Making Experiences Better with Personalization and Testing


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Jeff Cram's presentation from the Now What? 2014 conference on using personalization and testing to optimize digital experiences.

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Making Experiences Better with Personalization and Testing

  1. 1. a Making Experiences Better Post Launch Now What? Conference 2014 Jeff Cram @jeffcram ISITE Design, Co-founder
  2. 2. a @jeffcram | @ISITE_Design Delays and technical problems continued to plague enrollment efforts on the online insurance marketplaces created under President Barack Obama‟s health care law on Wednesday. Consumers trying to view and compare new insurance plans on, the federal website running the Illinois insurance exchange, were met with error messages or delays a day after the system launched.
  3. 3. a @jeffcram | @ISITE_Design
  4. 4. a @jeffcram | @ISITE_Design Thinking about Day 2
  5. 5. a @jeffcram | @ISITE_Design
  6. 6. a @jeffcram | @ISITE_Design The button test ??????
  7. 7. a @jeffcram | @ISITE_Design The button test
  8. 8. a @jeffcram | @ISITE_Design The winner 282% form conversion increase 57% site-wide lead increase
  9. 9. a If we connect and extend our pre-launch customer- insight thinking to post- launch management, then we can significantly improve the performance of our digital programs and value to our users. The hypothesis
  10. 10. a @jeffcram | @ISITE_Design Pre-launch: We love customers!
  11. 11. a @jeffcram | @ISITE_Design Post-launch: Argh, the technology!
  12. 12. a Digital Pulse - October 17, 2013 Jeff Cram @jeffcram Co-founder ISITE Design Publisher, CMS Myth
  13. 13. a @jeffcram | @ISITE_Design The web is made of people
  14. 14. a @jeffcram | @ISITE_Design Technology pain Customer gain Website launch Bending the launch curves
  15. 15. a @jeffcram | @ISITE_Design We believe: Companies that are loved, win
  16. 16. a @jeffcram | @ISITE_Design The benefits of good experiences
  17. 17. a @jeffcram | @ISITE_Design,0,3670133.htmlstory
  18. 18. a @jeffcram | @ISITE_Design “Yes, delight. A squishy, subjective, hard-to-pin-down term. So daringly unquantifiable, so proudly immeasurable. And now, suddenly, all the rage in data-driven Silicon Valley.” “In the surest sign that delight may be on the cusp of morphing from insurgent idea to overused buzzword, Microsoft and Dell have embraced it. It's the corporate equivalent of parents joining Facebook, making it instantly uncool.” “Hold the eye rolls, however, because underneath its trendiness and the suspicion that it's just some new marketing babble, the talk of delight signals a radical shift in the way Silicon Valley creates products.”
  19. 19. a @jeffcram | @ISITE_Design
  20. 20. a @jeffcram | @ISITE_Design So, how can we make our experiences better post launch?
  21. 21. a @jeffcram | @ISITE_Design Improve today‟s experience Transform the organization Sustain cultural change Time CustomerexperiencequalityUnderstanding where change happens
  22. 22. a @jeffcram | @ISITE_Design Core competencies for post-launch success Content Strategy Technology Management Analytics & Testing Customer Insight Connected expertise
  23. 23. a @jeffcram | @ISITE_Design Our window to the world
  24. 24. a “All data in aggregate is crap.” - Avinash Kaushik, Google
  25. 25. a “The more digital we get, the more human we must be” Gatum Ramdurai, Google Creative Lab
  26. 26. a Starting with people
  27. 27. a Living personas: Adding data
  28. 28. a Documenting the journey All of the steps the customer takes All of the touchpoints the customer interacts with receives statement in mail throws statement on desk & ignores sees charge that looks wrong logs in to website tries to get details about charge calls customer service talks to CSR tweets in frustration paper statement envelope mobile phone IVR Twitter
  29. 29. a Prioritize needs
  30. 30. a Prioritizing experiences Business Benefit Customer Benefit User Impact Overall Scale 1=low, 2=medium, 3=high
  31. 31. a Assessing feasibility Idea Effort Status Clarity Risk
  32. 32. a Task-based modeling
  33. 33. a Mapping the journey
  34. 34. a
  35. 35. a “A tool used for experience design is now an important input to strategy.” ~ Christine Chastain, R/GA
  36. 36. a From insight to action: Putting your data to work
  37. 37. a Personalization is trending Source: Adobe Digital Roadblock Report
  38. 38. a The personalization myth
  39. 39. a
  40. 40. a
  41. 41. a System Role Analytics, Testing & Targeting Data-driven insights, personalized content delivery and A/B testing. Search Organize, retrieve and deliver relevant content to users from multiple systems. Web Content Management Content management and delivery, and hub of most customer-facing digital platforms. E-mail E-mail communications, newsletters and list management. Marketing Automation Demand generation, targeted e-mails, lead nurturing and sales enablement. Customer Relationship Management System of record for customer information, activity and overall relationship. Systems of engagement
  42. 42. a “Amazon is so confident of its ability to personalize the site for each user that the company hardly ever creates classic customer-segment personas, such as „soccer moms‟ or „gearheads.‟ Such marketing standbys are too imprecise for Team Bezos.” - Forbes, April 2012
  43. 43. a Personalization starts with a hypothesis If we can deliver this [content] to this [segment] at this [touchpoint], then we can improve the experience by measuring this [metric].
  44. 44. a What to Personalize? Theme What is it? Key Dimensions Geo targeting / location Display specific content (text, images, downloads, apps, etc.) based on the user‟s geographic location. Geo-location, Referring domain, User preferences, Company, Campaign Campaign .& landing experiences Content is customized based on exposure to or engagement with a campaign, often on a landing page. Campaign, Inbound channel, Recency, Lifecycle Recommended content Similar content is shown to the user based on content already viewed during that visit or a previous visit. User preferences, Lifecycle, Referring domain, Campaign, Company, Industry Lifecycle Content and calls to action are served up based on where a user is in the journey or buying cycle. Lifecycle, User preferences, Recency Account/industry Display industry-specific content, company-specific content, or competitor-specific content after identifying the company and/or industry of the user. Industry, Company, Referring domain Call to action Messaging, tag lines, and calls to action on the site are customized and change based on user behavior, preferences, and response rate. Geo-location, Industry, Company, Campaign, Inbound channel, Engagement score, Referring domain, Lifecycle, User preferences, Recency
  45. 45. a Segmentation and geo-targeting SolarWorld Americas increased conversion by 200% with audience segmentation and geo-targeted landing pages
  46. 46. a Call-to-action targeting
  47. 47. a Account-based targeting Source:
  48. 48. a Analytics segmentation
  49. 49. a
  50. 50. a Cumulative lift
  51. 51. a
  52. 52. a Thank you Delight 2014 October 6-7 – Portland, Oregon Jeff Cram ISITE Design 617-401-2295 ISITE Design CMS Myth Day 2