X6: The sixth generation of EXA Technology


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Learn how x6: The sixth generation of EXA Technology is fast, agile and Resilient for Emerging Workloads from Alex Yost. Vice President, IBM PureSystems and System x
IBM Systems and Technology Group. x6 drives cloud and big data for enterprises by achieving insight faster thereby outperforming competitors. For more information on System x, visit http://ibm.co/Q7m3iQ.


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X6: The sixth generation of EXA Technology

  1. 1. Fast, Agile, Resilient for Emerging Workloads X6: The sixth generation of EXA Technology Alex Yost Vice President, IBM PureSystems and System x IBM Systems and Technology Group
  2. 2. Infrastructure Matters… It drives virtually all business services Infrastructure must: Agility Speed Efficiency •Execute quickly and efficiently •Minimize costs and complexity •Foster innovation •Stay up and running Economics © 2014 IBM Corporation
  3. 3. IBM’s long history of x86 leadership X6 eX5 X4 X3 EXA2 1st EXA 1st VMware development partner 1st 1st x86 server with 100 #1 benchmarks Intel co-innovation partner © 2014 IBM Corporation 1st hot-swap memory to surpass 1 million tpmC scalable memory #1 market share Largest SAP HANA System
  4. 4. Mission critical workloads are increasingly moving to x86 Enterprise Enterprise Resource Planning Resource Planning Execute strategies and meet demand Business Business Analytics Analytics Real-time trends and patterns Database Database Access core information Virtualization Virtualization © 2014 IBM Corporation IT optimization
  5. 5. Introducing the sixth generation of IBM Enterprise X-Architecture FAST Superior performance 43% lower solution cost AGILE Up to 28% lower acquisition costs Multiple generations of investment protection RESILIENT 3X the memory More reliable IBM System x3950 X6 IBM System x3850 X6 8-way rack 4-way rack © 2014 IBM Corporation IBM Flex System x880 X6 2- to 8-way compute node
  6. 6. FAST Shift your business services into high gear Scaling for new workloads and business demands 3X more memory Actionable information— delivered faster Scaling to support 8 CPUs Higher solution performance at 43% lower cost New eXFlash memory-channel storage © 2014 IBM Corporation FlashCache Storage Accelerator
  7. 7. FAST Higher performance from Flash storage directly on the memory bus WriteNow • RAID • IBM FlashCache Storage Accelerator DATA & ANALYTICS 3X LOWER latency CLOUD 2X FLASH © 2014 IBM Corporation Better awareness FASTER IT optimization 43% LOWER solution cost
  8. 8. FAST X6 Architecture + DB2 = Super Fast DB2 optimized for high speed analytics & transactions 99x faster analytics using BLU Acceleration with X6 Architecture1 Leveraging X6 innovations on memory, IO, and storage 2.3x increase for transactional throughput using eXFlash DIMM2 1. 2. Based on internal tests comparing DB2 10.1 on a whitebox with XIV storage vs. DB2 10.5 with BLU Acceleration and X6 Architecture Based on internal tests comparing DB2 10.5 with SSD vs. with eXFlash DIMM. © 2014 IBM Corporation
  9. 9. AGILE Modular design reduces cost and protects your investment Simplify deployment Maximize performance Up to 28% lower acquisition costs Handles what you need today and in the future © 2014 IBM Corporation
  10. 10. AGILE Multiple generations on one server Upgrade technology using the modular “book” design Eliminate “server rip and replace” © 2014 IBM Corporation
  11. 11. RESILIENT Meet the demands of enterprise workloads Advanced Page Retire Processor High Availability Rolling Firmware Update Upward Integration Module for Standard Hypervisors RAS Upward Integration Module for Standard Hypervisors © 2014 IBM Corporation • • • • Maximize application availability Reduce support costs Simplify maintenance Manage more with existing tools 3X the memory and still more reliable
  12. 12. X6: the ideal infrastructure for today’s enterprise applications INFRASTRUCTURE SOLUTIONS SAP Business Suite SAP HANA © 2014 IBM Corporation Microsoft Hyper-V VMware vCloud Suite IBM DB2 with BLU Acceleration Microsoft SQL Data Warehouse
  13. 13. SAP HANA and IBM momentum in big data and analytics More than 2100 SAP HANA systems shipped Largest SAP HANA system in the world: Investment protection: Add X6 to existing eX5 clusters 100TB Leadership 400TB of IBM Systems in SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud X6 is optimized for analytics: I/O performance, memory and core scalability © 2014 IBM Corporation in SAP HANA on EXA technology
  14. 14. Get expert integrated knowledge baked right into your cloud IBM Platform Resource Scheduler Dynamic resource management for OpenStack to optimize infrastructure utilization while reducing cost IBM Flex System for SmartCloud Orchestrator Quickly deploy clouds with open standards-driven support across OpenStack, networking and storage IBM PureFlex System for VMware vCloud Suite Provides simplicity, performance and speed of deployment of our PureFlex System into vCloud and vCenter environments © 2014 IBM Corporation
  15. 15. Workload optimized for big data Purpose-built for Big Data Aggregate & Analyze Data IBM System x3650 M4 BD • Industry’s highest total storage capacity of 3.5-inch drives for dual-socket x86 servers • Up to 56 TB of storage spanning 14 drives for big data and storage-rich applications • High performance: Intel Xeon E5-2600 v2 processors (up to 12 cores per CPU) © 2014 IBM Corporation
  16. 16. can drive cloud and big data for your enterprise Fast Develop innovative products and services Achieve insight faster Agile Innovate products and services Multiple generations of technology delivers up to 28% lower acquisition costs Outperform your competitors Resilient More reliable with 3X the memory © 2014 IBM Corporation Cloud-enable mission critical applications