Love One Another as God Loves Us


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Help each other out and watch it spread like a disease. Wouldn't it be nice if everyone thought about each other first?

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Love One Another as God Loves Us

  1. 1. “Do Unto Others As You Would Like Them To Do Unto You”
  2. 2. Be Kind and Helpful To OneAnotherOne of the biggest issues that plaguesman is racism. Racism comes from man’spride, same with any type of hate or sin.Pride is the darkness that lies within man.It is anchored in man like roots on a tree.Sin grows from pride just like thebranches on a tree.
  3. 3. Mankind can destroy himself because ofpride. Here are just some of the darknessthat man can bring forth, using God’sname in vain, anger, lust, crime, greed,jealousy, wars, murder, violence,mockery, hate, and gossip. If we want tobe righteous in the eyes of God, then wehave to overcome the darkness that lieswithin us and “Love One Another”.
  4. 4. To love the way that God intended for us to love,we need to get rid of any and all hate. Why arewe so prejudice when we see another personwith different color skin? We seem to form anopinion about that person when we don’t evenknow who they are. Just because we see somepeople from one race do something that wedon’t like, we label them all as being that way.
  5. 5. I takes a lot of work to overcome this, but it’ssomething that we must do. Once we change ourways and start to “Love One Another”, wecan change others just by expressing our lovetowards them by being nice, kind,compassionate and by helping others out whenwe can. No one is perfect and we have toremember that.
  6. 6. Changing the way of the world begins with you.You can touch others around you just byexpressing your love by just greeting someonewith a smile, help someone instead of turningaway because you can’t be bothered, encouragesomeone with kind words. What would theworld be like if everyone looked out for eachother? It would be one beautiful place and itwould be minus the hate.
  7. 7. When a nation works together and it practicesmoral behavior and it is solid in familystructure, God then will bless that nation withprosperity, just like He blessed the UnitedStates, England and Israel once. Countries oncefeared these three nations, but not anymore. Doyou know why it is so hard for these nations toturn back to God? One word, “Pride”.
  8. 8. The United States is a nation with so manydifferent cultures and races. The combination ofpeople living together in one country isamazing, but it seems like there is a wedge thatis driven in to split each race apart from eachother. Why is this? Why can’t we live together inpeace and harmony, especially when we have somuch that we can share to each other.
  9. 9. One thing the United States has going for it and that isfreedom of religion. It’s the one thing that makes thiscountry great. Anyone that doesn’t respect anotherperson’s belief is practicing hate. We do not have the rightto put down, mock or persecute someone for their beliefs,unless of course they are breaking the law, but you knowwhat I mean. Through out time people have killed othersbecause they didn’t practice someone else’s belief. That isnot what God teaches, God teaches us to “Love OneAnother”.
  10. 10. For many years people have tortured and killedothers all in the name of God. From what Iunderstand about God, did He not tell us not to kill?One of God’s commandments is that we are not totake His name in vain. Seems to me that there are alot of people that don’t understand thiscommandment. Why would anyone want to worshipa god that teaches it’s people to torture and killothers if they don’t practice their beliefs? The God Iknow doesn’t teach this.
  11. 11. Wouldn’t you think that if you want to tellothers about God, then you would act like aloving, caring, kind and compassionateperson? Don’t you think that this would be abetter plan to bring people to God?
  12. 12. When a person sees another acting like arighteous person because that person is gentle,good, patient, joyful, peaceful and practicesself-control, don’t you think that that would beenough to influence that person to find outwhat this God is all about? It should beenough for them to want to get to know thisGod so that they can be happy and free as well.
  13. 13. Unfortunately there are people who areattracted to evil. The ones that are self-indulgent and practice: sexual irresponsibility,fornication, sorcery, gross indecency, idolatry,drunkenness, factions, jealousy, greed andhave bad tempers. Why do they do this?“Pride”
  14. 14. None of us are perfect, but we can get a goodhead start if only we would put aside ourpride. Imagine the blessings that God wouldbestow upon us if we would just “Love OneAnother”. Why is it so hard?
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