The Silvanus Trust


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Presentation given by Chris Clare and Victoria Hughes - Green Connect 2, 6th October

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The Silvanus Trust

  1. 1. • Environmental charity• Regenerating woodlands• Enthusing/educating• Communities• Viability and sustainability 01752 846400
  2. 2. What do you want? • Broadleaf or conifer? • Species? • Size? 01752 846400
  3. 3. Future Objectives? • A woodland fit for a varied biodiversity? • Micromanage for a couple of species? • A woodland to enjoy? • A woodland for others to enjoy? • A woodland that pays its way? • A woodland that provides a positive return? •Have a healthy woodland providing a variety of benefits? 01752 846400
  4. 4. Income generation Everything has a value and it’s often greater than we 01752 846400
  5. 5. Diversified income• Sawlogs/fencing/bars• Woodfuel• Sport - traditional and contemporary• Non-timber forest products (NTFP’s) 01752 846400
  6. 6. Woodland Assessment 1 • Biodiversity • Pests and disease • Water • Archaeology • Landscape • Current uses 01752 846400
  7. 7. Woodland Assessment 2 • Access – vehicle and leisure • Slope 01752 846400
  8. 8. What next? Decided to do somethingGet a management planGet some grant funding Start working the woods 01752 846400
  9. 9. Who will manage the woodland? • Self management • Using an agent • Ward Forester 01752 846400
  10. 10. Working a woodland• Biodiversity• impact reduction• cost minimisation• annual growth rate and a sustainable cut 01752 846400
  11. 11. Playing by the rules • Having a management plan • Felling licences • Replanting • Certification 01752 846400
  12. 12. Funding • Woodland Planning Grant • Woodland Management Grant • Woodfuel Improvement Grant • Woodland Planting Grant • Farming and Forestry Improvement Scheme / 01752 846400
  13. 13. Community Woodland Case Studies• Silvanus Trust were commissioned by Forest Research (FR) to carry out four case studies of community woodlands in the SW• Part of larger FR work to create a typology of community woodlands in Britain• Examples of community woodlands; differing management aims, management methods, products harvested & income generation 01752 846400
  14. 14. Rookwood – Honiton, DevonCommunity & Woodland• Woodland is adjacent to a block of flats, both of which are owned by Devon & Cornwall Housing• Since 2010 has been managed by the Rookwood Association; residents association, inexperienced• 0.2ha, mixed broadleaves with sycamore taking over, very dark & oppressive, poor access to and within site• Canopy has been opened up, non-natives removed & natives plantedManagement Aims• Basic management plan• Managed to improve light levels in flats and access for residents• Improve biodiversity value 01752 846400
  15. 15. Rookwood – Honiton, DevonHow is it managed?• Residents carry out small management tasks themselves e.g. path clearance, tree planting, creation of habitat piles• TCV have been employed to install bat and bird boxes, practical management and have provided advice • Contractors are employed for any tree felling and larger scale work e.g. laying of new paths 01752 846400
  16. 16. Rookwood – Honiton, DevonProducts & income• Woodfuel• Compost• Fruit & Nuts• Grants from Devon & Cornwall Housing and local council• Donations• Fundraising activities 01752 846400
  17. 17. Oakfrith Wood – Urchfont, WiltshireCommunity & Woodland• Woodland has been managed by a Friends of group with many experienced members since 1994 & was until recently owned by Wiltshire Council• 14ha of ASNW designated as LNR, beech dominated with areas of oak, ash & hazel• When taken over was fairly neglected with an area of dense douglas fir Management Aims• Detailed management plan• Improve management of woodland for wildlife conservation, public access, recreation• Act as an educational resource for promoting best practice in woodland management• Woodfuel & timber production 01752 846400
  18. 18. Oakfrith Wood – Urchfont, WiltshireHow is it managed?•Friends of group carry out most work including pathclearance, installation of bird boxes, pond creation & treeplanting.•Woodfuel co-operative (fully trained and certifiedchainsaw operators) carry outthinning and other felling•Management decisions havebeen guided by Wiltshire Council& professional advisors 01752 846400
  19. 19. Oakfrith Wood – Urchfont, Wiltshire Products & Income •Woodfuel (discount for woodfuel co-op members) •Timber •Grants, donations, sponsorship •Woodland used by other groups who contribute financially & sometimes help with management eg. green woodworker, forest schoolTo view the full four sw England case studiesand a set of case studies from Scotland, pleasevisit the news page of the Forest Research website: 01752 846400
  20. 20. Help• Silvanus• Forestry Commission• Small Woods Association• SW Directory• Ward forester 01752 846400