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What's the big deal about sustainability greenunplugged rob holdway final for distribution
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What's the big deal about sustainability greenunplugged rob holdway final for distribution


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Design for a One Pl O Planet Economy E Prof. Rob Holdway – Director Giraffe Innovation Limited y Brunel University, School of Engineering & Design
  • 2. Design-out waste
  • 3. 80% of environmental impacts, and therefore costs, are determined at the early stages of design!
  • 4. Design Factors
  • 5. adaptation mitigation
  • 6. EU Producer responsibility legislation p y g • Directives -WEEE, RoHS, EuP, batteries, REACH, Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) • Wh Where the producer has responsibility for h d h ibili f – Recovery – Recycling – Energy reduction – No hazardous materials in products p • Voluntary standards PAS 2050
  • 7. Defra’s Clothing Roadmap Clothes cleaning Clothes cleaning
  • 8. Context • European Commission: clothing and textiles is a high impact  product category (production, cleaning and maintenance of  clothing have strong potential impacts). clothing have strong potential impacts) • UK consumes 2 16 million tonnes of clothing and textile UK consumes 2.16 million tonnes of clothing and textile  products and spends approximately £38.40 billion on clothing. 
  • 9. Product Roadmaps – UK Government Product Roadmaps – UK Government
  • 10. Server vs Range Rover Sport 400w Km CO2 Running one 400W server is equivalent of driving a Range Rover sport approx – 8,261Km p.a. (varies depending on energy mix) (16,326 with ancillaries) (excludes embodied CO2e). ill i ) ( l d b di d ) Computer i d t – equivalent CO2e as A i ti industry? C t industry i l t Aviation i d t ?
  • 11. BT: Saving end user money £2m commitment to improve the green ratings of its home phones. BT estimated that replacing all its Dect cordless and fixed-line phones with more energy-efficient models 195,000 tCO2 emissions over the next three years, the equivalent of taking 19,000 cars off the th road d £39m through reduced electricity bills
  • 12. BT: Saving end user money "We know that our customers are just as keen to reduce their environmental impact and, through these phones, we will jointly make a significant difference”. j y g Gavin Patterson, group managing director for consumer at BT.
  • 13. LED Lighting: Funky low energy
  • 14. Platform design?
  • 15. Giraffe Service Offering > Carbon and ecological footprinting. > Sustainable design strategy > Product Stewardship > Environmental Legislation > Innovation Management (Creativity) > Competitive Benchmarking > Third party CSR reporting evaluation > Research > Unique – design led carbon reduction > $ $225m in potential savings for clients p g
  • 16. Channel 4: DUMPED Weekly Blogg > ‘Away’ has gone away > ‘Why you should light your farts’ > How much energy is in your bin? > Pack & Go > Up in smoke? – Incineration vs. landfill > Happy toxic Christmas
  • 17. ONE LIFETIME: A 21-year-old in 2003 living until 2059 = 3.3 tonnes of WEEE A person born in 2003 living until 2080 = 8 tonnes of WEEE
  • 18. ‘Design Activism’ g
  • 19. Consumer typologies
  • 20. Trevor Sorbie creates his Habbit Hairdressing legend Trevor Sorbie created his Habbit at the L’Oreal portfolio congress
  • 21. ‘Greenwashing’ g © Giraffe
  • 22. Packaging © Copyright Giraffe Innovation Limited
  • 23. The jeweled Chambord bottle worth of $2 million by Donald Edge 28 September 2009 via www luxist com Encrusted with 60 carats of diamonds and pearls, set in 18 karat yellow gold. $2 million. As Chambord brand manager Charlotte Ashburner says, this luxury item y , y strengthens the premium positioning for the brand.
  • 24. • Sam Dixon -Observer Reader: Dixon, Observer • ‘This is the most ridiculous piece of p p packaging I have ever g g come across,’ • Official response from Morrisons, • ‘Morrisons coconuts are shrink wrapped to ensure that they reach the customer in the very best condition The condition. packaging helps to keep the product fresh, limit damage from breakages, stop coconut hairs getting into other foodstuffs during transport and allows an information g p label to be attached.
  • 25. More protests…
  • 26. January 2007
  • 27. > Significant tCO2e savings
  • 28. • 6 Green packaging guidelines - on pack • 589 tonnes of packaging material saved from consumer waste stream • CO2e saved - reduced material use and transportation • Phased out PVC from packaging • Improved packaging management - supply chain • Volume reduction - shipping efficiency • Cultural b l l benefits f f from embracing green values b l
  • 29. “Vivid Imaginations, the UK’s largest toy and games marketer has embarked upon an ambitious programme to move p p g towards more eco-friendly packaging solutions, assisted by Brighton based, leading eco-design consultancy Giraffe Innovation”.
  • 30. Low carbon = lower cost bottles o ca bo o e bott es • Gi ff project reviewed UK and Giraffe j t i d d overseas spirits • Huge opportunity to lightweight and use significantly more recycled content in glass bottles • Recycled content saves energy in production and therefore CO2 emissions Across the sector 22,000tCO2 annual saving in the UK 13p p p per bottle average cost saving g g
  • 31. China, Israel, USA, Germany, USA/UK – Client Q: Which one’s best?
  • 32. Watch Your Waste: The Co-operative’s involvement with Love Food: Hate Waste
  • 33. LCA recycled polymers TVs (HIPS) from households System boundary Transport to CA Metals and  low grade  Transport to AATF rHIPS Energy Process  Transport to Axion waste  (landfill)  Materials Mechanical recycling Mechanical recycling Other treatment  Recycled  processes resin End of life  (landfill/ thermal rec.) )
  • 34. Savings - 70% Carbon saving - 24 6% cost saving 24.6% - Provocation against ‘offshoring’ g g production
  • 35. De L R D La Rue
  • 36. Carbon led  Carbon led ‐ redesign
  • 37. Carbon led ‐ Carbon led redesign - Change in processes and culture of the business which resulted in specific pledges : - Implementing an EMS - Internal reporting (environmental performance) - Embedding environmental concerns into business activities, processes, products and services - Engaging suppliers to implement environmental processes, policies and procedures - Lifecycle assessment on innovation projects - Setting annual CO2 reduction targets
  • 38. c. 1993
  • 39. Summary
  • 40. Investment Bank Internal advice to brokers: re focus on reducing carbon. “…a regulatory drive will impact all companies across all sectors, not just the heavy emitters” “…analysing carbon will demonstrate that companies with stronger environmental strategies have overall g g higher quality management teams” > Used Dow Jones STOXX® 600 – estimated one sector - €3 5Bn €3.5Bn financial liability for the sector if forced to offset emissions. > Best performer – Best 34tCO2 – per $1m. Average in sector 326tCO2 $1m per $1m revenue.
  • 41. GREEN FLAGSHIP: upcycling
  • 42. Ultimately; No organisation, no g , matter how adroit can make money from a poisoned population and i d l ti d a dead planet planet.
  • 43. “It i ’t pollution th t’ h isn’t ll ti that’s harming th environment. i the i t It’s the impurities in our air and water that are doing it”. George W. Bush
  • 44. Thank you +44 (0)1273 422099 +44 (0)7788 423399