Generac 6022 5989 2700 psi 2.3 gpm 196cc ohv gas powered pressure washer


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Generac 6022 5989 2700 psi 2.3 gpm 196cc ohv gas powered pressure washer

  1. 1. Download this document if link is not clickableREVIEWS - Generac 6022/5989 2,700 PSI 2.3 GPM196cc OHV Gas Powered Pressure WasherProduct Details : Customer Rating4.1 out of 5Product FeatureResidential-grade power washer with 2,700 PSIqand 2.3 gallon per minute (GPM)Powerful Generac 196cc OHV engine with low oilqshutdown and integrated unloader valve for easyengine startupErgonomic spray gun with soft grip andqeasy-to-pull trigger reduces fatigueEasy-access axial cam pump means no moreqkneeling on the ground to make hose connectionsNon-CARB Compliant/Not For Sale In CaliforniaqProduct DescriptionPower wash your deck, driveway, patio furniture and more with this powerful pressure washer from Generac.Long been known for their quality engines, this model is no exception, equipped with a powerful 196cc GeneracOHV engine. Also included are four Quick-Click nozzle tips (0-degree Blast, 25-degree Clean, 40-degree Wash,Soap), and a 25 foot hose. Generacs power washers are carefully engineered for longevity and ease of use,with well thought-out features not found on competitive models. Easy to maneuver, the welded frame isdesigned for durability, with a built-in step for easy starting and an integrated gun holster. The easily accessiblehigh-performance axial cam pump provides maximum heat dissipation for extended life and the easy to pulltrigger reduces fatigue. The pump is located well above the ground, eliminating the need to kneel down tomake hose connections. Backed with a 2 year limited warranty. Founded in 1959, Generac has earned areputation as the company home and business owners turn to when the power goes out. The first to engineeraffordable home standby generators, along with the first engine developed specifically for the rigors ofgenerator use, Generac now sells more home standby generators than all of our competitors combined. Wehave brought this same level of commitment and quality to our pressure washer products. Our customerresearch has led us to engineer our pressure washers from the ground up, to meet your specific demands.Generac manufactures the widest range of power products in the marketplace including portable, RV,residential, commercial and industrial generators. Generac also operates three large factories which employsthousands of workers in the American Midwest.Product DescriptionLong known for its portable generator design, Generacs line of residential power washers enable you to washyour deck, clean your cars and boats, and keep your roof maintained. The Generac 6022 provides 2,700 PSI ofpower and 2.3 gallons per minute (GPM) for a cleaning power rating of 6210.
  2. 2. The Generac 6022 power washer.Its powered by a Generac overhead valve (OHV) horizontal-shaft engine, which makes the pump moreaccessible by positioning it well above the ground so you dont have to kneel down to make hose connections.Additionally, Generac OHV engines come standard with low-oil shutdown to protect and prolong the life of theengine. Both the engine and pump are perfectly balanced over the axle and wheels for almost effortlessmaneuverability, regardless of terrain.It comes with an ergonomic spray gun, which features a unique cushion grip that reduces fatigue by minimizingvibration. The innovative easy-to-pull spray trigger can be held with a minimum of effort, and the Quick-Clicknozzle tips are easy to replace.This power washer is backed by a two-year limited warranty.Note for California residents: This model is not CARB-compliant. Units sold to California must beCARB-compliant.What Is PSI and GPM?Short for "pounds per square inch," PSI is a measure of the water pressure coming out of the power washer. Atypical garden hose dispenses water at about 30-40 PSI, and a coin-operated car wash provides about 700 PSI.A power washer, by contrast, typically dispenses water at several thousand PSI. Another important factor inpower washers is GPM, which stands for "gallons per minute" and describes how much water is flowing throughthe pressure washer.Together, they provide your power washers cleaning power. Multiply PSI (which gives you the power to lift dirtand grime) by GPM (which provides the necessary quantity of water to wash it away) to get the cleaning powerrating. The higher the number, the greater the cleaning power.Here are some application examples with how much cleaning power (PSI and GPM) youll need to get the jobdone.
  3. 3. .matrix { font-family: Verdana, Helvetica neue, Arial, serif; font-size: 10px; } .matrix_header { font-family:Verdana, Helvetica neue, Arial, serif; font-size: 12px; font-weight: bold; } .matrix_plain { font-family: Verdana,Helvetica neue, Arial, serif; font-size: 12px; } .matrix_plainsmall { font-family: Verdana, Helvetica neue, Arial,serif; font-size: 10px; } .matrix_title { font-family: Verdana, Helvetica neue, Arial, serif; font-size: 18px;font-weight: bold; } ul.matrix { list-style: inside disc; text-indent: -12px; font-size: 12px; line-height: 1.5em; }Compare the Generac Power WashersModel # 5993 5995 5997 6020 6022Compliance 49 State 49 State 49 State 49 State 49 StateType Commercial Commercial Commercial Residential ResidentialPSI 3,000 3,300 4,000 2,500 2,700GPM 2.8 3.2 4.0 2.3 2.3Cleaning powerrating8400 10560 16000 5750 6210Engine 212cc 302cc 420cc 196cc 196ccSpray gunProfessionalgradeProfessionalgradeProfessionalgradeErgonomic ErgonomicHose3/8-inch x 35-footsteel reinforced,non-marringrubber3/8-inch x 35-footsteel reinforced,non-marringrubber3/8-inch x 50-footsteel reinforced,non-marringrubber1/4-inch x25-footPVC/plastic1/4-inch x25-footPVC/plasticQuick-ClickNozzle Tips(5) 0°, 15°, 25°,40°, soap(5) 0°, 15°, 25°,40°, soap(5) 0°, 15°, 25°,40°, soap(3) 0°, 25°,soap(4) 0°, 25°, 40°,soapWheels10-inch NeverFlat10-inch NeverFlat12-inchpneumaticPlastic 10-inch solidDimensions(LxWxH, inches)25 x 26 x 30 28 x 28 x 33 28 x 28 x 33 17 x 27 x 21 17 x 27 x 21Weight 113 pounds 145 pounds 165 pounds 82 pounds 83 pounds