The most successful startups of 2025 (2)

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Ever wondered what are the most successful start-ups of 2025?
Galya Westler of 2Galvanize Web Solutions takes us on a journey in her time machine and talks about existing trends such as Google Glasses and mobile apps that may seem a bit imaginary but who knows...this might be in our near future in technology and innovative ideas that could evolve to be the most successful start-ups of 2025. Inspired by newsgeek Israeli article written by Maya Sagi.

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  • 1. The most successfulstartups of 2025By Galya Westler, Online Visionary.Watch:
  • 2. It all starts with shoes.
  • 3. Did you ever buy shoesthat ruined your feet?
  • 4. Shoemaker 3D
  • 5. Comparison Shoemaker 3D Regular ShoemakersCost $2,500 for the printer 100 shoes can cost and materials. $5,000 - $15,000 Can print up to 100 and up. shoes. *With an average of $50- $150 a pair.Access and Any custom design Specific designs for anyone. limited of use With a push of a Search around for button from your own good pair of shoes. home.
  • 6. Love in Vancouver.
  • 7. Do you think finding loveis tough?
  • 8. Love at first sight
  • 9. Comparison Love at first Other dating sight sitesCost $1500 for the Google $50 monthly fee with glasses and $50 inaccurate people monthly fee. matching. Can accurately match 100 people.Access. Only %40 of singles %70 of singles use use the service. the service.Ease of use With accurate Communication is proximity can see delayed as users who is available. need to contact and wait before getting a response.
  • 10. Desired skills
  • 11. Wouldnt you wish youhad certain skills?
  • 12. Rent a skill.
  • 13. Comparison Rent a skill Other education methods.Cost & time Free app and pay Courses can be $50 per skill. $3000 for one and Immediate results, takes months and no practice needed. practice to learn.Variety and Up to 2000 skills for Not all skills can be ALL type of people. learned on its own.access.Ease of use Push of a button Register, attend from your home, universities and everywhere. institutions, not accessible to all.
  • 14. The most successfulstartups of 2025- salestips:1. Recognize important need.2. Search and find fulfillment.3. Evaluate other options and compare.4. Make a decision to buy/ use the service.