Use LinkedIn to Find Investors


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Use LinkedIn to Find Investors

  1. 1. Course ObjectiveTo understand how to use LinkedIn to findinvestors that are appropriate for yourbusiness.
  2. 2. Key Learning Outcomes● Build a robust LinkedIn profile● Know how to find investors● Understand how to use LinkedIn groups● Use LinkedIn as a thought leadershipmegaphone
  3. 3. LinkedIn is:● A great way to find investors and influencers● A way to find commonality● A way to keep track of people after theychange jobs● A forum to demonstrate that you are athought leader in your industryWhy LinkedIn is Important
  4. 4. Unprecedented Access to People● Investment bankers and third party finderswere able to charge a premium because oftheir rolodex. The value of that premium hasdecreased because you can find the samepeople they know.● Real investors want to be found● It is not just investors it is also influencers● Dont waste time with the wrong people
  5. 5. ● 67% of LinkedIn users are between the ageof 35 and 54 years old● 39% of users have senior titles● 40% of users reside in the US● 10% of users are business owners● The finance industry has the second highestconcentration of users● Entrepreneurs have the highestconcentration of individual usersWhy Use LinkedIn?
  6. 6. Building a Robust LinkedIN Profile● Quality Picture● Use headline to show industry Passion● Customize your name● Description aboutyourself/passions/capabilities.● Arrange sections to best position yourself● Make sure to include skills● Customize your "canned" LinkedIn requests
  7. 7. Upgrade to LinkedIn Premium?When:● If you are fund raising● If you are active in business development● If influencers can help grow your businessWhy:● Great way to see who is viewing your profile● Keep notes on people
  8. 8. Who to connect with?Establish a parameter that works for you:1. LinkIn with Anyone2. LinkIn with only people you have met3. LinkIn with only people you really "know"factors● You can send someone an InMailwithout being LinkedIn with them...● There is a certain social standing with500+ connections...
  9. 9. Integrate LinkedIn to Workflow● Spend 15 minutes every day● Send personal message for invitations● Share your content, thought leadership andwhat you find interesting● Interesting learning opportunity
  10. 10. ● Hacking Existing Connections● Searching○ By title○ By location○ By company/industry● Building a list of investors and influencers○ Use a CRM○ If you arent already using a CRM use a CRM!Finding Investors
  11. 11. Eliminating InvestorsDont waste your time educating people whodont understand your industry
  12. 12. Opening Conversations● Do NOT ask for MONEY!!!!● Find Commonality● Ask for small increments of time○ Share thoughts on industry○ Ask for validation of an idea/opportunity
  13. 13. Action Plan● Establish robust Profile○ Complete profile○ Speak to personal passions○ Brand "You"● Integrate LinkedIn into Workflow○ LinkIn with people after meetings○ Interact with the people via the platform● Publish Thought Leadership○ Link to published articles○ Link to videos○ These will break down barriers with coldconnections