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Big Data App servor by Lance Riedel, CTO, The Hive for The Hive India event
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Big Data App servor by Lance Riedel, CTO, The Hive for The Hive India event



Published in Technology
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  • 1. Big  Data  App  Server   Lance  Riedel  
  • 2. Big Data App Server A  new  applica5on  framework  for  (4  V’s):   •  Volume  of  raw  data  (Petabytes)   •  Velocity  at  which  it  is  being  generated/ ingested     •  Variety  of  data  sources  and  schemas   •  Advanced  data  sciences  and  analy5cs  that   can  be  applied  to  extract  Value    
  • 3. Big Data App Server Use Cases •  Log/Machine  Analy5cs   •  Security/Fraud  Detec5on   •  Sensor  Data  Analy5cs   •  Financial  Analy5cs   •  Retail  Analy5cs   •  Ad  Targe5ng   •  Recommenda5on  (e.g.  NeMlix,  Amazon)    
  • 4. ComponentsBigDataPlatform
  • 6. Storage and ComputeBigDataPlatform
  • 7. Storage and Compute Mo8va8on   Google  needed  to  capture  the  web  and   process  it  efficiently     •  Calculate  importance  of  pages,  words,   domains  against  each  other   •  The  more  cost-­‐effec5ve  they  could  make   it  -­‐  the  more  they  could  process,  index,   understand    
  • 8. Storage/Compute: Centralized •  Centralized  doesn’t  scale!     •  Move  a  lot  of  data  –  boWleneck  
  • 9. Storage/Compute: Sharding •  Sharding  is  spliXng  the  problem  into  isolated  chunks   •  Sharding  scales,  but  fails  when  you  need  to  look   across  the  data   •  E.G.  How  to  calculate  term  weights  or  top  pages   across  shards??   ✓   ✓   ✓   ✓   ✓   ✓   ✓   ≠  
  • 10. DFS, MapReduce •  Used  a  new  programming  model  to   distribute  computa5on  AND  data  (NOT   sharding)   •  Runs  on  commodity  hardware     •  Failure  resilience  using  so_ware  control   •  Easy  to  calculate  across  corpus     •  Two  parts  of  a  complete  Solu5on:   •  Distributed  File  System  –  DFS   •  MapReduce  
  • 11. Distributed File System
  • 12. MapReduce •  Process  where  the  data  resides  (Data  and  compute  are  local  to  each  other)   •  Map  (read  the  data,  emit  a  key  and  a  value)   •  Reduce  (group  all  values  per  key,  perform  another  opera5on)  
  • 13. Hadoop •  Open  Source  implementa5on  of   Google’s  DFS  and  MapReduce   whitepaper   •  Huge  Eco-­‐System   •  Used  by:  Yahoo,  Facebook,  TwiWer,   LinkedIn,  Sears,  Apple,  The  New  York   Times,  Telefonica,  +1000’s  more!  
  • 14. ManagementBigDataPlatform
  • 15. Data Ingestion Mo8va8on   •  Data  origina5ng  from  a   variety  of  sources     •  Some  data  more   valuable  than  others:   •  Time-­‐to-­‐live  (TTL)   •  Guarantees  on   delivery  
  • 16. Data Ingestion: Apache Flume •  A  scalable,  fault-­‐tolerant,  configurable  topology   data  inges5on  pipeline  that  works  hand  in  hand  with   the  Hadoop  Eco-­‐System   •  Configurable  delivery  guarantees      -­‐  rou5ng,  replica5on,  failover   •  Extensible  sources  and  sinks  allows  for  pluggable   data  sources   •  Scales  out  horizontally  –  100k’s  messages/sec  
  • 17. Workflow Mo8va8on   Transforming,  storing,  joining,  data  can  take  a  lot   of  steps  that  need  to  be  repeatable  and  traceable  –   the  programming  model  for  data      
  • 18. Workflow: Oozie A  workflow  engine  that  understands  the   dependency  graph  of  work  and  can  schedule,   replay,  and  report  on  the  steps     •  Jobs  triggered  by  5me  (frequency)  and  data   availability   •  Integrated  with  the  rest  of  the  Hadoop  stack   •  Scalable,  reliable  and  extensible  system.            
  • 19. Schema Management Mo8va8on   As  data  sources  explode,  the  need  to  understand   the  data  schemas  becomes  a  principle  concern    
  • 20. Schema: HCatalog •  A  table  and  storage  management  layer  for   Hadoop     •  Enables  users  with  different  data   processing  tools  –  Pig,  MapReduce,  and   Hive  –  to  more  easily  read  and  write  data   on  the  grid.            
  • 21. Schema: Avro   •  A  data  serializa5on  system   •  When  Avro  data  is  stored  in  a  file,  its   schema  is  stored  with  it   •  Correspondence  between  same  named   fields,  missing  fields,  extra  fields,  etc.  can   all  be  easily  resolved.   •  Most  technologies  in  the  Hadoop  stack     understand  avro–  interoperability/data   passing    
  • 22. Data Access, QueryingBigDataPlatform
  • 23. Data Access Mo8va8on   Various  data  access  paWerns  require  data  stores   beyond  just  the  DFS  files.  An  example  is  a  key  value   store  that  needs  random  access  to  data.     Solu8on(s)   There  are  a  number  of  solu5ons  depending  on  the   use  case.     •  Google’s  BigTable  whitepaper   •  SQL  has  been  adapted  to  Hadoop    
  • 24. Data Access: HBase •  The  Hadoop  database  -­‐  a  distributed,   scalable,  big  data  store  (sorted  map)  –   from  Google’s  BigTable,  backed  by  Hadoop   DFS   •  Linear  and  modular  scalability.   •  Automa5c  and  configurable  sharding  of   tables   •  Automa5c  failover  support     •  Convenient  base  classes  for  backing   Hadoop  MapReduce  jobs  with  Apache   HBase  tables.  
  • 25. Data Access: SQL – Hive, Impala •  SQL  querying  of  raw  data  on  the   distributed  file  system   •  Impala  –  Query  files  on  HDFS  including   SELECT,  JOIN,  and  aggregate  func5ons  –  in   real  5me   •  Hive  –  provides  easy  data  summariza5on,   ad-­‐hoc  queries,  and  the  analysis  of  large   datasets  stored  in  Hadoop  compa5ble  file   systems  
  • 26. AnalyticsBigDataPlatform
  • 27. Data Analytics Mo8va8on   •  Discover  the  latent  value  of  the  data.  The  core   mo5va5on  behind  Big  Data!   •  Clustering,  Machine  Learning,  Correla5ons,   Modeling  –  the  guts  of  the  Data  Science  –  o_en   extremely  diverse  use  cases.       Solu8on(s)   A  pluggable  architecture  that  can  share  schemas,   but  allow  for  a  suite  of  tools  appropriate  for  the   use  case  
  • 28. Data Analytics: Example Frameworks •  Mahout   •  Machine  learning,  clustering   •  PaWern  -­‐  Machine  Learning  DSL  for  Hadoop  from   Cascading   •  0xData   •  Open  source  math  and  predic5on  engine  for  big  data   •  Sample  Algorithms   •  Random  Forest  algorithm   •  K-­‐Means  Clustering   •  Hierarchical  Clustering   •  Linear  Regression   •  Logis5c  Regression   •  Support  Vector  Machines   •  Ar5ficial  Neural  Networks   •  Associa5on  Rule  Learning  
  • 29. ServingBigDataPlatform
  • 30. Serving Mo8va8on   •  Powering  applica5ons  for  end  users   •  Search/browse  and  recommenda5on  engines   allow  real-­‐5me  access  to  data    
  • 31. Serving: Search – Solr Cloud •  Builds  indexes  on  top  of  Hadoop   •  Horizontally  scalable,  fault  tolerant   •  Incredible  flexibility  in  indexing  op5ons   •  Tokeniza5on   •  Field  types   •  Data  storage   •  Search  op5ons  just  as  flexible   •  AND,OR,NOT,  wildcard   •  Facets  (counts  from  a  derived  ontology)   •  Extensive  algorithm  and  weigh5ng  plug-­‐ ability  
  • 32. Serving: Manas – Matching Engine •  The  Hive’s  massively  scalable   matching  engine     •  Handles  100’s  millions  to  billions  of   documents  efficiently  while  matching   against  100’s  to  1000’s  features   •  Nothing  exists  today  in  the  Open   Source  community  that  has  these   capabili5es  
  • 33. EXAMPLE  APP  USE-­‐CASE  
  • 34. App Server Data Flow
  • 35. SecurityX on App Server