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The Love Parks Club


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Presentation outlining The Love Parks Club

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The Love Parks Club

  1. 1. Why join?
  2. 2. AIMThe Love Parks Club aims to becomea platform for everyone across theUK to become informed, campaign,protect and contribute to their parksand green spaces.
  3. 3. What do I get?  Receive Green Places, the only monthly magazine dedicated to green spaces, delivered direct to your door (10 issues a year). Plus opportunity to contribute.  Receive 12 issues per year of our Community Update e-zine; a monthly e-newsletter focusing on all things in the green space community with opportunity to contribute.  Access to toolkits on how to get involved with local green spaces, raise funds etc.  Discounted (20%) Love Parks merchandise.
  4. 4. Is there a cost? Yes, we ask for a minimum donation to our campaign movement, either:  £50 per year  £5 (a month) If you would like to support the campaign but can’t afford to join the Club, you can support our healthy park posters. Just visit our Just Giving page for more information.
  5. 5. How did it come about?? The Love Parks Club has been developed for five key reasons:  Parks and green spaces need support, they need a voice – all year round.  If budget cuts continue, our green spaces are at risk of declining – we cannot allow this to happen.  Thousands of volunteers are helping green spaces to survive – but they too need support.  The success of Love Parks Week which raises awareness of green spaces –must be able to continue all year round.  Thousands of people want to get involved with their parks and green spaces – but don’t know how to.
  6. 6. “80% of respondents report that they are reducing staff numbers - 31% of job losses are to‘frontline general operatives’. 50-70% report that sites will become less beautiful, will fail to meet the needs of users and will not be as safe and secure. ” Comprehensive Spending Review Survey, GreenSpace
  7. 7. “The annual economic value of the work of community groups in parks and green spaces across the UK ranges somewhere between £17 million and £35 million.” Community Networking Survey, GreenSpace
  8. 8. “Love Parks Week helps raise awareness of community green spaces which are highly valued by local people.” Rob Acton-Campbell, Bristol Parks Forum
  9. 9. What is involved? By joining the club supporters can do as little or as much as they like, from simply understanding more about our parks and green spaces – projects, challenges ahead and understanding the benefits, right through to becoming a parks campaigner - learning how to raise funds and organise events and much more.
  10. 10. start givinggreen spacesthe love theydeserve… Email: Tel: 01189 469060
  11. 11. The Love Parks Club is run byparks charity GreenSpaceGreenSpace is a registered charity workingto improve parks and green spaces by raisingawareness, involving communities andcreating skilled professionals.GreenSpace aim to work towards achieving anetwork of easily accessible, safe, attractiveand welcoming parks, gardens and greenspaces which meet the needs of everyone.