AWS Summit Milan - Applicazioni Enterprise con AWS


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AWS Summit Milan - Applicazioni Enterprise con AWS

  1. 1. Enterprise Applications on Amazon Web Services Steffen Krause Technology Evangelist @sk_bln
  2. 2. Agenda 1. Extending the Enterprise Data Center a. b. c. Why? Getting a private Network in the Cloud Getting Connected 2. Using the elastic data center a. b. c. Backup, Storage, Archiving Development & Test Disaster Recovery 3. Running Enterprise Applications a. b. c. Oracle SAP Microsoft
  3. 3. Extending the Enterprise Data Center
  4. 4. Traditional Data Centers are limited by Capacity Cost Agility
  5. 5. Corporate Data Center
  6. 6. Extend! Corporate Data Center
  7. 7. With Cloud Resources Corporate Data Center
  8. 8. Network control Your slice of the AWS cloud
  9. 9. Availability Zone Availability Zone VPC Customer
  10. 10. Internet Gateway NAT Private Subnet Public Subnet Virtual Private Gateway
  11. 11. Getting connected secure and reliable
  12. 12. VPN Router Router www Data center AWS Cloud
  13. 13. VPN Router Router www Data center AWS Cloud IPSec tunnel via statically-routed or dynamicallyrouted (BGP) VPN
  14. 14. Direct Connect Data center AWS Direct Connect Location AWS Cloud
  15. 15. Direct Connect Data center Amazon Partner Network suppliers can hook up the last leg AWS Direct Connect Location AWS New York Cloud Los Angeles Washington DC San Jose Singapore Tokyo London Docklands Dublin Sao Paulo Sydney
  16. 16. Direct Connect Router Data center AWS Direct Connect Location Dedicated connection Ethernet transport 50500Mbps/1Gbps/10 Gbps ports Router AWS Cloud
  17. 17. Maximize reliability www Router Router Data center Direct Connect AWS Cloud
  18. 18. Using the elastic Data Centers
  19. 19. Managing data Backup, storage, archiving
  20. 20. Storage Gateway AWS Storage Gateway Corporate Data Center Elastic Data Center
  21. 21. Storage Gateway AWS Storage Gateway Corporate Data Center Elastic Data Center
  22. 22. Storage Gateway AWS Storage Gateway Corporate Data Center Restore from S3 Snapshot Elastic Data Center
  23. 23. Storage Gateway Cloud Copy from S3 Snapshot AWS Storage Gateway Corporate Data Center Elastic Data Center
  24. 24. Development & Test spin up, use & turn off
  25. 25. Frameworks & environments Source control Project management Leverage EC2 to run popular source control systems Add integrated project management and issue tracking Workstations Build servers Enable standard build developer/test workstations Use EC2 horsepower to drive build servers and continuous integration
  26. 26. Testing at scale Unit & regression Load & performance Scale up and parallel run unit and regression plans in a fraction of the time Utilize spot market for generating load and test how applications perform A/B Security Run A/B scenario testing with replica stacks Create sandboxes for aggressive security testing
  27. 27. Disaster Recovery reduce costs, reduce risk
  28. 28. Disaster Recovery Primary Site Routers and Switches Secondary Site Failover Routers and Switches Firewalls Firewalls Applications Applications Operating Systems Operating Systems Hypervisor Hypervisor Servers Servers SAN Recovery SAN Backups Backups Archives Archives
  29. 29. Pilot Light DR Scenario Primary Site AWS Routers and Switches Firewalls Security Groups Applications Operating Systems Hypervisor Servers Stopped EC2 Instances and AMIs SAN Standby DB Server Elastic Block Store Backups Backups on S3 Archives Archives on Glacier
  30. 30. Disaster Recovery – pilot light Corporate Data Center Synchronization of key datasets Elastic Data Center
  31. 31. Disaster Recovery – pilot light Corporate Data Center Elastic Data Center
  32. 32. Disaster Recovery – pilot light Promotion of stopped instances to live Corporate Data Center Elastic Data Center
  33. 33. Relational Database Relational Database Service Database-as-a-Service No need to install or manage database instances Scalable and fault tolerant configurations Feature Platform support Preconfigured Deployment & Administration Automated patching App Services Backups Compute Storage Database Networking AWS Global Infrastructure Speed Failover Replication Details Create MySQL, SQL Server and Oracle RDBMS Get started instantly with sensible default settings Keep your database platform up to date automatically Automatic backups and point in time recovery and full DB backups Provisioned IOPS enable up to 30.000 IO/s for high throughput Automated failover to slave hosts in event of a failure Easily create read-replicas of your data and seamlessly replicate data across availability zones
  34. 34. Key components of Oracle architectures on AWS • Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) • Elastic Block Store (EBS) provisioned IOPS volumes – Up to 4,000 IOPS per volume – Stripe across several volumes • • • • • EBS-optimized instances Oracle Automatic Storage Management (ASM) Oracle Data Guard and Active Data Guard Oracle Secure Backup Cloud Module Oracle Transparent Data Encryption (TDE)
  35. 35. Standard Oracle Database Architecture on Amazon EC2 Public Subnet Private Subnet App Servers Oracle DB Server S3 Bucket AMI (Ready to launch) PIOPS Root Volume Data Volume RMAN Mirrored Redo Log Volumes EBS Snapshot Backup Volume EBS Snapshot Copy Primary Availability Zone Primary Region DR Region
  36. 36. Enterprise Class Database Architecture on Amazon EC2 Public Subnet Private Subnet App Web Servers Oracle DB Server Private Subnet ASM Striped Data Volumes Root Volume App Web Servers Oracle DB Server Oracle Data Guard PIOPS Root Volume Public Subnet PIOPS Root Volume CloudFormation Template (Ready to launch) PIOPS ASM Striped Data Volumes Root Volume AMI Used by CFN Template OSB + RMAN Mirrored Redo log Volumes Primary Availability Zone OSB + RMAN Secondary Availability Zone RMAN Backup in S3 Bucket Primary Region DR Region
  37. 37. Simplify: Amazon RDS for Oracle Public Subnet Private Subnet App Web Servers Oracle DB Server Primary Availability Zone Primary Region Private Subnet RDS Synchronous Replication Oracle DB Server Public Subnet App Web Servers Secondary Availability Zone
  38. 38. Oracle applications on AWS • Oracle Applications are fully supported on AWS – – – – BI, Siebel, E-Business Suite, Weblogic, Coherence,… Database & middleware on AWS Xen Applications on OVM >30 AMIs by Oracle, look for OVM or Oracle on Community AMIs • Oracle licenses owned by customers are fully portable to AWS – But check your contract
  39. 39. Intranet Enterprise Class 3-tier Architecture Private Subnet Private Subnet Web Server Web Server Web Server Web Server Web Server Private Subnet Private Subnet App Servers Web Server App Servers App Servers App Servers Private Subnet Oracle DB App Servers Private Subnet Synchronous Replication Primary Availability Zone AWS App Servers Corporate Data Center Oracle DB Secondary Availability Zone Corporate Network
  40. 40. Moving to the Cloud Enrico Ancona Amministratore Delegato Imperia & Monferrina S.p.A.
  41. 41. Do You Recognize Any Brand?
  42. 42. Who We Are • Imperia, established in Italy in 1932, sells pasta machines and other small kitchen appliances to 77 countries worldwide.
  43. 43. Who We Are • Imperia merged with Italian pasta machine maker Monferrina in 2010 to form Imperia & Monferrina, producing a range of products from the small home-use pasta machine to industrial pasta makers, capable of producing 600 kg of pasta per hour.
  44. 44. Challenge • When Imperia & Monferrina merged operations, the company needed to quickly set up a new infrastructure to help bring the two merging companies together. !
  45. 45. Challenge • The IT team had to create a flexible new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that would unify the internal and external management information across the newly formed entity. • Additionally, requirements dictated that the solution be reliable and efficient, and could be set up quickly and cost-effectively—all in less than six months.
  46. 46. Architecture ? • We have been astonished by the effectiveness and simplicity of the AWS Cloud.
  47. 47. Benefits • By hosting Oracle eBusiness Suite on AWS, we reduced capital expenses by 50 percent, and operating expenses by 15 percent. • A normal ERP project would have taken more than six months, and we completed this in under four months. • Our ERP system has reached 99.95 percent availability, as well.
  48. 48. Thanks!
  49. 49. Test Drive Test Enterprise Apps on AWS Free of charge for educational and demonstration purposes Pre-configured environments Examples: • Oracle Data Guard Secure Backup • Oracle BI • Oracle E-Business Suite • Siebel • SAP Afaria • Red Hat Storage Server
  50. 50. SAP SAP Enterprise applications in the elastic data center SAP Business Suite SAP HANA One SAP Business All-in-One SAP BusinessObjects BI solutions SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions (RDS) SAP Afaria
  51. 51. AWS / SAP Alliance SAP has been an AWS customer since 2008 AWS is an SAP-certified Global Cloud Services Partner and Global Technology Partner Most SAP products are now certified for production deployment on AWS
  52. 52. Supported SAP Products: Production Suite Product License SAP Business Suite ECC, SRM, SCM, CRM, PLM BYOL SAP Netweaver BW, Portal, PI, CE, BPC on NW BYOL SAP Business Objects BI, EPM, GRC BYOL or Marketplace SAP HANA One Premium Platform Developer Yearly Subscription from the SAP Marketplace AWS Marketplace SAP Business-All-In-One A1 BYOL SAP Business One B1 BYOL & SaaS SAP Mobility Platform Afaria BYOL, Marketplace or SAP Mobile Secure SAP Cloud Appliance Library Preconfigured SAP BS, HANA & Rapid Deployment Suite BYOL - existing SAP customers only BYOL = bring your own license = buy license from SAP sales and just run it from the AWS cloud The AWS Marketplace is an application marketplace from AWS SAP mobile Secure is a service offering from SAP & Cap Gemini on AWS for enterprise mobility Current as of July 1st , 2013. Please refer to the AWS website for confirmation after this date SAP Note #165609 contains the latest information regarding SAP product, landscape and platform support on AWS
  53. 53. Hybrid IT SAP Deployment SAP Production landscape runs in customer’s own datacentre SAP Development & Quality Assurance landscape runs on AWS DEV QAS ECC ECC BW BW SRM SRM PRD ECC BW Customer Data Centers SRM VPN or Direct Connect Secure connectivity between datacentre & AWS Virtual Private Cloud
  54. 54. Cloud Appliance Library (SAP CAL) • Quickly deploy demo, test & training systems • Full SAP Business Suite • Deploy in under 1 hour • Uses existing AWS account •
  55. 55. Full SAP Deployment on AWS Customer runs DEV, QAS & PRD on AWS Customer LAN DEV QAS PRD ECC ECC ECC BW BW BW SRM SRM SRM VPN or Direct Connect Secure connectivity between LAN & AWS network Virtual Private Cloud
  56. 56. Performance: Amazon EC2 SAPS SAP SD 2-Tier Benchmark Instance Type (VM) Cores Mem ECU SAPS High Memory 2-XLarge 4 34.2 13 3,700 High Memory 4-XLarge 8 68.4 26 7,400 ECU = EC2 Compute Unit
  57. 57. Performance: Amazon EC2 SAPS SAP SD 3-Tier Benchmark Instance Type # Cores Mem ECU SAPS Cluster Compute 8-XLarge 1 16 60 88 DB Cluster Compute 8-XLarge 6 16 60 88 SCS+DI 90,330 ECU = EC2 Compute Unit
  59. 59. SAP HANA on AWS SAP HANA One Premium Business Developer Overview SAP HANA One, plus SAP Cloud Integration (HCI) and approval to load SAP source data Fully featured SAP HANA virtual appliance on AWS Fully featured SAP HANA virtual appliance on AWS for individual developers Use Cases  Production and non-production  All SAP HANA use cases supported including SAP Business Suite and SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse on HANA        Non-production only  Develop, test and demo applications on top of the HANA platform  Learning environment Key Benefits  Instant provisioning  Enterprise Support included  Annual subscription pricing – economical for 24x7 customers  Data Services included  Instant, self-serve access – up and running in 10 minutes  Start and stop when needed – reduce license and infrastructure cost  Community support  Free developer license  Easily accessible and rapidly deployable  Pay-per-use infrastructure Annual subscription On-demand - $0.99 per hour Free Developer License SAP HANA Marketplace AWS Marketplace SAP SCN License Available from Production and non-production Analytics acceleration Data merging Temporary event-based analytics Self-service BI Prototypes and proofs-of-concept Demo:
  60. 60. New: Big HANA Instances on AWS
  61. 61. Architecture with On Premises integration / 16 10.0.1.x / 24 (Private Subnet) Root Volu me Amazon S3 SAP HANA (Master) SAP Volu me Push/Pull Backup to/from S3 S3 Backup Bucket Mount Global Shares: /hana/shared /backup LVM Grou p HANA Data HANA Log & Backup Area 10.0.2.x / 24 (Public) Private IP Address(es) SAP Volu me (50013/14) (1128/9) (30015/17) (8000/4300) RDP HANA Studio Internet Elastic IP Address Virtual Private Gateway SAP HANA (Workers) Inbound SSH NAT Outbound Internet Traffic LVM Grou p HANA Data HANA Log Availability Zone SSH Internet Gateway VPN Tunnel or AWS Direct Connect Customer Gateway Corporate Network Shar es From Mast er Root Volu me SSH (22) Internal Comm (30000-10) NFS (Various) Studio HLM JDBC XS App
  62. 62. Windows on AWS Provision fully licensed Windows Server on AWS in Minutes With or without SQL Server
  63. 63. Windows and AWS • Full, real, licensed Windows Server OS – 2003, 2008, 2008r2, 2012 all via our Microsoft SPLA licensing means no CAL’s required – SQL Server Standard via SPLA as well • VPC for static, user-defined networks • Security groups for easy-to-configure firewalls per VM • Easily install services that you know – AD, ADFS, SCOM, WSUS, SQL, MS Exchange, SharePoint, etc.
  64. 64. Windows-Based AMIs • Microsoft Windows based Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) – Over 20 Amazon published Windows and SQL AMIs • Windows Server 2012 • Windows Server 2012 + SQL 2012 Standard, Web & Express • Windows Server 2008 • Windows Server 2008 + SQL 2012 Standard, Web & Express • Windows Server 2008 + SQL 2008 Standard, Web & Express • Other Windows based AMIs….
  65. 65. Licensing... by the hour. *Prices subject to (typically downward) change
  66. 66. Microsoft Licensing Models on AWS • Two models of licensing Pay-as-you-go – AMI pricing includes software • Windows Server • SQL Server Standard BYOL – use existing licenses on AWS • SQL Server Enterprise • SharePoint Server • Other Microsoft Windows Server products • BYOL requires active Microsoft Software Assurance – Use existing Microsoft licenses –
  67. 67. Windows Free Usage Tier • AWS Free Usage Tier includes Microsoft Windows Server 2008, 2008 R2, 2012. • Up to 750 hours per month of t1.micro instances with Windows Server for free.
  68. 68. Window and .NET Developer Center One stop for all tools, documentation, scripts, videos, and sample code to help you run .NET on the AWS Cloud Develop Manage Connect Learn Design, Build, and Run .NET on AWS Automate and Scale Windows on AWS Expand and Explore the possibility for .NET on AWS • AWS SDK for .NET • AWS Toolkit for Microsoft Visual Studio • AWS Tools for Windows PowerShell Get connected and join the community of developers running Windows and .NET on AWS • .NET container for deploying on AWS Elastic Beanstalk • Community Forum • AWS on Github • Links to valuable articles • Sample code to download
  69. 69. Amazon EC2 Windows Guide What’s New: • Using Windows Powershell with the AWS SDK for .NET • AWS Diagnostic tools for Windows Server • Install EC2 command line tools on Windows • Setting up a Windows HPC Cluster
  70. 70. Windows Server Cluster-Based SQL Server 2012 HA in AWS Remote Admin & Mgmt Users Elastic IP’s (Public Route) NAT Instance Elastic IP’s (Public Route) RDGW Instance NAT Instance RDGW Instance Windows Server Failover Clustering (WSFC) Cluster Node WSFC Configuration Node WSFC Configuration SQL Server Instance SQL Server Instance Instance Network Name Instance Network Name AlwaysOn Availability Group Secondary Replica Availability Group Listener Virtual Network Name Storage Storage Primary DC/DNS Rerplica DC/DNS Availability Zone 1 Availability Zone 2 AWS Region Private IP’s (Private Route) Private IP’s (Private Route) Primary Replica
  71. 71. SharePoint Reference Implementation Public Subnet Private Subnet Private Subnet Private Subnet Private Subnet IIS & SharePoint Web Front End Central Admin & SharePoint Services Application Tier Availability Zone 1 Primary DB SQL Server Primary DC/DNS Database Tier Active Directory Database Tier Active Directory NAT Remote Admin RDGW Web Tier ELB Users Web Tier Application Tier IIS & SharePoint Web Front End Internet Gateway Central Admin & SharePoint Services Mirror DB Backup DC/DNS RDGW Witness NAT Public Subnet Private Subnet Private Subnet Availability Zone 2 AWS Region Private Subnet Private Subnet
  72. 72. Deploy SharePoint Farm in 6 Steps • NEW Article “Deploy a Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Server Farm in the AWS Cloud in 6 Simple Steps”: – Builds upon the SharePoint Reference Implementation White Paper – • AWS CloudFormation Templates for each step: – – – – Launch the network and Active Directory stack Launch the database stack Launch the app stack Launch the web stack
  73. 73. Whitepapers • SharePoint Reference Architecture on AWS whitepaper • Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 in the AWS Cloud: Planning & Implementation Guide • Implementing Microsoft Windows Server Failover Clustering (WSFC) and SQL Server 2012 AlwaysOn Availability Groups in the AWS Cloud • … and more
  74. 74. Case Study Lionsgate deployed MS SharePoint workloads in Production and SAP apps 1 TCO cloud cost analysis and final results show 50% of cost vs. traditional hosted facility 2 Started with VPC and conducted a thorough security, licensing and certification assessment 3 Reduced deployment time from 5 weeks to few hours
  75. 75. Resources • • • • ct • • way • – – – Development and Test VPC networking Backup & archive
  76. 76.