get all those people – previously uninterested in writing/creating – to come together for content marketing initiatives?
  • 1. Invite your teamSalesBiz devSMEsPeople who’ve shown interest in writing/creatingPeople who show promise Great collaborators/internal influencersANYONEPizza helps
  • 2. Get them excitedOpen brainstorm – Newsroom style, un-prohibitive, any & all ideasEncourage collaboration & participationTeam members bring ideas to table, make case, openly ask for suggestions/input/collabShirts are fun. (This is the shirt in action, during the ISITE Ping Pong Tournament Finals. It got serious.)
  • 3. Convince them:Provide guidelines, style guides (Content Strategy at Work)Offer on-boarding sessionsCreate process docs/tutorials/FAQs – varying styles? (visual + written + audio)Ask questions to get stories outUse high level examples/bright spots to show direct correlation (you are a marketer – have case studies to “sell” people on the value of content for their part of the business)Facilitate collaboration; lower barrier for involvementGuide & encourage breakout brainstormsJump in to help where neededKnow your stuff (these books are great starters to learn tools & tactics)
  • Now that you’ve got the team pulled together & ready to go – how do you pull your strategy together?
  • Jive – our intranet - Mirrors natural process for content idea funnel
  • Once you have your team, THEN build your strategy. Remember, it’s YOUR strategy – make it work for your team.Tailor the process to fit.Use tools you have, don’t introduce a ton of new tools/restrictions/processes = BARRIERSTake/use feedback. Informal, formal, implied.Listening tours – determine different process preferences, goals, & restrictions within different deptsWorking sessions – gather stakeholders/decision makers to talk opportunities, prioritize, discuss & clarify plan for short/long term goals (annual? Bi-annual?)
  • RA – time & goalsGoals from higher ups – connection to businessStakeholder pre-meetings – priorities & goalsTeam participation – elicit feedback
  • Keep your skills fresh – explore UX, project management, development methodologies that may inspire new processesShare new opportunities (content types, channels, partners, topics), examples, etc. as they come upWelcome new ideas (sounds simple but…)Share wins & celebrate bright spots REGULARLYSometimes your team gets bogged down in the day to day – offer suggestions or thought starters. Frame conversations around themes. Offer goals (i.e. whole org to contribute; most engagement per blog; most engagement)
  • I Am the CMS – CMS Wisdom Report 2nd Edition (result of the CMS shirts someone else suggested)
  • Interested in hearing more? Learn about creating a content strategy for building delightful user experiences with Margot Bloomstein & Robert Rose at Delight 2013 October 7-8 in Portland, OR. *Refresh Boston attendees can save $100 on full conference passes with discount code REFRESHBOS*
  • Questions? Here’s what we covered:Making the caseBuilding the teamDemystifying contentCrafting a strategyKeeping momentumGetting awesome shirts
  • Building a Culture of Content -- How to Build Your Team & Craft a Strategy

    1. 1. Refresh Boston | @RefreshBoston August 2013 Katie Del Angel | ISITE Design @katiedel
    2. 2.  Pizza  Making the Case for Content Marketing  Building Team Content  Creating Your Content Strategy  More Pizza? @katiedel
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    9. 9. 100% of the company contributes @katiedel
    10. 10. @katiedel
    11. 11. You may be:  Jack of all trades  Learning on the job  Constrained resources  Charting your own course  Need to evangelize From “The User Experience Team of One” @katiedel
    12. 12. “Content marketing is an enhancement to your current marketing efforts and you need to understand what gap you’re trying to fill.” -- Managing Content Marketing @katiedel
    13. 13.  New perspectives  Forced growth  Practice & refine skills  Strengthen foundation for work @katiedel
    14. 14. “Until you really fail…you don’t know what’s important and what you can do” – Daniel Romano, Head of UX & Design at Disney Interactive @katiedel
    15. 15. Share them as they become available:  Site visitors  Subscribers  Engagement  Conversions @katiedel
    16. 16. @katiedel
    17. 17. “Content strategy is the practice of planning for the creation, delivery, and governance of useful, useable content.”
    18. 18. @katiedel
    19. 19. @katiedel
    20. 20.  Skill  Content  Value  Bandwidth @katiedel
    21. 21. @katiedel
    22. 22.  Work where your team works.  Encourage & listen to feedback.  Don’t stop. @katiedel
    23. 23.  Formal  Organizational resources  Clear goals  Stakeholder support  Team input  Informal  Relationships  Language  Reinforcement
    24. 24.  Keep learning – and sharing  Celebrate bright spots  Suggestions, themes, goals  Encourage exploration @katiedel
    25. 25. @katiedel
    26. 26. @katiedel Check out: Harnessing Content to Build Delightful Experiences A full-day workshop with Margot Bloomstein & Robert Rose
    27. 27.  Making the case  Building the team  Demystifying content  Crafting a strategy  Keeping momentum  Getting awesome shirts @katiedel