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How to find your personal sweet spot, identify your special sauce and leverage a positive attitude for you and your company.

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  • 1 MIN | 2 MINOh baby, Welcome to Inbound 2013. My name is Dan Tyre. Thanks for my coming to my bold talk. Do we have enough seats? Standing room only  I am pumped to deliver a whirlwind overview of one of my favorite subjects – ATTITUDETake a moment to look around at the other members of the inbound tribe. What a smart & well dressed crowd. This place is packed tighter than Costco before Labor Day.Alright, how many people have seen me speak before?
  • 2 MIN | 4 MIN My name is Dan Tyre & besides my bio on the screen, here are three things you should know about meI talk really fast - non-stop, fast paced stream of consciousness quick I am occasionally funny unless you know all my good linesI use a lot of analogies that should make you laugh like a hyena on nitrox oxide Ok I need you undivided attention unless you are tweeting my best quotes #killerBOLDtalkdantyreMy personal goal is to blow your hair off in the next 15 minutes give you BOLD talk memory that you will be talking about for years to come ON ATTITUDE
  • A few more things about Dan TyreI am 55 years old and live in Scottsdale, AZMarried for 25 years to Amy & two have great kids Eli & Sally (pause for dramatic effect) I am the luckiest man in the world … things happen to me that just DO NOT happen to other people; its mildly insane.I speak throughout the United States on Smarketing (sales & marketing alignment) & I do a presentation called Dan Tyre on Attitude Attitude is an important component of quality of life, so I am going to share the key points with you to help you have a better attitudeAs you have probably figured out, I also have a fair amount of energy. I don’t know why that is, I just vibrate at a different frequency than most people. It’s particularly grating before 7:00 AM. In small groups like this I have found it to be contagious so by the end of this talk, you should feel like you just drank a GRANDE double shot latte with extra steamed soy milk
  • 3 MIN | 8 MINOk, you know me but who are you? Its not a redundant question or the lyrics of a 1978 Who song, its my personal request for you to think through. WHO ARE YOU? Do you know who you are? > What do you look like? What do you stand for? What have you done in your life?What do you do? My daughter says –you know my name, not my story. Well you need to know your story too.Three obvious pointsYou are you - You is made up of ideas, thoughts, attributes & experiences & feelingsNo one else is you – you are unlike anyone else in the world based on those attributes I listedYou can’t be anyone else but you can be the best you that you can be a very good youAt the very least as we talk about you and your attitude, we might as well get the first part right.
  • 2 MIN | 10MINYou have a special sauce. What is your special sauce? It is the combination of your personality+ your experience+ your thoughts + your ideas + your attitude = the best parts of youJust like everyone in this room is unique, everyone in the room has a special sauceYou have a special sauce. It is important to you, it is important to your family, it is important to your employer & you need to know what it its?How do I do that Dan? You may squeal like a 5 year old on Christmas morning and I will respond its three simple stepsThink about what you really like to doThink about the things that people compliment you on Think about the things that you are really good at- and that is your special sauce.But what if I don’t have one- here’s the thing. You do. You have to. Its not optional. You have it. Everyone has it. Even if you are the best blow off my work for football er in the US, the biggest whiner in New Mexico or even the X and Z that is still a special sauce and you need to know what it is WHY?
  • 2 MIN | 12 MINBecause its who you are and what you do & it will bring out your inner strengths.Vibing your special sauce helps you channel your super power in a way that will help you, your connections, family, friends, empolyers etc. and helps you build your attitudeTons of special sauces out there( a whole isle in the human grocery store) & the sooner you find it & relish it the betterOk, so now you know you and your special sauce lest apply that to your attitude.
  • 3 MIN | 15 MINWhat is attitude? - Psychological state or hypothetical construct regarding how positive or negative evaluation of yourself, of people and objects for both INDIVIDUAL, GROUP and SOCIETY; IT IS WHAT YOU FEEL, IT IS HOW YOU LOOK AT THE WORLD, IT EFFECTS EVERYTHING YOU DO, Attitudes are judgments and ways we look at ourselves, our friends and our family. It impacts everything we do and Attitudes can be changed through persuasionit is the single most important factor is how you view thingsAttitude is NOT ONLY just what actually happens to you and your environment (outside stimuli), but it is that brain input + how you interpret it Because here is the thing… your brain gets so much stimuli that it has to pick and choose - So it naturally gravitates to continuous input, so if you constantly tell your brain you are happy, there is really good chance that it will believe you (WOOHHHH, pause for thoughtful self expression) Let me say that again your brain processes millions of bits of information every minute> different senses, touch, taste, sound, site and thoughts - But there is so much stuff going on that your brain is not particularly good at distinguishing between them all WOOOHHH, so what does that mean?Right now my brain is responding to stimuli, but it is focusing on the stuff that I am saying over and over and over again It recognizes it, it picks it outSo if I keep saying I am killing it, I am killing it, I am killing it- then even this lady here there with his face scrunched up like he is smelling an overflowing septic tank, my brain still thinks that I am rocking it If I put lots of positive thoughts into my brain, over and over, it has a significant impact So imagine the possibilities if you can envision how happy you can be
  • 3 MIN | 24 MIN Ok, here is where we come to the Dr. Phil part… The science saysAttitudehas very little to do with your skills, education, background, location, geography, relationship or job Positive Attitude is a skill that you can learn like algebra or riding a bikeLet me give you an example: Jamaica – Jamaicans are universally happy- have you ever met a grumpy Jamaican?Attitude basics – you are responsible for your attitude, not your parents, siblings, boss, roomate or co-workersYou get to make a decision every minute of every day if you are going to have a good one or a bad attitudeNo one can effect your attitude unless you let them THIS IS AN IMPORTANT ONE- two strategies – head like a balloon & the heavy duty plastic bubbleMost people agree a good attitude is a better than a bad one- in life, relationships and business And you can use this force in a positive or negative fashion AND IT IS VERY POWERFUL
  • IF YOU HAVE A BAD ATTITUDE, THERE ARE ONLY A FEW REASONS WHYYou don’t know any different; you have lived around pessimists all your life (journalists or NYers except) You haven’t learned the skills to overcome your pessimismYou LIKE IT, you secretly like to be miserable, you wallow in self pity and you subconsciously refuse to be happy and you just want to be a miserable sun of a bitch for your entire pathetic life
  • 4 MIN | 44 MINBe GRATEFUL for what you haveSome days you eat the big dog, some days the big dog eats youHone your RECOVERY SKILLSWayne Dyer’s Rule #6
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